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Being Stubborn Can Be Fun

Author: hogwartsvixxxen
Title:Being Stubborn Can Be Fun
Rating:hard R
Character/s:Merlin, Arthur, Kilgharrah
Summary:Arthur is being stubborn about allowing magic in Camelot. Merlin Shows him that magic can be used for good as well as evil.
Warnings:un-beta’d, explicit sexuality activity
Word Count:1103
Prompt:#93 stubborn
Author's Notes: This was written for fun and not prophet and I do not own the characters within.
“Lumine Ignis!”light the fire
“Surgere Amatores!” lovers rise
“Patefacio!” open
I drew on Charlie here from Harry Potter

Merlin just didn't understand it. Arthur knew he was a sorcerer, yet he still had to hid his powers. Arthur was being so stubborn where allowing magic was concerned, that he all but forbade Merlin to use magic no matter what, even though Merlin had explained to him how many times he had saved not only him but Camelot. Merlin also suspected that were it not for he and Arthur’s other secret that Arthur would have dealt more harshly with him. Arthur still didn't know about Gaius or Kilgharrah and Merlin wanted to keep it that way, although as always he confided in them. To Merlin’s surprise it was actually the Great Dragon who gave him the idea and possible solution to his problem of the King’s stubbornness.

Merlin, Arthur and some of the knights had returned from a successful hunting trip, where Merlin took every opportunity he could to shamelessly flirt with the King. A look here and a whisper there, nothing that would arouse suspicion amongst the knights, but everything that would arouse the King.

Once the game was handed off to the kitchen staff, Arthur set to his daily duty of training his knights. He was the King and a King had certain responsibilities, even if that meant his own needs went unsatisfied for the time being, but that also meant that Merlin’s was also in for a very vigorous training session as well, being used to demonstrate some of the King’s hand-to-hand combat techniques, which only added more wood to the fire.

If any of the knights noticed that their training session was cut short, no one said anything. “Merlin, come and attend me, I require bath.”

The tone in Arthur’s voice, caused a few looks from his knights, but right now Arthur only cared about one thing. He wanted to be buried balls deep in Merlin’s hot hole.

Merlin watched as Arthur stripped and sank down into the water. Arthur held out his hand. “Come join me.” It was a command, and one that Merlin was more than happy to obey. As Merlin began to wash his King, Arthur shivered. “We’re going to have to get out soon the water turns cold,” Arthur said with almost a hint of regret in his voice.

“You wish to stay longer, Sire?”

“Yes, but….”

Merlin let his eyes bleed gold and steam rose from the tub. “Merlin! What did I tell you…” but a calming sent of lavender and vanilla mist seemed to calm the King, if only temporarily, but it gave Merlin the chance he needed to wrap his hand around Arthur’s cock.

“Merlin what…. Mmmmmm”

“Just relax Sire,” Merlin purred.

Arthur forgot how or when the water had become so comfortable, and he closed his eyes as Merlin’s hand continued to bring pleasure to him. Merlin expertly stroked his King to a days worth of pent up arousal as Arthur arched his back and screamed Merlin’s name.

Merlin smiled. “You’re going to need another bath, Sire,”

Arthur captured Merlin’s lips. “Not yet. We’re not done,” Arthur growled as he rose from the tub. Arthur hissed and cursed as the cold air hit his naked body. “The fire, we forgot the fire.”

Merlin held up his hand, Lumine Ignis!
light the fire and a roaring fire began crackling and instantly warming the room.

“Merlin, I’m not going to tell you again! I am still your King, and you willobey me.”

“I-I’, sorry Arthur, but…”

“If you’re truly sorry…”

“Oh I am,” Merlin insisted, his voice full of lust.

“Then come show me,” Arthur commanded as he took Merlin’s hand and let him to the bed.

“The King of Camelot needs to be shown that magic can be used for good as well as evil. That although it has brought pain, if welded with a pure heart can also bring a great deep pleasure”

The Great Dragon’s words resonated in Merlin’s ears almost as if he were there in the room. Merlin knew he was playing with fire and hopefully he wouldn’t burn for it or cause Arthur any more pain, but he had one last trick up his sleeve. He would make one last attempt to change Arthur’s mind about magic, one more attempt to break through Arthur’s stubbornness where magic was concerned.

Merlin bided his time. Reveling in his King’s kisses, caresses and returning them. Merlin allowed himself to become lost in the feeling of Arthur’s mouth on his cock bring him release, forgetting for a moment, and then wondering if this gamble would pay off. Merlin allowed himself to be opened up by Arthur’s rose scented oiled fingers as his legs were placed on Arthur’s shoulders. At the moment that Arthur breached Merlin he allowed his King to see his bleed gold and a tight warmth engulfed Arthur’s cock and he hissed. Merlin gripped Arthur tightly in his arms.

“Hold me, hold on to me tight,” Merlin said in a voice that Arthur had never heard him use before and taken by surprise and lost in the feeling that engulfed him Arthur gathered Merlin in his arms.

“Don’t let go my King,”

Arthur wasn’t sure what was happening, but his voice came out in a deep shaky whisper ”Never!”

“Surgere Amatores!” Their entwined bodied rose off the bed, and it seemed that Arthur slipped deeper into Merlin who screamed as Arthur hit his prostate.

“Supernatet Circa!” Their bodies began a lazy ballet around the room. With each turn, flip, Arthur felt as if he were sinking deeper and deeper into Merlin, while Merlin’s own cock was being massaged by Arthur’s weight on him.

As a large winged shadow passed in front of the full moon, Merlin whispered one last spell"Patefacio!" and the windows opened allowing the lovers to float out and up into the evening sky.

The night was cloudless and full stars. The full moon shown and glistened off their sweat covered bodies, as their orgasms built, their release came as they floated in front of the silver-white orb.

Merlin relaxed, as did Arthur on top of him. Merlin’s eyes returned to their crystalline blue, and with a jerk they felt themselves falling. Panic overtook Arthur and he began to struggle, “DON’T LET GO! TRUST ME!” Merlin screamed.

“ZBURA PENTRU MINE!” Merlin’s voice rumbled through the night sky in a language Arthur had never heard before, and suddenly they stopped falling.

From the look on Arthur’s face Merlin knew he would have some more explaining to do, but he also knew it would be alright and that maybe the King wouldn’t be as stubborn this time.
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Tags: c:arthur, c:kilgharrah, c:merlin, p:arthur/merlin, pt 093:stubborn, rating:r, type:drabble

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