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Magic Smiles

Author: min7girl
Title:Magic Smiles
Summary:Merlin is the prize of a tournament for his hand in marriage that his mother set up.
Word Count:980
Author's Notes:I swear I only see merlin when I see this teaser. And I desperately want this to be one of those 80,000 word epic fics. Anyone feeling the need? Like seriously, somebody take this as a prompt and make this into long fic from the underworld. I will love you forever!!!

"I will not Marry anyone! Mum, I'm old enough to know what I want and Marriage isn't it."

Hunith sighed heavily at her boy. His magic was destined for greater things. Every seer, druid, and heaven help her, dragon, had told her this since he was conceived. "Your father would be proud of the man you have become Merlin, but you know as well as I that this isn't where you belong."

Their cozy quiet fiefdom, was once the envy of all. Merlin's father ruled it for the few people there to prosper and enjoy what the land had to offer. It was a quaint and easy way of living. That was until Merlin had come of age. His magic became something of prize throughout the land. Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses showed up almost daily offering crowns and jewels.

Merlin snubbed the pageantry, preferring his simple life. He had heard the prophecies about his future and knew the silly notions of his power, but some how never quite got a handle on the idea of being able to do a few parlor tricks equalling changes to anyone's world.


The tournament was Lady Hunith's idea. Her son wasn't interested in any of the suitors but maybe if a strong knight or Lady proved themselves to Merlin has noble and good, maybe, just maybe, Merlin would agree to marry them.

"They don't even like me. They like what kind of powers they think I have." And truth be told besides a few levitating books Merlin really didn't do much magical stuff. As a mother Hunith never questioned the many people claiming her son was special, but she feared that the person who married her son might actually not understand that Merlin was not extraordinarily powerful like so many were claiming him to be.

The contest was a good way for her to see those who had honor and heart as well as those who might hurt her son out of greed.

One such family that could be seen as leaning more towards the power hungry, were the Pendragons. Uther was a powerful king that ruled near by. He tried on multiple occasions to introduce his son and ward to Merlin has prospective matches. Merlin turned them both down, much to King Uther's displeasure.

Much to Hunith's regret, Merlin's lack of interest on their previous visits didn't stop him from sending both his ward, Morgana, and his son, Arthur to the tournament.

"Why do I have to come back here for that big eared oaf ? He admits to being dafted and useless." Arthur tended to insult her son openly, Hunith liked him for his honestly but wished she wasn't as much of a lady so she could wallop him for being a spoiled little...She sniffed out a small breath to calm herself.

Valiant was also there, as well as Lancelot, Freya, and Gwaine. All of whom had frequently visited their home in efforts to capture Merlin's favor. Most with their father's, all kings or Lords of various locations.

"Arthur behave yourself. We are to woo, him. Not make him want to set fire to us!" Morgana was once again apologetic for her brother giving a bow in deference to both Merlin and Lady Hunith. Her manners at least were better than her adoptive brother's.

Arthur scoffed not paying attention to those around him. "He couldn't set a fire even when using a lit torch." He twiddled his fingers mockingly, still not realizing Lady Hunith stood behind him with her son. "Aside from being slightly pretty, he's useless. I'd rather have my sword then his sometimes functional floaty magic any day."

"Arthur!" Morgana bowed low trying to compensate for Arthur's rudeness. and missed her brother's backside catching fire.


"He's insufferable! A waste of humanity! Stupid Dolopheaded PRAT!" Merlin ranted to his rooms, stomping about and ignoring his mother. Hunith frowned. Her son never had a good grasp of his magic and yet had managed to cause a small flame to spark on Arthur and then turn it off with nothing more than a glare. Now her boy was raving about this Arthur in a way that could only mean a couple of things. None of which she liked.


The tournament went well. There was hand to hand combat as well as magical combat, Freya won both of those events. There was also sword combat in which Valiant was eliminated for cheating. Arthur won that. There was a trail of honor, in which again Arthur won.

The nights Freya was victorious, Merlin slept and said nothing to his mother. The nights Arthur strutted about, Merlin shouted profanities at the walls. and swore he would never wed such a brute. His magic floated entire rooms and the skies boomed with thunder.

Lady Hunith became even more concerned with the turns of events and added a new challenge to the 7 day tournament.


"You all wish to win the hand of my son, yet I wish for his happiness. Your goal in this last task is to make him magically smile while speaking of your future together."

Merlin loved to smile. The boy was content in almost everything when not faced with problems like visiting nobles. But on rare occasion, times even Merlin himself wasn't aware, he would smile from someplace within him and glow with magic.

Those left in the tournament were now at least passing friends of his except for one. It was this one, Arthur who seemed most confused by this final riddle. Each woman came forward and spoke about family or hope. Things that did indeed make Merlin smile, but not glow. Lancelot was next, but Arthur moved ahead and broke the rules.


Hunith sighed happily at her boy leaving with Arthur. After all, he won the tournament with a kiss that made her boy shine like the sun.

Tags: *c:min7girl, p:arthur/merlin, pt 005:crown, rating:pg, type:drabble

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