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Destiny's Coin

Author: mara93
Title: Destiny’s Coin
Rating: G
Pairing: None
Characters: Arthur, Merlin, Kilgharrah
Summary: Arthur and Merlin face destiny with a third observing from afar…
Warnings: None
Word Count: 680
Prompt: Crown
Author's Notes: Cannon: Sort of a missing scene from Arthur’s coronation / The other friendship I love, brought me to the show

Destiny’s Coin

It is in conquered violence or in shattering grief that this moment is always born to a kingdom. The prince stands outside the room of coronation, feeling his servant’s presence. Only moments ago the prince said goodbye to his father. Now holding back any still wavering tears, he looks forward. Determined.


“Arthur…it’s time.”

The prince feels an uncustomary tremble rattle his body. He takes a deep breath, flailing for bolster, feeling his servant’s hand come over his wrist. Question.


The prince lowers his head, closing his eyes, dizzy and unsure. Hot and refusing. “I’m not ready for this Merlin.” He admits shakily. “I’m not ready to take my father’s place.”

Merlin feels his soul shiver a little. He knows that feeling. Sometimes he is too is not ready for his destiny. It hurts that he had to poison Morgana, make her hate all of them so much. It scares him what he might do in the future…

All for destiny. But this moment is meant to be. Even if he regrets that it has to be so painful for his friend, it’s necessary. “Arthur…look at me.”

The prince does, brow furrowed with unpleasantness. He’s been raised to this. Told over and over again that his future will be ruling over the kingdom he loves. But now that the moment is here, every fright is present. What if he is not good enough? What if he fails? What if the people hate him? What if-

Arthur.” Merlin holds tight to his arm. “You have to believe. I mean you’re a prat.”

Arthur’s fear dissolves a little, his lips curling just a bit.

“Everyone knows that. Me especially. But you’re also loyal, strong, and…caring. The people see that. Arthur they love you. Believe that. You’re meant to do this. I know you don’t want to hear me put him down in any fashion. But I can’t help it. You’re destined to be king of Camelot. A greater king than your father was. I can see that. You will be that.”

Arthur shakes his head, giving a roll of his eyes. “Don’t try to be wise Merlin. Doesn’t suit you.”

“Then don’t act like a girl.”


“It’s time to rise to it Arthur. Become king.”

The prince lowers his face, although smiling. He feels just a bit stronger. He hears the instruments play, the calling of his title, and he knows now…

His servant is sometimes so silly, and also someone he doesn’t quite get, who can amaze him with his fierce loyalty, and his actual words of wisdom. It is only a joke that the servant is ill with those kinds of words. He clasps his hand. “Thank you Merlin.”

“Go become king, Arthur.”

And so he does. Merlin watches with solemn pride the crown lowered to the prince’s head. He stands with awed feeling as the now newly crowned King Arthur stands to face his subjects. It is the beginning of Arthur’s greatest destiny. Merlin still has to hold his secret, waiting for the day he can reveal his full calling.

But they truly are the paired sides of the coin. Merlin feels it now more than ever as he raises his voice in salute, ‘Long live the King…’

Arthur looks forward, for a fraction of a second a bit lost, but then he hears the voices, sees that silly bright neckerchief around his servant’s neck, and a brave smile, barely present, lights up his face.


Within a darkened cave, the dragon rejoices at the death of a tyrant. Holds hope for a new sovereign who one day will bring back his kind with the help of the greatest sorcerer men and dragons will ever know. It is conjured into the jeweled pendants dragons of past used to covet. It is fashioned into a coin of gold, the resemblance of a grand wizard with the most breathtaking displays of magic upon one side, and upon the other, the most courageous full hearted warrior of a king.

“I told you young sorcerer. Now it begins.

The opening of Albion.”

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