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Designs on the King

Title:Designs on the King
Author: hogwartsvixxxen
Summary:Merlin and Arthur have wanted each other since that day in the market. Merlin has never made his move, but will a visiting Druid Priest that Arthur sent for to learn about the Old Religion and The Winter Solstice, take away Merlin’s chance.
Warnings:sexual tension, brief drugging, applied/brief (and I do mean applied and brief) non-con, jealousy, spoiler for end of season 5
Word Count:3k
Author's Notes: Thank you my darling yenny2206 for working with me and finding a an awesome beta. You also knew how much fun I’d have writing this.
Thank you my dear brunettepetfor being my beta. You made me feel special and not the least bit nervous. I couldn't think of a title to save my life but brunettepet saved me again.
Merry Christmas karuvapatta I hope this is what you wanted, and that your Christmas was Blessed. May you and yours also have a Blessed, safe, and wonderful New Year's Eve and 2014 Thank ou for such a wonderful prompt. I had fun discovering the differences/similarities between Wiccans and Druids. I enjoyed doing all my research, and I hope you enjoy it too.
Disclaimer:Merlin is owned by the BBC and Shine. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made. Don't send us to the dungeons.

Merlin straightened his emerald green velvet robe before opening the heavy oak door that led to the throne room. With head held high, he almost strutted between two horizontal rows of lord s, ladies and knights. He could feel every eye on him but he didn't turn his head to acknowledge them. He only had eyes for his King who sat on the throne before him. With an almost a predatory smile on his lips, approached Arthur. His eyes were sparkling with the wonder of a child on Christmas morning. Arthur returned Merlin's gaze with a heat that could melt the coldest, deepest snow. When Merlin reached the throne he bowed, kneeling on one knee. He looked up at Arthur, but found himself lowering his eyes, so his King wouldn't have to be the one to look away. After paying proper homage to his King he rose and stood beside him.

I t had taken Arthur a few years, after waking up from a magically induced coma that allowed his body to heal after what had almost become a fatal wound inflicted by Mordred, to pass a decree that allowed magic to be practiced throughout Camelot, her bordering countries and allies. Once passed, although the sting of Merlin’s betrayal still caused the King’s heart to ache, he promptly and (though he tried to ignore the feeling) proudly, made Merlin, Court Sorcerer. The court over time the court noticed the looks between their King and Sorcerer. They saw how Merlin sometimes lingered a bit too long kneeling before his King. At times it seemed obvious to everyone except Merlin and Arthur, how the two felt about each other. It wasn't that their relationship would have been looked down on, because it was a know n and open fact that many of the Knights of the Round Table were in relationships, which at times made their training sessions somewhat heated and uncomfortable in their confined armor. It was that both the King and his sorcerer thought the other deserved better.

Merlin although in the high position of Court Sorcerer, thought that the King deserved someone of equal status, of royal blood. Arthur thought with Merlin being the most powerful sorcerer ever he deserved someone who could equal him in power. So it went, both men spending endless nights alone in the dark with fantasies and intimate self touches.

Although magic was now allowed in Camelot, there were still some aspects that Arthur either refused or just plain didn't understand. Being King made him feel as though he should know everything and be able to do anything and everything for his people. Not knowing something made him feel inadequate, and for the King of Camelot that was unacceptable. After the Autumn Equinox, Arthur decided that it was high time he embraced the old religion to strengthen his ties with the Druids.

Arthur sent a messenger straight away to a dwelling in the woods within Camelot’s borders, with an invitation for the High Druid priest to join him during the holidays.

Upon hearing this, Merlin felt a pang of instant jealously. Did Arthur really think that Merlin’s schedule as Court Sorcerer was so busy that he wouldn’t have been able to teach Arthur and the Court about the Winter Solstice and Yule, the birth of the #1 Sun King, which represented his own King Arthur, and he could have also taught Arthur many more things in private. It was too late to stop the messenger, so Merlin decided that he would stay close to his King and make the best of it, but that was before he saw Niul.

