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Welcome Post


Hello everyone! And welcome to camelot_drabble, the first drabble community for our beloved Merlin characters. We are very excited to be here, and we hope you are too, so feel free to watch/join and get ready for some awesome drabbles.

This community is for Merlin lovers. While we know that there are several fests going (and we can’t wait for them ourselves) this community was created to have fun, to challenge yourself, to let loose, and write and draw. This could be for old time writers to write and have fun in between writing for fest, and for beginners to ease into writing. A community to share your stories/arts. Yes art, while the community is called camelot_drabble we also want artists. This community is for You!

Each weekend there will be a new “prompt”, it could be a word, phrase, picture or drawing and with the given prompt, you must write a drabble or draw something in the allotted time. Awesome huh?

Have fun! Any questions or concerns please feel free to comment, PM, or email us at
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