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There Seems To Be a Chill in The Air

Author: rottencreampuff
Title: There Seems To Be a Chill in The Air
Rating: G
Pairing/s: Merlin/Arthur
Character/s: Merlin, Arthur
Summary: Arthur decides to drag Merlin out to rake leaves, which ends in the two being chilled to the bone.
Warnings: None!
Word Count: 473
Prompt: Autumn
Author's Notes: Woo! I finished nanowrimo up with success~ Now it's time to get back into the writing mood--my apologies if anybody was expecting me to come back to conclude that Mordred/Merlin abuse verse that I've been doing. I was previously going to write it, but then I decided that this prompt didn't fit. Enjoy!

By the time they are finished with raking up the leaves in front of Merlin’s house, which was a convenient single story with a brick exterior, Merlin and Arthur were cold, exhausted, and had blisters forming on their fingers. The day had started out beautiful, and while Arthur had a day off from work, he had decided to rake the leaves in front of Merlin’s house, which were cluttered up in the frost bitten ground and were making the house look very messy, in Arthur’s opinion.

“But the leaves aren’t even that bad yet!” Merlin had said to Arthur, not wanting to get out of the nest of blankets he made for himself in bed.

“Yet,” Arthur replied, “Before you know it the leaves will be soggy from rain and it’ll be terribly nasty. Besides, it’s a pretty day out, and if I want to work outside, I’ll have to make you come out too.”

“You will be perfectly fine raking up the leaves in the front yard. Wake me up when you are done so that I can admire your handy work,” Merlin wiggled deeper into his blankets and closed his eyes again.

That wasn’t the best thing to do, as Arthur proceeded to grab Merlin’s arm, which was hanging on the side of the bed, and pulled Merlin off. Merlin let out a yelp of surprise, “Hey!”

“Come on now, get dressed and ready—I have breakfast waiting for you. Don’t forget to put on a coat and a scarf and a hat, now, because it’s chilly out,” Arthur ordered Merlin.

“Okay, Mom,” Merlin grumbled, grumpy from having his peaceful rest interrupted, especially by Arthur.

Now, done with the leaves, Merlin let out a breath of air, which turned into white fog. Arthur let out a breath too, and their white foggy breaths joined together into a massive clump before disappearing into the air. Merlin’s nose and ears were red and his cheeks were rosy, as Arthur’s cheeks were also rosy from the chill in the air, but it didn’t show as much, and wasn’t too obvious. “See, now you wish that you listened to me and put a hat on.”

“Oh, put a sock in it,” Merlin scowled.

“I’m just teasing with you, now,” Arthur smiled and put his thumbs on Merlin’s sharp cheek bones, “Let me warm you up with a kiss.” It was a quick, yet comforting peck on the lips, and Merlin’s cheeks were rosier than they were previously.

Merlin rubbed his hands together, “I want to go inside now, and it’s too cold for anything else at the moment.”

Arthur patted Merlin’s back and led him inside, “We can have Gwen and Lance come over with some hot cocoa and cookies. Everyone knows how terrible we are at cooking—I’m sure they won’t mind.”

“Sounds like a good idea.”
Tags: *c:rottencreampuff, c:arthur, c:merlin, pt 086:autumn, rating:g, type:drabble

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