Jet black curls as dark as the blackest moonless night peeked out from under his hood. Long lashes the colour of onyx shielded, icy blue eyes and as Niul approached the throne Merlin saw a hunger in those eyes that he knew all too well. It was the same hunger that Arthur looked at him with and the same hunger that Gaius had mentioned he saw in Merlin’s eyes when he looked at his King. Niul’s eyes were fixated on the King but only temporarily. Out of respect the Druid Priest looked down, lashes fluttering. Nevertheless it was long enough for Merlin to guess the Druid’s Priest’s intentions, and it was more that just schooling Arthur in the traditions of the Winter Solstice and Yule.

Merlin felt power crawl along his skin as if a million ants were trying to burrow under his skin when Niul came and knelt before Arthur. Merlin silently congratulated himself on not rubbing or scratching his arms. Gaius was the only one who noticed Merlin’s discomfort and and its cause, but soon the burning sensation on his skin became just a mere irritation, compared to the searing jealousy that overtook Merlin’s whole being, consuming him when he watched Niul take Arthur’s hand and place a very intimate kiss on the King’s hand, letting his full lips rest for there for just a heartbeat as his golden eyes shifted to catch Merlin in their gaze.

Only Gaius noticed Merlin’s eyes flash gold and watched their effect as Niul faltered and almost fell into the throne and Arthur upon rising. Arthur reached for the Druid Priest to steady him and looked at Merlin. If The King thought that Merlin had anything to do with Niul’s near accident, he didn’t let on.

After speaking to Niul, Arthur informed his staff of the menu, decorations and preparations that were to begin the festivities of the Winter Solstice festivities For two days and nights the aroma of spices and roasting meats drifted through the castle, enticing everyone but Merlin who was too busy making sure that Arthur and Niul were never alone, despite the Druid’s best efforts.

Arthur had given his people the means to celebrate The Winter Solstice festivities although they’re not at the castle. An hour before the feast was about begin Merlin was still trying on dress robe after dress robe, as Gaius looked on trying desperately not to say anything, but eventually failing. Sighing, he looked at Merlin with mirth in his old eyes, “You need to tell him how you feel and don’t try denying it again. I began noticing the looks between the two of you when Arthur was still the Prince.”

Merlin looked at Gaius, started to open his mouth, closed it and then said, “ But he’s King of Camelot he deserves someone…”

“Like the Druid Priest? He does seem very accident prone when you’re around,” Gaius mused with a touch of laughter and sarcasm in his voice.

Merlin had the good sense not to respond instead he fumbled with his dress robe.

“I was going to wait to give this to you, but I think now is the perfect time to do so.” Gaius handed Merlin a package wrapped in brown paper with a twine bow.

“I-I haven’t had time to get…”
“Just make yourself and Arthur happy. Tell him.”

Merlin pulled on the twine, and the brown paper fell away revealing the darkest blue velvet robe he’d ever seen. A moonstone blue star sapphire clasp seemed almost alive as he held it up in front of himself. Merlin knew the blue of the robe would set off his eyes, as he was sure Gaius knew when he bought… when he bought? A thought came to Merlin and he looked at Gaius. “How? I mean how?”

“With magic now being allowed throughout Camelot, you might say that I have a lucrative side business.”

Merlin threw his arms around Gaius, who patted his back after a few moments?

“Now, go and get dressed for your King, and give him something to think about. I have to get dressed too.”

After Merlin buttoned his new robe he started to don his Sorcerers’ hat but thought better of it and dipped his head in the basin of cool water. After using a towel to remove the excess water from his face and hair he ran his fingers through his damp hair causing slight ebony waves. He checked himself in the mirror, his eyes glowing gold for a second a smirk on his face, “Ready or not Arthur, here I come.” He laughed to himself at the little pun, and hoped that his statement would be more literal than figurative.

