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You Must Antone # 91 Atonement

Author: hogwartsvixxxen
Title:You Must Antone
Rating: NC-17
Pairing/s:Merlin Arthur
Character/s:Merlin,Arthur, Gaius, Lancelot, George, Arthur/Guinevere mentioned Lancelot/Guinevere mentioned
Summary:Arthur catches Merlin using magic and he must atone for this to his King
Warnings:angst, slight bondage, graphic oral sex, fingering.
Word Count: 2108 Sorry. I guess I got a bit carried away my first time back doing drabbles.
Prompt: # 91 Atonement
Author's Notes:*waves hugs smooches* I've missed you all, and I hope you all had great Holidays. Sorry, this is unbeta'd. I've had problems getting on line and posting, thanks to an 11 month old baby boy furbaby, who thought it’d be fun to chew on the Internet wire. Thanks to my wife Tanya who looked over and tweaked it here and there. Also thank you to yenny2206 who kept after me to come back tocamelot_drabble and fuckyeah for letting me post after the Master List was up. The mods here are wonderful. I love you guys.
removere vestem = remove clothes
apertis faucibus = open throat
stramenta descendit = bedding down

Merlin looked up an his King. He had no idea what to expect, nor even from his position did he dare to anticipate. He simply allowed himself to reflect on how he had gotten here. Here, being naked, on his knees in front of Arthur who wore only a pair of loosely tied cream coloured breeches, that showed the King's obvious arousal and soft leather riding boots.

Merlin knew every time he used magic he stood the chance of being caught. Arthur although he held meetings, assemblies and traveled to Druid encampments, gathering information and alies from within Camelot's borders, magic was still a ways off from being allowed. Never the less, on occasion when Arthur left him alone in his chambers to do his chores, Merlin would sit down, put his feet up on the table and look at the large bed envisioning him and Arthur making love among the down filled coverlets. As he fantasied, mops and brooms danced a ballet around the room, and polishing cloths fluttered about like butterflies.

So it happened on that particular day that Arthur wanted his bedding changed, the floor scrubbed and the whole chamber dusted, cleaned and polished. Merlin was also to replace the burnt down candles in the candelabras and clean off the excess wax. A job that Merlin particularly hated. Removing the dry, hardened wax from the dozen of ornate silver candle holders, took almost a whole day in itself. Where as a flash from his golden eyes, saw the wax disappear in small puffs of smoke.

Merlin had helped Arthur ready himself for a meeting with a mountain Shaman and his people, so Merlin knew Arthur would be gone two days at most. What Merlin didn't anticipate was Leon and Gwaine getting food poisoning from the rabbit they ate at the Tavern the previous night. Arthur wanted to make sure his knights made it back to the castle and examined by Gaius just to make sure that it was indeed just a case of food poisoning from an under-cooked rabbit and not some spell or potion. Once Gaius had indeed determined that the culprit was too much Mead and near raw rabbit in the stew, Arthur made ready to leave out again with the remaining knights.

Everything would have been fine had Arthur not decided to check on Merlin and his inadequacy as a servant. Eyes closed, Merlin was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't hear the door open.

“What is this!” Arthur hissed dangerously as he entered.

Startled, Merlin opened his eyes, falling off the chair. The mops stopped their ballet and clattered to the floor, the dusting cloths and bedding fell like wounded birds from the sky.

Merlin looked up at Arthur “S-Sire I-I...”

“Leave me! Now! Tell George to come and attend me and clean up this-this unholy mess!” Arthur yelled in a voice Merlin had never heard the King use before.

“Sire I...”

Now, or I will see you in the dungeons!” Arthur was shaking with anger.

