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Glaring Looks of Pure Hate

Author: afleur_de_lis
Title: Glaring Looks of Pure Hate
Rating: G
Pairing/s: N/A
Character/s: Merlin, Morgana
Summary: "I can take your looks of pure hate."
Warnings: at the end there is a bit of a grisly image.
Word Count: unknown, I suppose it is three hundred-four hundred words.
Prompt: Rival
Author's Notes: This story didn't work out in my favour as much as I hoped it would. However, I am going to work on it and might expand it a bit.

The woman before him was only a shadow of what she really was, and as she sent a scathing look in his direction, he knew that she was beyond his reach.

He knew that within the year of her disappearance, Morgana had her entire personality and life shredded before her eyes. She no longer trusted her friends, shrunk away from Arthur as if he were a monster that came out of the woods at her and hated everything to do with Uther.

Though she hid her hatred of Uther and everybody in it well, she did not hide her animosity towards Merlin at all. If her glares weren't enough, the way she suddenly began to treat him was almost a bigger guarantee of being noticed, and already Arthur suspected something amiss.

Merlin felt that there was something very different about the king's ward. She was more secretive, more cold and conniving. The story of how the bandits and Morgause treated her was dubious, and the way that the young woman seemed to heal from her ordeal at a fast rate that alarmed Gaius, seemed to be all a show to Merlin.

He focused on the young woman before him. Her hair was done up in pins, her dress was clean and brand new- Her face looked forlorn as she spoke to others about her year of torment... yet her eyes were smiling and bright, unnoticed by the older noble ladies who were speaking to her and rubbing her back.

Morgana felt his eyes upon her and looked across the Great Hall at him. Her eyes narrowed. Her mouth was in a scowl. Her face tensed up as did her body. One of the ladies, a woman who looked like she was in her fifties noticed and glanced at Merlin confused.

I can stand your glaring looks of pure hate, Merlin thought as he returned her look. But if you dare do something against Camelot or Arthur again, you'll disappear for good this time.

Morgana smiled at the ladies before her and excused herself. Merlin heard her say something about her exhaustion and promptly left the Great Hall and disappeared.

Later as Merlin stumbled into the small living quarters he shared with Gaius, Merlin smelled a foul odour and crinkled his nose. Setting down his satchel, Merlin searched around for the source of the smell and quickly spotted the source of it.

Right at the foot of his bedchamber was a piece of folded parchment. When Merlin picked up the parchment, the body of a decapitated rat fell out onto the floor.

Written on the note were two words that made the hair on the back of his neck stand up:

You're next.
Tags: c:merlin, c:morgana, pt 068:rival, rating:g, type:drabble

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