Merlin opened the doors to the banquet hall. Aromas mingled together making for an intoxicating almost heady euphoric feeling, and Merlin was immediately on guard. Merlin walked in identifying each smell. The long tables were filled with suckling pigs and turkeys. Cookies and caraway cakes soaked in cider along with nuts and fruits were the desserts of choice. Eggnog, ginger tea, spiced cider, wassail, and lamb's wool Merlin’s favourite drink made from( ale, sugar, nutmeg, roasted apples), flowed freely, although Merlin decided for the time being to refrain from partaking in the drinking, should Arthur need him.

Poinsettias adorned the long tables and blessed thistle, evergreen, holly, and mistletoe hung from the high ceiling. but Merlin noticed that it was the mistletoe that seemed to float. Hundreds of candles, the colours of the Winter Solstice,#3 dripped their wax from candelabras, but it was the mixture of pine, cedar, bayberry, cinnamon, and incense that put Merlin on guard.

Niul who was dressed in a dark red velvet robe sat next to Arthur. Merlin nodding greetings then went to address Arthur. Their eyes met, and in a whisper the King said “Y-You did something different with your hair.” Merlin hid a smile as he took his place on the other side of his King, extending a greeting to Niul, who acknowledged with a nod.

Arthur stood with everyone else. “Please welcome our guest for this festive Winter Solstice, Niul, a Druid Priest who comes to us from an encampment in the woods not far inside Camelot’s border’s.” The welcome was heart-felt and warm, with one exception, Merlin, although no one noticed.

Niul stood and straightened his robe allowing the hood to fall to his shoulders, bowing to Arthur he spoke. “Thank you, Your Majesty, Lords, Ladies, Knights of the Roundtable, people of Camelot, and fellow Druids.” Then he turned to Merlin, a small smirk curled on the Druid Priest's lips as the faintest hint of gold sparkled in his eyes. Niul fought the sudden urge to rub his arms to ease the tingling and burning in them, as Merlin's own eyes flashed gold.

“And Thank you Emerys, Thank you all for your welcome and generosity.”

Niul cleared his throat

#1 “The name for the festival of the Winter Solstice in Druidry is Alban Arthan, which means 'The Light of Arthur”. Niul smiled at the King when he said this. ”Some Druid Orders believe this means the Light of the hero King Arthur Pendragon who is symbolically reborn as the Sun Child (The Mabon) at the time of the Solstice. Others see the Light belonging to the star constellation known as the Great Bear (or the Plough) - Arthur, or Art, being Gaelic for Bear. This constellation shines out in the sky and can symbolize the rebirth of the Sun. At this point the Sun is at its southernmost point almost disappearing beyond the horizon, and the days are at their shortest. This was a time of dread for the ancient peoples as they saw the days getting shorter and shorter. A great ritual was needed to revert the course of the sun. Sure enough, the next day the Sun began to move higher into the sky, showing that it had been reborn.”

Niul stopped and took a sip of Wassail, before continuing.

#2”This is the second of our “dark half of the year” holidays; the time of the greatest darkness in the year. In the Druidic tradition, darkness is not something to be feared or something that it is evil—it is part of the cycle; we cannot appreciate the light if we never experience the darkness. So we use this as a period of rest, of gestation, of recognizing the need for the cold and dark of the winter months for the land to rest and regenerate. In our grove, this is when we traditionally give gifts, burn the Yule log, and work to bring light back into the world.”

Niul then allowed his eyes to glow gold and he waved his hand. A Yule Log in the giant hearth came alive with dancing orange, red, and yellow flames. The Druid Priest then reached into the folds of his robe and Merlin was suddenly on his feet, the Knights however seemed slow to rise. “I just have a gift for you as I said we give gifts.” Niul pulled out a small box and handed it to Arthur. Arthur took the box addressing his Knights and Merlin to be seated. Not wanting to obey his King, Merlin sat but on the very edge of his chair so to be able to be at Arthur’s side in an instant.

“There can be no trust with fear,” Arthur said as he opened the box. A ruby, emerald, diamond, garnet and bloodstone the gems of Winter Solstice sparkled with a life of their own.

