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Author: rottencreampuff
Title: Freedom
Rating: Pg-13
Pairing/s: Merlin/Mordred
Character/s: Merlin, Mordred, Gwen
Summary: Merlin waits his final moments before being released from his life with Mordred.
Warnings: Abuse
Word Count: 1069
Prompt: Breathless
Author's Notes: Well, this looks to be the next to last one! I would have it be the last one but I have to eat dinner and it is three minutes until 8!!!! I hope you guys like it~
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At first, Merlin felt a slight weight lifted off of his shoulders. He may have even felt happiness. Although, Merlin had quite forgotten what happiness was.

(Perhaps it was the bright and airy feeling that spread through ones body like magic? Or maybe it was those little moments that helped one get through their day with a smile.)

However, the feeling that Merlin was experiencing slowly disappeared as the day wore on. He no longer danced around the house as he cleaned it, and he no longer hummed a simple minded tune while doing the laundry.

No, Merlin was worried.

He chewed on his bottom lip as he sat on the recliner, blankly staring at the news that playing on the television. Something in the back of his mind told Merlin not to worry--that he would finally be freed from Mordred and he will be safe and sound in Guinevere's home where he will reside in for the time being.

But there was always just one question that Merlin could not get out of his head:

What could possibly happen during the thirty minute window between Mordred getting home and the cops arriving?


The clock that hung on the wall in the living room ticked slowly, as if it were mocking Merlin. He just wanted it to be eight o' clock already. But it is only 7:15. Mordred will be home soon. Mordred will also probably walk into the house angry.

Merlin fidgeted around in the seat of the recliner--he has been sitting in the recliner for about two and a half hours, and Merlin hasn't gotten anything accomplished while sitting in that chair. He just sat there, worrying and watching the news while absentmindedly fingering the bruises on his arms and legs.

Although he was worried, Merlin still felt excited, for he could not wait to be freed from the cage that Mordred locked him up in. Merlin suddenly started to wonder if this period of his life would affect how he acted forever. Would he flinch when someone would go to shake his hand? Would he cower in fear when a loved one would yell at him? Would he start hurting himself when he thought that he did a wrong?

Merlin looked at the clock. 7:27. Suddenly Merlin heard the sound of an engine in his driveway. Mordred was home--Merlin felt himself shaking. He wouldn't have a panic attack, would he? He hasn't had one in a few days, thankfully, but now, Merlin could feel one coming. His breathing was getting quick and shallow and his face twisted into a worrysome expression.

Merlin covered his face with his hands, "No, not right now you fool!"

His heart hammered against his chest as Merlin heard Mordred's keys in the front door. He quickly wiped any tears from his eyes and resumed a normal sitting position. Merlin's breathing was still ragged and he just felt so terrible and as if a big, nasty rock was sitting in his stomach. He just wanted this to be over.

Mordred opened the door, and Merlin turned around to see him smiling.


It wasn't an evil smile, nor was it a fake smile. Mordred was just simply happy. For once, he hadn't arrived home angry about work.

"Hello, Merlin," Mordred said, sounding cheery, "How was your day?"

Merlin swallowed, trying to get the frog out of his throat, "It was perfectly fine, Mordred. And...yours?"

"It was excellent," Mordred came and sat on the couch opposite of the recliner, resting his elbows on his knees, "We finished building a supermarket. Maybe I can take you there to see it whenever it opens up to the public."

"That...sounds nice," Merlin willed himself to look Mordred in the eye and summoned up a small smile, "Congratulations."

Mordred smiled at that and nodded, proud of his work. He stood up and grabbed his work bag, "Well, I'm going to go and take a shower, then I can order takeout to celebrate."

"Okay," Merlin said. Mordred left the room.

Something seemed really odd about Mordred, and Merlin pinpointed exactly what it was. Mordred was angry at all. He seemed to act in a nonchalant manner, and was actually kind of happy. Perhaps this was the Mordred that made Merlin want to be with him in the first place. What if Merlin was mistaken and Mordred just simply had a few bad days at work and had to take it out on someone? Everyone has those times...

Merlin pinched himself. He can't be thinking like that, especially not right now. Mordred has absolutely no excuse to be hurting Merlin like this, right?


By the time Mordred got out of the shower, it was seven fifty-eight. The cops should be arriving any moment now. Merlin's leg bounced up and down and he fidgeted in his chair. As soon as Mordred sat back down on the couch in front of Merlin, his hair still dripping wet, there was a knock on the door.

They're here.

Mordred exchanged a glance with Merlin. Merlin shrugged, and Mordred slowly got up, "Must be a package delivery."

Merlin slowly stood up after Mordred and he reached the door. The cops sure did arrive quietly...they must have parked a block away from the house. Mordred finally opened the door, and sure enough, there were three cops in front of the door holding wallets with their identities on them.

"Uh...hello," Mordred offered a smile.

"Are you Mordred?" A cop said. He was bald and had a muscular build.

"Yes, I am. What can I do for you?" Mordred asked. Merlin couldn't tell if he was worried or not underneath his facade.

The cop stepped forward, "We are here to arrest you, Mordred. We have been informed that you have been inflicting domestic violence upon a poor soul in this household. I am here to inform you that that is indeed illegal and--"

Mordred turned around quickly, ignoring the rest of what the cop was saying, "Merlin?? Did you?"

Merlin held his head up high, not able to say anything. His knees were knocking together and he had his fists balled up to keep the rest of him from shaking.

Pure fire appeared in Mordred's eyes as he charged towards Merlin, and the cops shouted out at him. Merlin backed away, but was too slow, and suddenly Merlin's breath was taken away as everything went black.

Tags: *c:rottencreampuff, c:merlin, c:mordred, p:merlin/mordred, pt 088:breathless, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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