Merlin left trembling, not even attempting to hide his tears. The dungeons would have been easier to endure than the look in Arthur's eyes and the raw anger in his voice. He all but called Merlin's magic unholy. Merlin took his time in finding George. If Merlin were honest with himself he had to admit that as far as being a servant to the King, George was far much more obedient. Under the tears, a small smile crept onto his face, Almost like a broken stallion or trained guard dog, but he suspected that not even Arthur wanted someone who seemed to have no will of his own. He even suspected that George wouldn't even take a shite, if Arthur said he couldn't. Merlin straightened up, wiped his nose on his sleeve cast a small glamour spell to cover up his tear streaked face, cleared his throat and addressed George.

“So, once again I must go behind you and clean up your mess. Merlin, Merlin, Merlin do you not remember anything I taught you?” George said in a condescending voice.

Merlin's nails bit into the palms of his hands and not trusting his own voice, Merlin just gave George a blank look. It was better than opening his mouth, lest a spell come spilling forth, although as George huffed and walked away he couldn't for the life of him see what it was he tripped over.

Merlin let his glamour drop before he almost ran through the door of the room he shared with Gaius. The old wizard knew immediately what had happened and put down the potion he was working on to hold Merlin as he sobbed at what seemed forever. Without saying anything, for Gaius knew the last thing Merlin needed to hear was “I told you so,” he gave him a potion to calm him down. Still shaking Merlin went into his room to await his fate. He thought of running, but for better or worse Camelot was his home, and until he could no longer, Arthur was his to protect and serve if nothing else.

Merlin was playing over and over again what happened in his mind. The look on Arthur's face and the tone of his voice. Gaius' gentle tone of continuous warnings and the unwavering love he had for Merlin. Merlin has started crying again, when a knock stopped his tears and heart.

“The King wishes to see Merlin in his chambers immediately.”

Merlin opened the door and saw Lancelot standing there with a pair of shackles in his hand.

“What is the meaning of this,” Gaius demanded, although he already knew.

“I'm so sorry Gaius I have my orders. I know nothing more than what I was told. To deliver Merlin, in these shackles, to Arthur's chambers. I tried to ask why but he told me to do as I was told and that if I questioned him again he'd see me removed and banned from Camelot.”

“It's alright Gaius,” Merlin said as he hugged him. Then whispering in his ear he said “Remember, you never knew anything of my magic.” Then he kissed the old wizard on the cheek and presented his wrists to Lancelot.

Lancelot looked down. “I-I'm sorry. Behind. It's the King's orders.”

Merlin's heart sank when he heard the closing clink of the shackles.

On the way to the King's chambers when Lancelot was sure they were alone he said. “I know you could break these shackles as if they were made of parchment, what happened.”

Merlin looked up at Lancelot, allowing the shackles to remain in place. In a whisper he said “He-he caught me using magic. He walked in while I was well... while I was using my magic to do my chores and...”

Lancelot looked at Merlin. “Arthur, he doesn't know that I know your secret. You're a wizard. You can break free, put the shackles on me and...”

“No, thank you but no. I have no life without Arthur. I will accept my punishment...”

“You care for him.”

“Yes I care for him, he's our King. I'm sworn to to protect him, and...”

“So am I and the other knights but you, I mean you...”

Merlin looked down, then back up at Lancelot. “I've loved him from the moment I saw him in the Market Place.”

“Tell him. Tell him then!”

Merlin shook his head. “He must have an heir and eventually he'll marry Guinevere and...”

It was Lancelot's turn to look down.

“Guinevere and I, besides I've seen the way he looks at you. I'm sorry Merlin but we must get going, Arthur will begin to wonder what has happened. Tell him. Tell our King the way you feel about him, and if you need me to tell him that I've only seen you use your magic for the good of Camelot and her King...”

“I don't want to get you involved,” Merlin said as he started walking.

They reached Arthur's chambers, and Lancelot gave Merlin a hug before knocking on the door.

“Come!” Arthur commanded.

Merlin swallowed hard. Anger still resonated in the King's voice.

Lancelot led Merlin into the room and began taking off the shackles.

“Leave them and leave us.” Arthur commanded Lancelot.

Lancelot gave Merlin one last look and left closing the door behind him.

