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Albion Zoo, chapter 2/2

Author: judin
Title: Albion zoo, chapter 2/2
Rating: Nc-17
Pairing/s: Arthur/Merlin
Character/s: Arthur, Merlin, Gaius, Uther
Summary: Arthur and Merlin celebrate becoming mates by ... mating. Then Uther tries to destroy their love, the silly man.
Warnings: Alpha/Omega behaviour. Human-animal hybrids. Fluffy crack.
Word Count: 2016
Prompt: #75 Foolish
Author's Notes: The wonderful thing about alpha/omega-stories is that they are practically required by law to be absolutely filthy about their sex, and this is hands down the filthiest sex I have written. Be warned.
Gonna clean this up and post it as one long chapter on A03 eventually.

(PS: Frozen Stars ch. 26 will be posted on A03, hopefully this week. It's over 10K.)

Albion Zoo, chapter 1

Gaius crossed his arms over his chest and regarded the monitor with one raised eyebrow. Looked like the board of directors would have to scrap their plans for Arthur; he had well and truly made up his mind, if his enthusiasm was anything to go by.

“What shall we do, Sir?” asked the keeper who had fetched him.

Gaius shrugged. “For now I suggest we give them some privacy. Let the morning shift know they’ll need to tread carefully.”

And with that, he went back to his dinner. It wasn’t like he was surprised by this development; Merlin had been acting like a love-sick girl for a long time, the only real question had been when Arthur would catch on.

In the alpha room, Arthur was letting Merlin know that he had very much caught on now. He had bullied Merlin over on his stomach, fastened his teeth around Merlin’s neck to make him limp and pliable, and then mounted him, pushing his thick, slick cock into Merlin’s tight hole. Merlin had made a racket at first, having been quite unaware that it was possible for two Cammies to do something like this. Not that it was his first time being aroused, but in the past he had never done more than humped his nest. And the soft dirt behind the tree at his old home. And his old ball. Point being; this was new to him, but there was little he could do while Arthur was holding him so securely.

So for a moment there he was very much annoyed at Arthur for being such a thick-headed, entitled brute, but once Arthur had started thrusting, Merlin had immediately forgotten his complaints. Now he lay face-down in the nest, his butt raised so that Arthur could really pound into him, his tail moving in slow, sensuous counterpoint to Arthur’s aggressive thrusts, constant purrs rumbling through him.

Arthur on his side couldn’t seem to keeps his eyes open, the pleasure of his first mating feeling overwhelming to him. Merlin’s ass was clutching at his cock, the black Cammy’s tight hole hotter than sun-warmed stone. Arthur put his weight on Merlin’s back, pressing him relentlessly into the blankets. Merlin squirmed, toes scrabbling on the floor, but as usual he couldn’t throw off Arthur’s superior bulk. Merlin meowed a little breathlessly, his ears flattening in submission.

Alright, I get it, you’re in charge. Do I get to breathe now?

Arthur grinned and let up. Merlin made a face at him over his shoulder, and surprised Arthur by slamming his hips back, taking the alpha’s cock even deeper inside him. Arthur’s jaw dropped. He growled and dug his claws into the blankets, fucked into Merlin harder, screwed in deep, deep to build on that amazing feeling.

Fucked like a ragdoll, Merlin felt his balls draw up tight, and he toppled into the most powerful orgasm of his young life with a confused "Meow?", eyes crossing with pleasure.

Arthur barely slowed down, even when Merlin mewled for mercy. He fucked Merlin straight through the sensitive stage and into new arousal.

Merlin wailed his way through his second orgasm when it came, adding copiously to the seed already staining the blankets. The sudden blast of Merlin’s scent in Arthur’s nostrils sent him reeling, and when Merlin’s orgasm made his hole tighten around Arthur’s cock, Arthur came with a roar. He finally slowed down, seated all the way and just grinding into Merlin, who pawed at the blankets and mewled happily at being bred. Arthur purred to show his satisfaction, licking Merlin’s ear and cheek. Merlin twisted around to lick back, and their mouths met. They licked and lipped at each other, almost like humans, while Arthur continued to pump his generous release into Merlin.

They were both breathing hard, fur matted with sweat and skin shining with it. The room smelled strongly of sex. Of them. Arthur breathed it in and felt he could conquer the world. He pulled out, making Merlin wince, and Arthur quickly made his apologies by licking over Merlin’s sore hole with a broad tongue.

Merlin yelped, his knees gave out and he fell flat into the blankets. Arthur followed him down and continued to lick Merlin from his taint to his twitching hole, using his tongue to push his own leaking seed back inside his mate.

Merlin whimpered. His thighs were tensed, muscles seizing every time Arthur’s rough tongue dragged across his hole. Surely he wasn’t going to get hard again? Oh! Ooooh. Apparently he was.

Arthur noticed, and licked a little lower, around Merlin’s balls and the shaft of his stiffening cock.

Merlin meowed his protest, but he was only spurring Arthur on, because no matter how loud Merlin got, he didn’t try to move away, or bite or hiss at Arthur; he had completely surrendered to his alpha’s will, and this unusual obedience was turning Arthur on like nothing else.

Arthur continued to lick Merlin until his own cock had grown hard again, hanging heavily between his legs. Then he mounted Merlin once more. The second mating took longer than the first, the urgency having gone out of both of them. Pleasure zinged along their nerve endings, making goosebumps appear on their skin, as they leisurely worked their way towards their common goal of filling Merlin up with Arthur’s come.

