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Watch and learn (Educating Arthur 3)

Author: amarie_authiel
Title: Watch and learn
Rating: Pg-13
Pairing/s: None.
Character/s: Arthur, Morgana, Merlin, Freya, Gilly, Valiant, Cenred and Cedric.
Summary: There is more education in store for Arthur and this time it's going to hurt a little.
Warnings: Bullying and spying.
Word Count: ~660
Prompt: #96 Sceret Admirer.
Author's Notes: Follow up to I thought I knew you
More than one direction to choose

I am stressed as usual, hopefully it doesn't show too much.


It was ridiculous. What would watching Merlin achieve?

-Mo? I'm confused.
Morgana laughed.
-No kidding?

He knew what Merlin looked like and he knew where his locker was and that’s all you really needed to know about him.

-Fine. FINE! Let’s cut a deal, ok? Spend one day - one day – watching Merlin in school when he’s not around you and your ‘friends’. If that doesn't change your mind, then I’ll never mention it again. Ok? Can’t be that hard, you don’t pay attention in class anyway.

Still, here he was lurking about like a creepy stalker. Merlin was the most boring thing ever, he should be thrilled that Arthur was around to break up the dullness. So far Arthur had learned the staggering truth that Gilly from the chess club had an ipad upon which there was something Merlin seemed to approve of. Yawn-o-rama!

-They left you. They didn’t give a shit about what happened to you or where you had gone. How can you call these people friends?

Freya appeared to on very friendly term with him. But of course, Freya would flirt with anyone. Merlin threw his head back laughing and they separated with a smile. Freya lived with Merlin’s uncle and aunt. So Merlin was her foster cousin or whatever. Arthur didn’t think he had actually talked to her.

Valiant came with Cen and Ced at his side. At last something worth seeing.

-He likes it?
She did indeed look like her father’s daughter at that point.
-Nobody likes being tripped and shoved into wall on a daily basis, Arthur!
-It’s just fun! He knows that. He smiles.
-Oh does he now?

Then Arthur’s smile fades. This wasn’t right. This was not the Val Arthur knew. Val would laugh and, yes, he would give a push or a shove. Just like Arthur would. Merlin had no balance, it was so easy. But never like this. Val’s hand was still on Merlin’s shoulder as Merlin crashed into the wall.

Arthur wanted to believe there was a reason for this. That Merlin had done something. But Merlin doesn’t seem surprised. His hand touches his head and he glares in Val’s direction. Val simply keeps walking, smiling. Ced laughs and Cen pulles out his phone and then puts it back. It’s like this is an ordinary thing.

Arthur spends the next class worrying. Next free period he seeks out Merlin. The sound still echoes in his head so he settles for a brief punch on Merlin’s arm, making sure it’s the arm that didn’t hit the wall. He tries so sound ordinary and Merlin sounds like he always does, smiles like he always does. He looks for the spark that Freya got to see or the kind smile Gilly was given.

Arthur gathers his things and goes home. It was only second period, but Arthur had had enough lessons for the day.


-I heard you skipped classes again, son. This behavior of yours will have consequences. It may not seem to matter much now. But the choices you make now will follow you for the rest of your life.
-I was sick, father.
-And yet here you are, drinking milk from the carton. I am glad you have had such a rapid recovery. Now. I have had a talk with your professor and decided to provide you with a tutor. No groaning! He will come to the house, so one will know you are in need of special attention…
-And I have made sure that this time you will not be able to buy your way out. Morgana said she was certain that this young man had a strong moral back bone, and he comes from a hard working family.
-Morgana said? Oh no...

-They will never accept you, Arthur. Not the real you. One slip up and you’re on your own. You can't live like that.

-It took some convincing, but he agreed. I expect you to be on your best behavior.

Arthur sighed.
-Yes, father.

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