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At last

Title: At last
Author: bunnysworld
Rating: NC-17
Pairing/s: Percival/Gwaine
Summary: Percival is a loner but then he meets Gwaine
Warnings: none
Word Count: 571
Author's Notes: I hope I could stick to the prompt that asked for a reincarnation fic and a happy ending for Percival.  Happy holidays!
Disclaimer:Merlin is owned by the BBC and Shine. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made. Don't send us to the dungeons.

Percival closed his eyes and bit back a moan when Gwaine sank down on him. He had always been a loner, never really able to make friends. He was left with a feeling that he didn’t belong. That didn’t mean he didn’t have the occasional one night stand, his time spent at the gym paid out for those. But before he met Gwaine, he’d never thought he would find someone.

First, he had only thought this would be another one-nighter, but they’d been dating for half a year now. Gwaine was different and Percy still couldn’t believe that he had really managed to make the gorgeous man with the longish dark hair and the intense eyes interested in him. Where Percy was shy and withdrawn, Gwaine was fun and out-going. Where he was laid-back, Gwaine could get so aggravated over things that it was hilarious to watch him rant. And the smoldering and easy smiles were something that Percy just couldn’t resist. He would enjoy this as long as it lasted.

Gwaine moaned when he impaled himself completely, then leaned forward and braced himself against Percy’s chest and Percy slid his hands up Gwaine’s arms, briefly wondering about the tattoo on Gwaine’s wrist that looked like a snakebite and the one beneath his ear which matched. He had never dared to ask their meaning. When Gwaine clenched around him and whispered filthy things, Percy totally forgot about his thoughts and started pushing up when he noticed that Gwaine loosened up for him.

They fucked lazily for a while and when Percy closed his eyes, he saw blue skies above them and it felt like they were in a field, a giant castle on a hill at the horizon, a flash of red and gold here, the sound of horses nearby.


He knew what Gwaine wanted and turned them around, so he could pound into him. He didn’t need to be careful with Gwaine, he knew that, so he didn’t hold back until Gwaine was screaming his name and they both came.

When they got their breaths back, Percy ran his hand down Gwaine’s arm. “Why this?”

“What?” Gwaine blinked at him from beneath his long fringe.

“The snakebite tattoos. What do they mean?”

Gwaine looked at him for a long moment. “They’re not tattoos.”

Frowning, Percy tried to look at Gwaine’s wrist a bit closer. “Goddess, you’ve got bitten by snakes?”


“That must have hurt.” Percy caressed the marks on the wrist.

“Hurt like fuck.” The look Gwaine threw him was unsettling.

“And then?”

“Then I died.”

Percy held his breath. At any other time he would have thought that Gwaine was taking him on, but there was something in his eyes, something so familiar, something vulnerable and open. “You died.” Images flashed through his mind. Images of Gwaine in chainmail, Gwaine bound, Gwaine…deadly wounded by snakes…

Gwaine didn’t move and it seemed as if ages passed before he said. “It wasn’t that bad, though. The man I love was there.”

And all of a sudden, Percival knew that he was the man who had been there. All those lifetimes ago. That very first time. When they had taken Gwaine away from him. A single tear rolled down his face. “I know.”

To his surprise, Gwaine laughed. “Took you damn long enough to remember this time. Come on, get your lazy butt up, everyone’s waiting to see you again.”
Tags: !holiday exchange fest 2013, *c:bunnysworld, c:gwaine, c:percival, rating:nc-17, type:drabble

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