“A simple gift to honour our Sun King.” Niul said with a bow.

Arthur closed the box then asked Merlin to fetch parchment, quill and ink. When Merlin returned, Arthur took the items from Merlin, and began writing. When Arthur had finished he laid the quill down and stood. “Let this be a new beginning, a strengthening of truth and trust, in our relationship with these peaceful people of the woods May our understanding and mutual respect of each other grow as we learn from each other. I pledge Camelot’s protection, to you and your kind, to all Druids.” As Arthur spoke, Merlin realized that it wasn’t the Druids he didn’t trust in was Niul.

He offered the quill to Niul and the Druid Priest took it. “I pledge that our magic will be used to defend Camelot, her borders and allies, and, yes, may this be a new beginning between us.” Merlin had the distinct feeling that although Niul’s people were his first priority us didn’t exactly just mean Niul’s people.
Niul continued “By the Gods and Goddess may our relationship grow in truth and trust.” Was Merlin the only one who noticed Niul’s voice, when he felt eyes on him and looked to the left. Gaius nodded and Merlin knew his feelings were correct. The treaty would prove beneficial for both parties and Merlin desperately wanted to see Arthur recognize the Druids, he just knew that Niul nedded watching, and closely.

Niul signed the treaty and when they hugged, it took everything Merlin had to fight the urge to fling Niul across the room and claim the King for his own. Arthur then raised his goblet, as did everyone else. “A toast to our new allies.” Merlin took a sip, only to wake up in his room sometime later.

“You’re awake,” Gaius’ voice for a moment sounded far away.

“What happened?”

I think you were drugged. Shortly after the toast, you asked Arthur’s permission to be excused. You bade him and everyone good night, apologizing, saying you were tired. I wanted to follow you, but stayed in case my magic was needed. It wasn’t and the rest of the festivities continued for a few more hours before everyone retired. The knights and myself saw Arthur safelyto has bed chambers.”


“He and his people went back to the woods.”

Merlin didn’t want to disturb Arthur, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that something just wasn’t right.

A mixture of pine, cedar, bayberry, cinnamon, incence lazily swirled around the room while the white berries and green leaves of the mistletoe seemed to float about like darting fairies. Arthur lay on his back naked on the Pendragon Crest coverlet his eyes laden and glassy. Niul lay on his side, propped up on one elbow. He reached for a mistletoe floating close and plucked it out of the air.

“You know mistletoe is considered sacred to the Druids. #4 The Druids believe that the berries of the mistletoe represent the sperm of the Gods. When pressed, a semen like substance issues from the white berries. Mistletoe is considered a magical aphrodisiac

Niul squeezed one of the white berries between his fingers and watched as the substance coated his fingers. “You are a God Arthur Pendragon…”

Before Merlin even reached Arthur’s bedchamber he scents of mixed spices instead reached him. He broke into a run and reached the heavy oak door
”Putrefaction!” and the doors were thrown open. Niul’s eyes glowed gold and he raised his hand but Merlin was quicker ”Apage!” . Niul flew across the room and Merlin waved his hand again ”Mundus Locus”.

The smoke from the incense faded. Merlin turned gold eyes surrounded by black on the Druid Priest. He raised his hand and slowly began making a fist as the blackness filled his eyes. Niul gripped his throat, fighting to breathe. It was then he heard Arthur’s voice. “Don’t! The actions of one man, don’t necessarily reflect or define a people. We have a treaty and nothing happened.”

Merlin walked over to the Druid Priest and whispered in a low and menacing voice “You should thank your King, he just saved your life.” Niul just looked at Merlin

“Well what are you waiting for,” Merlin almost sneered.

Niul rose and bowed low, Merlin not taking his eyes off him.

“My most sincere apologies your Majesty. On the Gods and Goddesses above I didn’t come here with such impure intentions. When I saw that Emerys obviously wasn’t interested enough to do anything about his feelings, I set about making him jealous, but I let my own desires for you, affect my good intentions and judgment. He looked at Merlin, “ And most importantly I betrayed you, Emerys. Any punishment you deem fit I will accept.”

