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Misguided Love

Author: rottencreampuff
Title: Misguided Love
Rating: Pg-13...
Pairing/s: Mordred/Merlin
Character/s: Merlin, Mordred, Morgana
Summary: Two months after moving in with Mordred, Merlin sees the real Mordred, and also receives a call from Morgana.
Warnings: Mild Pot use, Abuse
Word Count: 1,151
Prompt: Month Of Sins: Wrath
Author's Notes: Wow, just a little over the word count! I was hoping that I hadn't gotten too far over...sorry if this seems maybe a tad bit rushed? I didn't want to go over the word count but I enjoyed writing this and hope you guys like it!
ps: here's the previous drabble that goes along with this one: Something New

Today was obviously going to be a bad day and Merlin knew that right when he woke up. An overwhelming sense of dread hit Merlin and he curled deeper into the warm blankets that piled up on his body and cascaded slightly off the bed. There was an absence in the bed beside him and Merlin figured that Mordred was already awake.

He had been sharing beds with Mordred for the past two months, since Mordred took him in a while ago out of kindness. No, they never fucked or anything, just...slept together. Merlin had always found a small comfort in having Mordred around him.

Merlin frowned and heaved out a sigh. He felt nothing, yet he felt everything. He especially felt the impending doom that his future had, since Merlin had not found a job yet. Even though Merlin felt that he should be productive and search for jobs something, he didn't. He didn't even feel like getting out of bed;it was difficult.

After about an hour of moping in bed and thinking about absolutely nothing (he stared into empty spaces as a dark weight loomed about his thoughts), Merlin finally decided to get out of bed.

The curtains were still drawn shut, creating the effect that it was night. When Merlin eyed the clock that sat on the tan dresser (the room was very simple and lacked of anything...interesting), he noticed that it was eleven am. It was not night. Merlin yawned and stretched, his hands touching his toes. His back cracked.

When Merlin made his way down the small hallway he noticed that the living room was smoky. Mordred must be smoking right now.

Oh yeah. Merlin always forgot that Mordred smokes. Not only that, but he smoked pot. Okay, Merlin found this out within a week of him living with Mordred. It was something that Merlin just let pass by. It wasn't like he was also doing pot. After all, Mordred isletting Merlin stay, preventing him of being homeless and/or living in poverty.

Merlin plopped down on the couch and placed his head in his hands, threading his fingers through the short black hair that he had. Soon Mordred sat next to Merlin, filling the air around them with unidentified scents and the faint smell of laundry detergent.

"Hey," Mordred nudged Merlin's arm with his hand, "What's up?"

Merlin lifted his head, "The usual," he said. Gee, Merlin must sound downright pitiful...

"You've got to stop being so down on yourself all the time, Merlin. Cut loose a little," Mordred said with reassurance, "You sure you don't want at least one drag to clear your mind?"

.......? Merlin nodded.

"At least let me kiss you."

Mordred brought Merlin's head up and placed his thumb and index finger on Merlin's chin before placing his lips on Merlin's. The kiss was very gentle and soft, though somewhat persistent.


Merlin tried his best to smile and only managed to lift the corners of his mouth a little.

"Good. I'm going to work now, okay?"



While Mordred was gone Merlin turned on the TV and watched the news for a while. By the time the soap operas came on, Merlin's bad mood had lessened a bit and he decided to get dressed.

Then the phone rang.

Should he answer it? Merlin never really knew any of Mordred's friends. But what if it were important? Merlin bit his lip, contemplating his decision.

The phone would not stop ringing. Merlin decided to answer it, and quick got up, making his way to the small walk-in kitchen, and grabbed the phone that stood on the counter.


"Merlin? It's me, Morgana."

"What! How'd you find out I was here? How'd you get this number?"

"I have my connections," Morgana said. Merlin could tell that she was smiling.

"Then why are you calling me, anyways?" The last time Merlin spoke to her, she kicked him out of her house.

"...I wanted to...to apologize, Merlin. I shouldn't have yelled at you like that, and I fell like a terrible sister for doing so."

"It's okay. I found this bloke called Mordred and I'm staying with him until I get a new job and can pay for my own place."

"Have you succeeded in getting any interviews?" Morgana sounded hopeful.

"No...uh...sorry," Merlin said.

"Don't be, because another reason I called was because I found a job for being an assistant to a business man. You'd be doing stuff like giving him coffee or organizing papers and planning meetings...I met this guy earlier in the week and we started talking. I think he's a good person."

"Really?" Merlin was excited. He actually has a great chance at getting a job!


"That's great! Um, can you give me some time to think about it? I'll call you back, okay? Thank you so much!"

He hung up on the phone and smiled to himself, unable to wait to tell Mordred.


When Mordred came home, Merlin was lounging on the couch. He had ordered Pizza for dinner, and it was on it's way.

"How was work?" Merlin said.

"The usual," Mordred sat his bag down, "It was a bit tough, actually. Perhaps a little upsetting," He shrugged, "It's okay though. Nothing I can't fix with a glass of beer, right? Anyways, you look in a happier mood than you were in this morning."

Merlin smiled. For real this time. "I am. My sister called earlier today. She found a job for me. I'll be able to move out soon and to have real money and to have a place and I won't have to mooch off of others anymore..." Merlin stopped, noticing Mordred's expression.

He seemed bothered. A little angry, even. "Are you going to take the job?"

"Of course."



"I said no."

"But this is best for me, Mordred!"

"I said no, you bastard!" Suddenly Mordred's face contorted into pure anger, as he unleashed his wrath at Merlin, slapping his face. "You can't get a job! I won't allow it!" He punched him and shoved Merlin back against the wall.

"Stop it Mordred, what're you doing?" Merlin cried out, "I don't understand!"

Mordred stopped. "Call your sister back and tell her you can't get the job. You're mine now. And I won't allow you to go out and...and get a life or whatever."

Merlin swallowed. He felt terrible fear of Mordred. What happened to the good one? He thought that Mordred loved him...



"Hello? Morgana? I uh..." Merlin tried to sound happy. His voice was nearly cracking under the effort, "I can't take the job. I just found out that I was taken into another job, that has good pay and doesn't require me to do the work of a man-servant."

"Really? That's great, Merlin! I'm proud of you!"
Tags: *c:rottencreampuff, c:merlin, c:mordred, pt 080:tmos-wrath, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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