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Sports Day

Title: Sports Day
Rating: PG
Pairing/s: Arthur/ Merlin ( but it's more pre-slash)
Character/s: Arthur, Merlin, mentions of Percy, Leon, Freya.
Summary: Merlin hates his school's Sports Day. Especially when it involved running with a feather duster on his head.
Warnings: Juvenile, rather childish fic; un-betaed? Sorry in advance for errors, still very new at this! Hope I've tagged correctly!
Word Count: about 700 ( a rough guess)
Prompt:#68 - rivals
Author: wanderlust48

Author's notes: as you may have guessed, I wasn't fond of my own Sports Days in schools. In this fic, I imagined the boys and the gang to be about 14 years old.

Camelot Drabble: Sports Day
Merlin hated the school's Sports Day.

He hated that everyone needed to "participate". This meant that clumsy bookworms like him had to take part in the "fun games", since they couldn't be allowed near the serious events.

And he really hated being pitched against jocks who had landed up at these fun games because they were resting for some imminent big game. Jocks took these silly games ...Way. Too. Seriously.

" Alright, everybody knows what to do? We can win this, we can!"

The strident voice of one such person floated over. Arthur Pendragon, self -appointed leader of the rival team, was finishing his pep talk for Team Kings.

Merlin rolls his eyes. " Come off it, it's only a costumed fun run," he muttered.

"MER-Lin! Aw, jealous of our kingly outfits, is that it?" Arthur was suddenly right next to Merlin, smirking as he fluffed the feathers on Merlin's ridiculous hat.

"Cut it out!" Merlin blinked as the feathery bits got into his eyes. " Your heavy crowns will slow you down!"

" No, I don't think so," Arthur said in a sing-song voice. "Not as much as the Knights' armour."

They both turned to look at Percy and gang clanking around miserably in the next team. It had been a while since that team had won anything.

Merlin sniffed and pointedly turned away with as much dignity as he could with muster with feather duster on his head.

Arthur has a point there, but there was no need to let the prat know he agreed. They argued about everything already as it was, and sports was definitely not where Merlin could get the upper hand.


(Twenty minutes later...)

" Go, Sorcerers, go, go, go!!" Merlin shouted as his team's third runner disappeared into the forest path. Freya was fast, and they were in the lead, with  Morgana from the Kings close on her heels.

" Just concede while you can," drawled Arthur next to him.

" In your dreams, dollop-head!"

" Dollop...? What does that even mean?" Arthur laughed, not unkindly.

Just then, Freya came back into sight, and all Merlin could focus on was the makeshift wand in her hands. She grunted with effort as she thrust it at Merlin, and that was his cue to take off like his-er- hat was on fire.

He couldn't believe it, they were still on the lead!

It was, of course, too good to last.

At the turnaround, Merlin stumbled on the uneven trail, then tripped over a tree root ( where had that come from?).

He found himself sprawled flat on the forest floor. Blinking from the impact, he was struggling to get up when big hands hauled him up.

" Merlin! Are you all right?" Leaves were brushed from his outfit.

Merlin tested his ankles; thank goodness, they were fine.

"I'm ok, tha-" he looked up to see concerned blue eyes looking him up and down as Arthur finished dusting him off.

The same blue eyes then turned mischievous. Arthur grabbed Merlin's hat from where it had fallen and jammed it back on his head.

" That's good, Merlin. I wouldn't want people to say that you threw the competition, now."

Arthur picked up the toy sword that was his team's baton and gave Merlin a gentle nudge as they both resumed the run back.

In those short few minutes, Leon from the Knights had already navigated the turnaround and was now ahead of them both.

Despite a last-minute sprint from Arthur, it seemed the Knights' amour was not so clunky after all. A jubilant Leon pumped the air as his team-mates mobbed him.

Merlin's own team patted him while he panted, doubled up, at the finish line.

" At least it was fun," said Freya brightly. Will looked sourly at their costumes but only said, " I'm gonna change out of these curtains. See you guys at the drinks area later."

Gilli, Will and Freya hadn't really taken the event that seriously at begin with. Unlike some other people, like Arthur... Oh dear, Arthur, who had stopped to help him, and lost the race as a result.

" You're welcomed." Arthur re-appeared next to Merlin, grinning broadly. " You're right, it's only a fun relay, and it was loads of fun seeing you flap about. You still owe me one, though."

Merlin spluttered at him, " I didn't need SAVING, you idiot, I'm not a girl! You should have done your thing for your team!"

Arthur winked and walked away. But not before he leans in very close and whispers into Merlin's ear, " All's fair in love and war, right? I have my eyes on another prize."


Tags: c:arthur, c:merlin, p:arthur/merlin, pt 068:rival, rating:pg, type:drabble

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