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In the Night

Author: mara93
Title: In the night
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Arthur,Guinevere
Summary: There is one kind of whisper, and then another…
Warnings: none
Word Count: 337
Prompt: Whispers in the Night
Author's Notes: Another wonderful prompt!

In the Night

It cannot be said that during the day there is none. Between meetings of council and throne sittings he will covertly encircle her waist with his fingers, blow words into her ear. They’re called whispers, having to do with things he’d rather others not overhear. During the day this means mostly political feelings that he has no care to share with someone else. It is just for his partner.

However, during the night, once the moon has flown into the sky and the stars have enchanted the earth with their light, the whispers are not so regal, instead intimate.

They each feel a little dazzle of heart when the night produces a showering of light, when the stars are so abundant that the sky is almost white. So after another war, in which the fighting has finally ended, leading to another kingdom to be united into the peaceful Albion circle, he is home and they escape.

Together they feel spontaneous delinquency as they gather the blankets, escape the walls. Running into the night like young children, feet bared, they laugh, tickle along the way. The moon above seems just as whimsical, a silvery glow at its trough that is the vision of a smile.

The stars hypnotize their eyes, send flashes of illumination that play upon their forms as clothing is shed. They dance underneath it, feeling the touch of each other’s revealed body. They breathe against each other. Whisper. Talk of love. Talk of passion. Teases to the ear of just a touch of naughtiness. Their lips elicit it all. They culminate. Together. They lay. A coil of satiation.

After all, it is what marriage is about, at its most pinnacle point. Not the kinds of whispers kings and queens utter during the day of political necessities. But the kind they utter during the night, alone, under a volley of stars, outside with nature, a whispering of lips.

A whispering of not King Arthur and Queen Guinevere.

But simply the man Arthur and his lady,

Tags: *c:mara93, p:arthur/gwen, pt 006:whispers in the night, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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