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Late Night Calling

Author: username
Title: Late Night Calling
Rating: PG
Pairing/s: pre-Merlin/Arthur
Character/s: Merlin, Morgana, Gwen, Elena, Freya
Summary: Morgana persuades Merlin to come to a "girls-only" slumber party.
Warnings: Slight Alcohol Use, however it doesn't really affect anything in the drabble
Word Count: 587
Prompt: Truth or Dare
Author's Notes: Okay, I haven't written in a while...so this might not be very good--my apologies! I haven't read any of the drabbles yet-only peeked at a few-so I do hope I didn't accidentally write anything similar to someone's drabble. That would be horrendous of me!

"Why did you even bother with inviting me over to your house if there are just going to be a bunch of squeeling girls sleeping over?" Merlin asked Morgana, who was currently busy with making sure that her laundry was folded and put away neatly.

"Because slumber parties are meant for giggling into the late hours of the night," Morgana explained to her best friend of seven years, "Besides, I figured that you would want to talk about boys with us."

Merlin shook his head as he sank into a purple beanbag, popping a butterscotch into his mouth, "You're never going to get me to talk about the boys I fancy unless I'm under the influence of good alcohol."


There was a hushed silence as the group stared at Merlin, who ended up drunk enough by midnight to open up to his peers. Earlier that night, Morgana has passed around "juice" with flavors so sweet that they knocked off any taste of alcohol. Morgana, however, knew exactly how the night would go down and persuaded Merlin to try the beverage.

Now, the group of twenty-three year old girls stared incredulously at Merlin, for he had finally confessed who he was infatuated with.

"Arthur Pendragon?" Gwen, one of Morgana's closest friends asked, "The Arthur Pendragon?"

"You two would be super cute," Elena piped in.

Merlin sighed at the statement, "It's no use. Arthur is straighter than any of you girls."

"Oh, I doubt that," Freya told Merlin, "After all, Morgana, Gwen, Elena, and I all have boyfriends...well, all of us have boyfriends in that case," Freya added.

"Except you, of course," Elena said.

"Which, I might add," Morgana turned to Merlin, "Is the reason for this slumber party."

Merlin's brow furrowed, "So you're telling me that this 'girls night meant for talking about boys' is all because of me?"

All of the girls nodded with smiles stuck on their faces. Merlin rolled his eyes.

"Anyways," Morgana said, "Arthur isn't straight. He told me a few months ago about how he realized that his past girlfriends virtually meant nothing to him," she sighed, "Which only slightly offended me. I have Leon now, so that doesn't matter anymore."

"Wasn't that supposed to be a secret?" Merlin asked.

"It's called matchmaking, dear. Secrets don't matter at this time of night," Elena said, which resulted in a chorus of giggles.

"Well," Morgana stood up, "Without further ado, Merlin Emrys, I dare you to ask Arthur Pendragon out on a date right now."

Gwen handed Merlin a cell phone.

"But its nearly two AM in the morning!"

"You can't back off from a dare, Merlin," Freya said with a smirk.

"What if I fuck up and embarrass myself?"

"Just go ahead and call Mr Prince Charming."

Merlin swallowed, "I hate you guys so much right now."

He then thumbed in the numbers that were given to him and anxiously waited for Arthur to answer his phone.

"Hello?" Arthur asked, his voice groggy from sleep, "Who is this?"

"This is...uh...Merlin Emrys," Merlin answered.

"From film history class?"

"The one and only."

A pause, "Why are you calling me?"

Merlin looked at the small group of wide-eyed girls. Well, a dare is a dare.

"Would you like to go out for tea sometime?" Merlin quickly asked.

"Um...why not?" Arthur said, "Call me later with details. I would like to get back to sleep now."

Merlin hung up as a small smile creeped onto his face.

"Still hate us now?" Morgana asked.
Tags: *c:rottencreampuff, c:elena, c:freya, c:gwen, c:merlin, c:morgana, p:arthur/merlin, pt 098:truth or dare, rating:pg, type:drabble

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