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Born To Be Free

Author: inspired_being
Title: Born To Be Free
Rating: G
Pairing/s: None
Character/s: Merlin, Aithusa, Kilgharrah
Summary: Merlin watches Aithusa fly.
Warnings: Set after 5x13 (canon compliant)
Word Count: 276
Prompt: #55 Blue
Author's Notes: Apologies this is rather late… *shakes fist at extremely busy life* Part of the ‘One of a Kind’ ‘verse, all parts of which are linked at the first one, here.

He watches Aithusa in the sky, her wings spread as she glides effortlessly. The blue of the sky around her reminds Merlin of the egg she had hatched from. So many things had happened since that day. Although he regretted not being able to spend more time with her in the beginning and not charging Kilgharrah with her care, he is glad he is finally able to put things right.

“What is on your mind, Little One?” Kilgharrah asks.

“I was just thinking Aithusa is where she belongs. Flying in the clear sky at dusk, reflecting the light from around her,” Merlin replies, his eyes following Aithusa’s aerial acrobats in the misty blue.

“She does move a lot more freely when she is airborne.”

Hesitant to ruin her time in the air, Merlin finally calls her back to the ground. They still need to hunt and eat before they can rest for the night.

As she landed, it was easy to see her health had improved from when he had first found her in the cave. Her body looked fuller and she no longer held her wings half outstretched, but rather is able to fold them more completely are her sides. Her scaled features on her skin are growing and she is beginning to look more like the dragon she is and growing into her adult body.

She looks at both Merlin and Kilgharrah expectantly with her blue eyes, as if to say, “What are you waiting for?”

Merlin worries that she may never speak like Kilgharrah does, but the Great Dragon has assured him Aithusa will one day and he just has to be patient.


~*inspired being*~
Tags: *c:inspired_being, c:aithusa, c:kilgharrah, c:merlin, pt 055:blue, rating:g, type:drabble

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