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A Hope For All - Part 2

Author: neyah444
Title: A Hope For All – Part 2
Rating: G
Character/s: Merlin, Uther
Pairing/s: none
Summary: In the hours that followed Uther’s outburst a silence fell over the castle.
Word Count: 383
Author’s notes: This is a sequel to A Hope For All, which I wrote for Prompt 04: Surrender, but I hope it stands on its own. This is part of a longer story I’m planning to write, but it fits this prompt so I thought I’d throw it in here, because alby_mangroves promised (okay, more like hinted at) me an Underneath Part 4 if I do. Now it’s your turn, hon. :P

Three hours later the bells roused him again. Uther was furious when they found the cart abandoned and the cage empty just outside the gates of Camelot. Only a small piece of paper was left there with a little flower with five petals made of red wax on it, and a strange rhyme.

„They seek him here, they seek him there,
Those Britons seek him everywhere,
Is he in heaven?-Or is he in hell?
That damned, elusive Pimpernel.”

Merlin wished more people like Dugan existed.  Or whatever his real name was.

A Hope For All – Part 2

In the hours that followed Uther’s outburst a silence fell over the castle.

What little information Merlin could gather surprised him. This wasn’t the first time a sorcerer escaped justice, leaving only a little paper with a flower-shaped seal on it behind. But the king forbid everyone to talk about it, discretion was demanded in such delicate situations.

There had been rumours before, sure, and Merlin had heard all that, but never from Arthur or Uther. From random people on the market, from maids that liked a little gossip, and who were more often than not terribly misinformed.

He could remember clearly how Uther had reacted when the rumors had first started about such an incident. He had been furious and had wanted to put an end to them.

A huge crowd had been assembled the next day to hear what the king had had to say in the matter.

„I herefore declare that the rumours of a mysterious personage helping enemies of the realm escape are without foundation.” His voice had been strong and confident. He had known that no one would have questioned what he had been saying.  „We can assure you there had been no such escapes, and there's no such rescuer. Furthermore, in Camelot, no sorcerer can hope to be saved by anybody.” He had greatly stressed the word anybody.

That had been all a lie, Merlin now knew the truth without a doubt. And so did a small crowd who had been there when the king lost his temper that morning. While the king’s residence bathed in silence, word among the people spread like wildfire. Some were scared, some were joyous but no one dared to comment on the news.

Meanwhile Uther paced the throne room knowing that the damage had been done. He didn’t want to face anyone, not even his own son.  He had brought this upon himself, he should be the one to deal with it. He chose the method he had always been the best in. Lies. He could probably deceive the people, but he had to accept the truth. There was someone that had to be dealt with, and fast. He couldn’t swipe this under the rug anymore.

Sorcerers must be given no hope. They are a threat to the crown. His crown.

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