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Mod-ly News

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to give you all a quick update. Many of you have already started to sent in your stories and art, which have been amazing! Those who already submitted their work have also received the name of their recipient and posting dates. As stated before because of the amount of participants on this year Holiday Exchange Fest, we had all decided to spread the posting dates from Saturday December 28th to Tuesday December 31st. It follows the same format as our regular prompt schedule.

If you have not yet done so, please comment on this post with your posting dates. Currently there are no more spots left for posting dates Decemeber 28th and December 30th.

Because Saturday is the posting day for our Holiday Exchange Fest there will be no weekly prompt.

Posting Guidelines

  • Please use this header when posting your entries.

  • Tag your entries with the appropriate tags- !holiday exchange fest 2013, the main pairing or character, rating, whether is a drabble or drawable and most importantly your contributor tag :-).

    Important! Once posting starts please read and comment. These writers and artists have done amazing work for you all to enjoy and they deserve to be praise for that. One thing that we are proud of in this community is that you all support each other and interact- we love it! So continue doing it- it warm our hearts and I'm sure yours too.

    As always, if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask us. We don't bite, honestly ;).

    cd_mods ♥
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