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Because life is a circus

War on Magic

Author: issy5209
Title: War on Magic
Character/s: Uther
Summary: Uther makes the announcement of his war on magic
Word Count: 342
Prompt: Announcement
Author's Notes

War on Magic

Uther stood at the nursery window as he had all night, watching as the sun rose and Camelot sprung into life. He took no notice of any of this, his rage filled him. Arthur lay in his crib, starting to fuss. The wet nurse woke from her cot and prepared him for feeding. He sighed; it should not have been this way. His son, who the seer’s had told him would be the greatest King that would ever live, should have a mother, he should have his wife. Giaus’s words spun in his mind “A life for a life.” It did not matter to him that Nimue did not intend that Ygraine die in childbirth, it did not matter to him despite Gaius’s assurances that Nimue had no control over who paid the price, she had assured him that all would go well, that the Goddess would ensure his every desire, that his union with Ygraine would produce an heir. He had not desired this. What sort of a Goddess was this, not his. He should have never placed his trust in these people. There she was now, the witch, seeking his gratitude? She would not get his gratitude, but his wrath, he decided. His vengeance would know no bounds. He would not be in debt to her, she should pay for her deceit, along with all the other sorcerers in this Kingdom. His beloved Kingdom was being destroyed by magic. He had trusted them all, but no longer.

It was wrong, all wrong, and they would pay the price.

He told his stewards he wanted a gathering in the square later today. He had a special announcement to make.

Later, he stood on the balcony and shouted to the people below.

“I King Uther, have declared that from day forward, all forms of sorcery will be banned. Punishment for such deceitful practice is death.”

He heard the crowd gasp in surprise. Nimue was there and she looked hard at him. He glared back in triumph.

He would win.

Tags: *c:issy5209, c:uther, pt 058:announcement, rating:g, type:drabble

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