Arthur was huffing and panting, single-minded in his intent, while Merlin lay limply underneath him and let Arthur do all the work. Arthur second orgasm arrived on a groan. Merlin gasped, face heating as he felt Arthur’s cock spurting inside him.

Finally, Arthur pulled out and just breathed for a moment, still on all four above Merlin. Merlin was breathing hard too, and reached up to rub his cheek against Arthur’s with a kind of desperation.

I’m yours, you great ass! You don’t have to prove yourself anymore. Slow down, yeah?

Arthur nuzzled at Merlin, pushed at him until his exhausted little mate had curled up in the blankets, and then tucked himself in next to him, putting one possessive paw over Merlin’s waist. Merlin purred.

They slept through the night, except that one time when Arthur woke up hard and rubbed his cock against Merlin’s backside until he came in Merlin’s fur. Merlin woke just long enough to snuggle back against his mate, sanctioning the naughty claiming. And of course there was the second time, when Merlin woke feeling empty and needy, so he licked Arthur back to hardness and wiggled around until Arthur’s cockhead popped into him, and then he slid back luxuriously, groaning as the thick cock filled him up, all warm and throbbing like a heart. At this point even Arthur was starting to wonder when the heat was going to slow down so his poor cock could have a break, but mercifully, Merlin wasn’t interested in getting off; he started snoring almost as soon as he’d gotten Arthur fully seated. It took a bit longer for Arthur to follow him because Merlin kept clenching down around him, but exhaustion won out in the end.

Which meant that the keepers who came to check up on them in the morning ended up getting quite a show, because when Arthur and Merlin woke up, they barely paused to say good morning before starting on round three.

Luckily, there was no need for the keepers to conduct more than a brief observation. Both the Cammies were obviously in good shape, and the claw marks on Arthur’s skin were healing nicely. They looked like they could use a bath and another good night’s sleep, but that was typical of Cammy couples on their honey moon.

Sometime in the afternoon, the hatch was raised, and meowing from without warned Arthur and Merlin before first Lancelot and then Gwen slipped cautiously into the room. Arthur puffed out his chest and frowned at them, but they were mated Cammies, and so no real threat to Arthur’s possession of Merlin. Lancelot went to Arthur and cuddled him out of his protective mood, before dragging him over to the water trough and kindly directing his face into it. Cammy friends did not let their Cammy friends become dehydrated from excess love-making. Meanwhile, Gwen was nudging Merlin up from his inelegant sprawl in the nest.

Merlin meowed a happy greeting to her, and she meowed back, taking in the dark circles under his eyes and his trembling legs with sympathy. She’d been in his position not too long ago, and well remembered the mix of boneless satisfaction and pounding ache in interesting places. Once both Merlin and Arthur had had a long drink, Lance and Gwen bullied them out of the room and down to the little lake. The rest of the pack kept their distance, though Gwaine roared a sort of “I totally called this” at them because he had no subtlety or tact. Morgana had both, but still managed to radiate smugness from way over on the other side of the enclosure.

Arthur ignored them both in favour of trying to prevent Merlin from washing Arthur’s seed out of his fur. As per usual, it ended with Arthur tripping over Merlin into the lake. Merlin jumped after him. Arthur decided he was just going to have to mark Merlin all over again later.

Their bliss lasted all day, because the Cammies were completely unaware that there was such a thing as a zoo board of directors, or that they had found out that Arthur had chosen Merlin, or that the head of the board, Uther Pendragon, was not happy about this.

Arthur’s mother died giving birth to him, and Uther, who had only been a simple zoo keeper at the time, had taken the baby Cammy home and raised him, bottle feeding him and playing with him, so that he grew up healthy and happy. That was years ago, though, and since then, Uther had … lost perspective. He no longer cared about Arthur’s happiness as much as Albion Zoo’s reputation, and his own status and fortune.

When he heard that Arthur had mated with Merlin, he staged an intervention. Gaius tried to tell him that Cammies were too intelligent to be manipulated like other animals, but Uther must have had a lot of earwax that day, because he didn’t appear to have heard any of it.

The Cammies were very upset when the strangers entered their house in the night and opened the door to the alpha room, where Arthur and Merlin slept. The other Cammies, waking when they sensed danger, clawed at the walls and roared in alarm and anger, but had no way to reach their friends.

Merlin woke just in time to see the tranquilizer gun pointed at him. He didn’t know what a tranquilizer gun was, of course, but he knew the narrow, black barrel didn’t contain food, and that these humans didn’t smell like any of the regular humans. So he made them go away.

No one could really say, afterwards, what happened exactly. One moment Uther’s men were preparing to remove Merlin and the next they found themselves outside in the Cammy enclosure, high up in a tree. Some perfectly logical explanation would probably have been found eventually, except the thing happened again when they climbed down and went to try a second time. Having been soundly defeated, Uther’s men went home and abandoned their evil henchmen ways.

Arthur woke up a little later with the smell of strangers in his nostrils. He didn’t like it one bit, but was calmed to find Merlin lying awake and smiling next to him. Merlin licked Arthur’s cheek and assured him that there was no danger anywhere. Arthur wasn’t worried, of course, because he was a powerful alpha Cammy and would protect Merlin with his life if it came to that. Merlin smiled and purred, because he was just a helpless, innocent little Cammy, and was happy to have found such a big, strong mate to keep him safe. The happy couple snuggled down and went back to sleep, and had sweet, undisturbed dreams.
Tags: *c:judin, c:arthur, c:merlin, p:arthur/merlin, p:gwen/lancelot, pt 075:foolish, rating:nc-17, type:drabble

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