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Ignorance was bliss

Author: amarie_authiel
Title: Ignorance was bliss
Rating: PG-13 (cause I mention drinking)
Character/s: Arthur.
Summary: Arthur is nervous, things keep getting in the way of studying and Uther is noticing the change.
Warnings: Stress, angst
Word Count: ~470
Prompt: #102 Fool
Author's Notes: Educating Arthur
Follow up to
I thought I knew you,
More than one direction to choose,
Watch and learn,
You and I
Truth or dare and
Fruit salad and chemistry


Falling asleep late on Friday (or early Saturday, which ever way you look at it) meant that Saturday evening came far too early. And Saturdays had to be spent much like all Saturdays before. So therefore Sunday had to be Hung-over Zombie day. It was regrettable, but at least he had gotten home on his own device and was not dead in an alley. Arthur really did crave a brain, preferably a working one, as the clock ticked mercilessly towards Monday.

Morgana had had another anger explosion about Arthur still hanging out with Val. Arthur did see him a bit more clearly, but Val had never been an angel and Arthur knew the rules of the game. “I have a test on Monday” simply wouldn't do unless you wanted to be labeled a nerd and a looser and were prepared to hear about it for the rest of your days. So off to Val's basement he went. It was strangely soothing to be back where things were as boasting, loud mouthed and macho as he was used to. In a way he was grateful towards Val for putting his own behavior in perspective. It wasn’t like Val was the only one there, the basement was always packed. It would have been more fun if he didn’t worry about the test and if he didn’t wonder if Merlin was at the Green Knight tonight as well. Luckily they guys interpreted his distracted mind as him having had a pint or five too many. And when he later flagged down a taxi rather than following them no one took much notice.

He got in the back after promising he wasn’t going to throw up. He answered the cabbie’s non-intrusive questions and chatter about the weather and main street still being closed off for road work. The buildings blurred by. For the first time he wished that someone beside the cabbie had asked him how he was feeling. But he was still relieved that Morgana wasn’t there when he got back. She'd only nag and yell, like that would help. Maybe he had been better off being an ignorant fool rather than a knowing fool. Right now he felt like he didn’t belong anywhere. And it was sort of Morgana's fault.

When Uther came home from his business trip late on Sunday, he found he had to chase his son away from his books while Morgana was fast asleep in her own bed. After getting them both out of the house the next morning, he realized he hadn't seen Arthur this nervous since he had come out to the family a few years ago. He scratched his chin wondering what had happened while he was away. Then he decided to call someone whom he hoped would give him some answers.


Tags: *c:amarie_authiel, c:arthur, c:uther, pt 102:fool, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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