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A Girl Named Truth

A Dare's A Dare

Author: agirlnamedtruth
Title: A Dare's A Dare
Rating: PG13
Pairing/s: Merlin/Mordred
Character/s: Mordred, Merlin, Morgana, Gwaine, Gwen.
Summary: For better or worse, Mordred and Merlin play Truth or Dare with the other camp staff.
Warnings: Twin incest.
Word Count: 841
Prompt: #98 - Truth or Dare
Author's Notes: Set in the Sins 'verse that M kindly shares with me, all our fics for it can be found here. Also written for the camelot_land prompt "I dare you."

Mordred hated this game. He'd always hated this game. It was an excuse for the hot popular kids to misbehave without anyone being able to call them out on it. He'd always refused to play. Not that he'd ever been asked before.

But Merlin had pressured him into coming to this little welcome party the other camp staff had thrown, supposedly in their honour, and he couldn't say no to Merlin. Especially when the alternative was Merlin going alone.

Morgana, a chick a few years older than them with glossy black hair and even glossier, blacker nail polish, stopped the bottle on purpose so it landed on him. He rolled his eyes. He'd agreed to sit in the circle; he'd never agreed to be publicly humiliated.

"Mordred," she drawled, her lip curling wickedly. "Truth or Dare?"

He felt heat rise to his cheeks, not just because of the intensity of the campfire. He had a fair few truths that he couldn’t risk revealing. The main one sitting beside him, his head on Mordred’s shoulder, having drunk a fair few glasses of some purple concoction brewed by Gwaine, another camp helper. And Merlin wasn't making it any easier by being tipsy. He was a handsy and affectionate drunk at best. At worst, he was anyone's.

"Dare," Mordred said, seeing no other option. It was too much to hope for that nobody had seen Merlin's hand try to climb his thigh about seven times now and he wouldn't put it past someone to ask why.

Morgana smiled; like she'd wanted him to choose dare and now he wasn’t so sure he'd made the right choice. He could have lied if they asked about Merlin. He could have lied about anything. He was under no real obligation to tell the actual truth.

"I dare you..." Morgana started, dragging out every word, "...to kiss Merlin."

Everyone turned to look at her. Which was a blessing because it meant they weren't looking at him or at Merlin, whose attention was finally caught.

"Morgana, you can’t make them do that!" Gwen admonished her, while Mordred sat with his mouth open like a fish and Merlin looked from Morgana to him and back again, trying to connect the dots where he'd not been listening properly.

"That's his brother," Gwaine pointed out, his tone light, like he was checking Morgana was aware of it.

"I know that," Morgana said but her eyes didn't leave Mordred and Merlin. "I'm curious if they'll do it or not. And a dare's a dare."

"I forfeit," Mordred said quickly, remembering his rights. Merlin's head sank back down onto his shoulder, disappointed.

"I'll keep daring you," Morgana threatened, the look becoming a challenge. "Or I'll dare him to do it."

"Chicken," Merlin muttered into his shoulder.

"You are not helping," Mordred whispered back under his breath, aware everyone was watching and listening.

"Go on," Morgana said, the edge of desperation in her voice. She didn't want to come off the weird one now she'd put the idea out there. Mordred could sympathise with that, he’d spent his whole life being the weird one. But he wasn’t about to throw himself under the social bus to help her save face.

"I think it'd be hot. Don't you think it'd be hot?" She looked around the circle for back up and got enough shy shrugs to reassure her. "See?"

"Just give him a quick peck," Gwaine said, nodding his head in Morgana's direction. "She'll never let it go if you don't."

Mordred bit the inside of his lip, pushing down the urge to get up and leave. Why did he always have to be karma's plaything? Wasn't it bad enough that he was in love with Merlin and he spent his every waking moment wishing he could do something so normal as kiss him without worrying? But he couldn't. And now to be handed permission on a plate... but it was wrong. She was doing it for kicks, to indulge a whim or so she could use it against them later. There had to be a catch. He couldn't give into her demands.

"N-" he started but Merlin pulled him downwards by the collar of his shirt, pushing their lips together, way too innocently, pulling away too quickly but effectively resolving the issue.

A few cat calls went up and Morgana was staring at them like they were a fillet steak topped with garlic butter. He almost wished he’d seen the moment her jaw dropped so spectacularly.

"Your turn," Merlin said, kicking the bottle towards Mordred with his toe.

"You idiot," Mordred muttered, trying to communicate the weight of what Merlin had just done with one withering look. But Merlin didn't get it. He'd always loved too easily, thrown kisses around like other people shake hands. But most people were used to him. And Merlin was usually sane enough to hold back at least a little with him, knowing what people would think.

"You drama queen," Merlin threw back. "Nobody cares. Just spin the damn bottle."
Tags: *c:agirlnamedtruth, c:gwaine, c:gwen, c:merlin, c:mordred, c:morgana, p:merlin/mordred, pt 098:truth or dare, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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