Merlin’s eyes had returned to normal. He looked at Arthur. It was high time he said something. “There will be no punishment, Niul. Not knowing, touching, exploring your Kings body, not feeling his tight heat engulf your most private part or feeling his royal seed burn it’s way into you, will be punishment enough.” Merlin couldn’t believe he had just said all that. As the Druid Priest nodded and turned to leave, Merlin plucked mistletoe out of the air and handed it to Niul saying “Here take this, it’s as close to the Sun King’s sperm as you’re ever going to get.”

The heavy oak door closed behind them. Arthur had forgotten about the floating mistletoe, but Merlin hadn’t and just as one floated above their head he turned Arthur around and quickly pulled him into a kiss. It was awkward at first, with their noses colliding into each other. Merlin and Arthur pulled back laughing, rubbing their noses. “I think we can do better,” Merlin said as he pulled Arthur slowly this time in for another kiss. Their lips met gently touching. As Merlin ran his hands over Arthur’s body he realized he was naked. Merlin pulled away and without saying anything and without taking his eyes off Arthur he undressed.

“You’re beautiful,” Arthur said his voice heavy with emotion. He reached out his hand and touched Merlin’s chest. Merlin took it and brought it to his lips, gently kissing it. He turned it over and placed a light kiss on the palm. Then took each finger into his mouth sucking on them, causing Arthur’s breath to catch. He took his hand gently out of Merlin’s grasp and brought it up to cup Merlin’s cheek. After leaving it there for a few seconds he put his hand behind Merlin’s neck and brought him in for another kiss. This time the King was demanding. He sucked on Merlin’s bottom lip and Merlin opened his mouth to his King. As their tongues touched Merlin tasted the fading remnants of Lamb’s Wool and Wassail. As the kiss deepened hands began exploring. “I’ve waited for this so long, longer than you know,” Arthur breathed against Merlin’s lips. Merlin pulled back “I’ve wanted you since our first meeting in the market place. I wanted you then, even though I thought you were a Prat.”

“And do you still think I’m a Prat?”

“Mmmmm some…”

Merlin's statement was finished in a squeal as Arthur picked him up threw him over his shoulder and deposited him on the Pendragon Crest. Arthur laid on top of Merlin, claiming his lips once more. Throughout the night, both their bodies were brought to sweet release again and again with touches , kisses, magic, respect and above all else love.

As they lay together in each other’s arms, with the only sounds being their hearts, breaths and the crackling kisses of flames on the Yule Log, Merlin startled Arthur as his voice broke the magical silence. “You know there are #6 eight High Days, the Druids celebrate. There’s of course the Winter and Summer Solstice, the Spring and Autumn Equinox, the Druid New Year, First and Second Harvest and then well there’s #5 Beltane. It’s celebrated with games, great feasting, love, sex, adjoining, large bonfires, rit…”

Arthur put a finger to Merlin’s lips. “The Druids have a day to celebrate sex?”

Merlin smiled “Well fertility, coupling sex, yes…”

Arthur rolled on top of Merlin. “To think I was missing out on a whole day of eating, drinking, and making love to you, just because I was a…


“Yes, Dollophead.”

Merlin arched up to meet Arthur, “There’s just one thing, I’m going to be the only one to teach you about Beltane.” And to make sure Arthur heeded his request he thrust upwards again, bringing their cocks together as their lips met in another kiss.

Foot Notes
Merlin’s sapphire and why I chose the star sapphire
Spells Open,  expose,  disclose,  lay open,  open up,  throw open! Away!,  take away!,  Get out!,  Be gone!
Niul’s name

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  • Prompt #455 Sign-ups!

    Sign-Ups for prompt # 455 is now closed!!! Good Morning!! Today's prompt is Friction. The Rules: 1.] All drabbles/drawbles must follow…

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