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Author: Loopstagirl
Title: Commitment
Rating: R
Pairing/s: Merlin/Arthur
Character/s: Arthur, Merlin,
Summary: It was the night they had been waiting for.
Word Count: 966
Prompt: Commitment
Author's Notes:Another one in the "Ball" story arc

After all of this time, I find it hard to believe that this is the moment we have come to. Staring at each other across the bed like nervous race-horses. We’ve made love countless times, long and hard, soft and gentle, yet there was something different about this time. I could feel my heart pounding in a way that it hadn’t done since you led me down the winding path all those years ago, laying me out underneath the stars and filling me with your love. We had been through a lot since then and overcome so many barriers. Today was all about us, it was all it was supposed to be and so far it had been perfect.

I thought I was going to swoon like some maid seeing you walk up the aisle towards me. You had never looked so ravishingly gorgeous in all our time together. But it wasn’t what you were wearing, it was the look in your eye. You had been the first to whisper the three words that had come to mean my entire world, yet I was the one who took the initiative to go down on one knee. I knew it had not only been love in your eyes the moment you breathed yes, but pride as well. You were proud of how far I had come, and I didn’t know how to react to that. My journey was highlighted by the empty seat at the front, the place that my father should have sat in. He symbolised everything I had been, and you were everything I was becoming. His seat being empty meant something to me. It meant I had left that part of me behind.

We had stood there for all to see, your mother wiping her eyes every few seconds as we declared that we would love each other forever. I know that we will have ups and downs, I’m not naive enough to believe our fairytale meeting (for that was when I met the real you, not the bumbling assistant who can never get my coffee hot) will mean that we will have a smooth sailing course the whole time. But maybe, we can get our happily ever after?

I take a step towards you, rounding the bed as I do so, my heart fluttering. I can’t calm it, I don’t want to calm it. You come to meet me halfway, your hands sliding effortlessly around my waist. The gleaming band on our fingers might symbolise things have changed for us, but this was something we were well practised in. We didn’t look away from each other, barely even parting for breath until the clothes were stripped and scattered around us. As I finally blinked, you let a loud laugh, almost as if the intensity was making us hold our breath. Your laugh set my heart free, a smile tugging its way into existence on my own face. It was an automatic reaction, your smile had always made me smile, it just had this way of brightening up my day.

My fingers glided over your ribs, watching the way you sucked in a sharp breath to try and stop it tickling. I continued the feather-light touch though, letting them glide over your body as I walked you backwards to the bed, softly lowering you into it. Once I had finished mapping you with my fingers, I started with my lips. I pressed kisses and murmured my love for you into your skin, your eyes darkening with every swipe of my tongue. I didn’t give you what I knew you wanted though, not until I was finished with whispering my commitment into every inch of your body.

You stopped me in the end. With sure and swift hands, you reversed us, lacing your fingers through mine and pushing my hands into the pillow, stopping my worship of your body. My chest rose and fell rhythmically, but my eyes were locked on your lips, wanting to seal my promises the proper way. You denied me, though, just as I had denied you and began the process on me. Your teeth grazed along my thigh, your hands being the only thing pinning me in place as you kept me down, lavishing your attention and breathing your own commitment with every brush of your lips. You were impatient though, clearly believing that enough words had been spoken already that day. My body moulded and yielded to every brush of your fingers and it took no effort at all as you surged up for another kiss to my neck, bending my knees with you. I let them fall open, cradling you as you finally looked back in my eyes.

As your hand disappeared between our bodies and I found my breath hitching, you finally allowed me to claim your lips, to seal my promises with a kiss that lasted for all eternity. It may not have stretched that long, but it stretched for long enough for you to move the way we had both been longing since we had first stepped into the room. My neck arched up as sounds escaped my throat and you didn’t waste any time, sucking your mark into the exposed skin as we rocked together.

You made it last, in the talented way that you had. I was seeing stars by the time you curled up next to me, resting your head on my chest. I kissed your damp hair, too spent to do anything more than that and listened to your rhythmic breathing. As my eyes fell shut, I was sure I whispered one last promise to you. Whether I said it out loud or not, I’ll never know. But I didn’t need to, for you already knew.

I was yours for eternity.
Tags: *c:loopstagirl, c:arthur, c:merlin, p:arthur/merlin, pt 083:commitment, rating:r, type:drabble

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