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Prompt #4 "Surrender" Masterlist!

Prompt # 4 (Surrender) Master List

We are beyond happy and excited from another successful prompt! Please check these wonderful drabbles and drawbles that were created for our fourth prompt. And don’t forget to leave them your love, they all deserve it!

Drabbles can now be posted anywhere you want. Also, our A03 mod is now accepting
submissions to our AO3 subcollectionfor this prompt. If you have any questions about submitting, please let fuckyeah know.


Surrender by waltzing_mice (Merlin/Arthur; PG)

Untittled by mushroomtale (Merlin/Freya; PG)


You worry about the weather and whether or not you should hate by kleinefee92 (Merlin/Arthur; PG)

Last Move by emjayelle (Merlin/Arthur; G)

Give in to Me by rufflefeather (Merlin/Arthur; R)

Grow by yllimilly (Merlin, Arthur; T) - WARNING: Drama.

The Bitter Pomegranate by ms_notebook (Merlin/Arthur; PG) - WARNING:Angst, reincarnation, slash, major character death, zombies (sort of), implied cannibalism.

A King’s Surrender by hogwartsvixxxen (Merlin/Arthur; PG-13) - WARNING: Pre-Slash.

A Beat’s Surrender by hogwartsvixxxen (Kilgharrah; G)

A Hope For All by neyah444 (Merlin, Arthur; G)

The Destroyer by neyah444 (Kilgharrag; G)

Hints of Gold by ms_notebook (Merlin/Arthur; PG) - WARNING:Fluff, slash, crack, reincarnation, random OC policemen and kidnappers.

The Downside of Having Magical Best Friends by oflittleuse (Merlin/Arthur; G) - WARNING:Modern!au, kidfic

The Only One by bunnysworld (Merlin/Arthur; NC-17)

Live Through This (And You Won’t Look Back) by fuckyeah (Merlin/Arthur; R)

Loser!? by bunnysworld (Percival/Gwaine; NC-17)

Born To Live Alone by aragorn (Morgana/Uther; M) - WARNING:Underage, angst, post ~big reveal romance, character death.

Capitulate by mara93 (Arthur/Gwen; NC-17)) - WARNING:Adult relations (mutual sex, not terribly explicit), mild violence: (not between A/G) // 2nd person POV // Medieval AU.

Trapped by archaeologist_d (Merlin; G)

Give Over by darksagegrl0 (Merlin/Morgana; PG-13) - WARNING: Past major character death, dark!fic.

In Dreams by hogwartsvixxxen (Merlin/Arthur; PG-13)

Lay Your Burden Down by kleinefee92 (Merlin; PG)

Underneath, Part 3 by alby_mangroves (Merlin/Arthur; PG-13)

Day By Day by neyah444 (Merlin; G)

The Talk, But Not That Talk by darksagegrlo (Merlin/Morgana; PG-13) - WARNING: Mild het and allusions to sexual situations.

The Best Magic Ever by alba17 (Merlin/Arthur; R) - WARNING: Blatant use of a fan fic trope.

Vanilla, Cinnamon, and ...? by min7girl (Merlin/Arthur) - WARNING: Some swearing and lots of sniffing.

(Un)conscious Surrender by jelazakazone (Arthur, Elyan; G) - WARNING: Dripping dead druid boy, S4 spoilers.

Claimed by ceeebee (Merlin/Arthur; NC-17) - WARNING: Sex, but nothing too explicit...

Surrender To A Kiss by yenny2206 (Merlin/Arthur; PG-13)

The Prince by mara93 (Uther, Nimueh; PG-13) - WARNING:Death and Violence (non explicit).

Reflections (the heart of surrender) by jelazakazone (Merlin/Arthur, Uther; G)

Paint It Black by neyah444 (Merlin; G) - WARNING:Evil!Merlin.

False Representation by inspired_being (Merlin, Arthur; G) Continuation of Seen and Hidden.

Sender of Storms by luxorien (Merlin, Arthur; G)

Conversation by tiiiik (Merlin/Gwaine; PG-13) - WARNING: Serious injury, but no descriptions.

A Secret Future by quaint_camera (Morgana/Gwen; R)
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