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Bravery Isn't This Big Thing

Author: witty_teacup
Title: Bravery Isn't This Big Thing
Rating: G
Pairing/s: (pre) Lance/Gwen
Character/s: Lancelot, (mentioned) Gwen, (mentioned) Merlin, (mentioned) Morgana
Summary: He's not all that brave. But he does what he can to get her to smile.
Warnings: Sickeningly sweet fluff?
Word Count: 286
Prompt: #96 - Secret Admirer
Author's Notes: So um. Definitely not my best work. Written in like, half an hour. I'm tired. Sorry. Will post more quality drabble next time!

So on the whole, Lance really isn't that brave of a guy.

Sure, he shares the same name as Lancelot, the bravest knight of Arthur's Round Table, but Lance du Lac, student at Avalon High, really isn't all that brave. He's actually rather shy and for all he's good at sports, he doesn't really try out for the teams. He has no doubt in his mind he could make it if he really wanted to, but it just really didn't seem like his thing.

That's why, today of all days, he spends his time making origami flowers and leaving them for the prettiest girl in school.

Well, maybe not to some, but to him? Guinevere Smithson really is the prettiest girl in school. From the moment Lance saw her, he felt as though his heart would pound right out of his chest, so erratic suddenly and filled with emotion. She had smiled at him when she caught his eye and Lance couldn't help but love her instantly.

But had he ever really talked to her? No, of course not. Lance can't even talk to the girl he likes. He finds this ironic since Lancelot and Guinevere of Camelot had an adulterous affair.

Lance often thought about it, at least, but whenever he finds Guinevere, she's hanging around the artsy boy Merlin, or the beautiful prom-queen-to-be Morgana, and somehow, somehow, he always loses his nerve. Which is pathetic.

But he's always noticed she really loves the origami flowers he leaves in her locker every morning.

So despite his lack of courage, Lance continues the tedious task of folding the little flowers, knowing that despite his anonymity, Guinevere will always know that someone in the school loves her.
Tags: *c:witty_teacup, c:lancelot, p:gwen/lancelot, pt 096: secret admirer, rating:g, type:drabble

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