Arthur stood and without looking at Merlin, went behind the dressing screen. The silence and tension hung in the air like a wet wool blanket. Finally Arthur emerged from behind the screen wearing nothing but a pair of cream coloured breeches and soft leather riding boots. He walked no, Merlin watched Arthur approach him as he stalked Merlin. “Well?”

That one word caused goosebumps to rise along Merlin's skin, and although he didn't know why caused a dull throbbing in his groin.




“Strip. Surly that's not a difficult task for you. Do you not dress and undress every morning and evening?”

There was something other than anger in Arthur's voice.”No. No it's not, but...” Merlin moved his shoulders to remind Arthur that his hands were still shackled behind his back.

“Ah yes, but then that shouldn't be a problem for a,” Arthur paused for a moment. “Wizard. Remove your clothes, leave the shackles and come kneel before me.”

Merlin shivered as much from fear as from lust and he watched Arthur watch him as his eyes flashed gold removere vestem

Arthur said nothing, but Merlin could tell he was impressed with more than his magic. Merlin walked over to his King and knelt. Arthur gently but sternly cupped Merlin's chin so that Merlin was looking at him.

“Well? What do you have to say for yourself. I trusted you. I put my faith, my life my h... in your hands, and you betrayed me. More to the point you didn't trust me. Me? Your King. I'm considering what your punishment should be, unless....”

“Unless Sire?”

“Unless you atone” Make an atonement to your King.”

Merlin wasn't dumb. Given the way Arthur was dressed, his own position on the floor in front of Arthur and his own state of undress. Arthur could almost see the wheels turning in Merlin's head.

Trying not to lick his lips or seem to eager, Merlin asked, “How do I atone, Sire?”

“You're a wizard are you not... Emerys

Merlin couldn't keep the look of surprise off his face at the sound of his Druidic name and his mouth fell open.


“First of all, you can keep that beautiful mouth of yours open, because soon it'll be filled with my cock and royal seed and... well, to answer your question, I have met with Druids lately, have I not?”

How could Merlin have been so stupid. “Art... er Sire?”

“Arthur's fine for here, for now. Now Wizard, it's time to make anointment to your King, and don't expect the shackles to be removed, although I guess you could just break them, your King orders you not to.”

“Yes, Arthur.” His eyes bled to gold as he whispered removere vestem and Arthur stood before him, naked, his cock just inches away from his mouth. Merlin licked his lips, the words apertis faucibus ghosted over Arthur's skin as Merlin swallowed him down. He was rewarded with a throaty moan of pleasure and strong fingers in his hair. Merlin drew back, bringing Arthur's cock into his mouth. He used his tongue and lips on the shaft, sucking and licking. Arthur began breathing heavy and his hands tightened their grip. Gold filled Merlin's eyes and the shackles broke. He cupped Arthur's balls and gently massaged them, causing the King to to say words no one of Royal blood should say. His hand wrapped around the length or Arthur's cock as his tongue swept over the head and slit.

That was the beginning of the end for Arthur Pendragon, as he felt his balls draw up, but Merlin still had one trick left up his sleeve. With the hand that gripped Arthur's cock slick with pre-cum and spit, Merlin pushed a finger into Arthur's puckered hole. He knew he had hit the King's prostate, when Arthur hips bucked, he screamed Merlin's name and a thick, warm salty-tang flowed down his throat. Trying not to look too pleased with himself, Merlin looked up at Arthur. After a moment, Arthur's hands moved from Merlin's hair to his face. “You broke the shackles.”

“I'm sorry...I”

“Never mind. You still have a lot more atoning to do and I have a feeling we'll be using them again, besides a King takes care of his servants. Now turn down the bed.”

Merlin rose, his cock throbbing, and began walking over to the bed.

Arthur shook his head. “Uh uh.”

“Merlin smiled “Stramenta descendit.
Tags: c:arthur, c:gaius, c:george, c:gwen, c:lancelot, c:merlin, p:arthur/merlin, p:gwen/lancelot, pt 091:atonement, rating:nc-17

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