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Sun and Sea

Author: Loopstagirl
Title: Sun and Sea
Rating: R
Pairing/s: Merlin/Arthur
Character/s: Merlin, Arthur
Summary: Arthur loved the taste of the sea on Merlin.
Word Count: 998
Prompt: Salty
Author's Notes: can't believe I missed last week!

Arthur glanced up from where he was lying across the beach, writing. He could feel the sun caressing his back and the warmth would have made him sleepy if he wasn’t so engrossed in his writing. They had come to get away from everything and Arthur had found that the inspiration he had been lacking for a long time had suddenly burst into life the second he had Merlin alone in their little cabin. It was situated a little further back, in a secluded shelter of trees, but the beach was barely a few moments’ walk.

Arthur would have been happy staying inside all day and working on his book (and Merlin) while they passed the time leisurely. But his love had pouted with a wide-eyed expression that Arthur could never resist (and didn’t Merlin know it) and found himself carting everything down to the beach. Merlin had disappeared almost as soon as they had got there and it was only glancing up occasionally that Arthur knew he was still riding the waves.

For someone so clumsy on land, Merlin was a natural in the water. The current hobby of choice was surfing, and Arthur had to admit he appreciated watching the lean body of his lover sweeping in towards him on a wave before disappearing back out to sea. Arthur could have spent hours just watching Merlin, but somehow had forced himself to work at least a little.

Completely losing track of time meant that Arthur jumped when a dark shadow loomed over him. Glancing up, he instantly smiled at seeing Merlin standing there, his hair sticking up in odd tuffs from where he had clearly run his fingers through it in excitement.

“I’m heading up, you coming?” Merlin murmured and Arthur nodded, suddenly realising how long he had been lying in one position for. He let out a soft groan as he rolled over. Merlin was empty-handed, meaning he must have already stored his board for the day. As he sat up, Arthur realised the beach had emptied considerably. Merlin saw his startled expression and chuckled fondly.

“I take it you managed to get quite a lot done then?” Merlin asked as he bent down to help Arthur gather his things. Arthur knew he didn’t need to answer. There was only one thing that could make him lose track of time so much and that was when he was writing. Just like always, he made sure Merlin only saw his research rather than any of his actual words. He was painfully shy about his writing and Merlin had learnt over their couple of years together not to ask to look. Once everything was gathered, Merlin gripped Arthur’s hand and pulled him to his feet.

They stayed hand in hand as they went back to the cottage, fingers entwined as they fell into step with one another. When they had become so in-tune with each other, Arthur had no idea but he wouldn’t change it for the world, even if their friends did laugh at them a considerable amount whenever they were all out together. They claimed that the two were so in love it was sickening, and Arthur couldn’t find it in himself to disagree whenever he caught sight of the smile on Merlin’s face.

Arthur listened quietly as Merlin talked about his day. His partner knew full well that Arthur understood nothing of the terminology that he was using about what he had been doing for the whole time they were down there. But Merlin didn’t mind because Arthur was attempting to be interested. Just as Arthur knew that Merlin often was totally lost when he spoke about his writing. It didn’t matter. They knew and accepted they had different hobbies – it was what made them work so well.

After everything had been put away in the proper place back in the cabin, Arthur turned in time to see Merlin beginning to peel off for a long, hot shower. He smiled and stepped closer, realising that he had gone most of the day without a kiss. Catching Merlin’s hip, he spun his partner towards him and instantly pressed his lips against Merlin’s. Arthur drew back with a slight frown before quickly chasing after Merlin again.

There was something different to normal and Arthur licked his lips, trying to figure it out as he kissed him again. Eventually, Merlin batted him away with a fond laugh.

“What’s wrong with you?” He asked, only to end in a gasp as Arthur took the distraction as an advantage to plant his lips on Merlin’s neck and began sucking softly at the skin there. Swiping his tongue along it, he pulled back and grinned at the man. Just like that, he knew what it was that he was tasting on his partner.

“I can taste the sea on you,” he muttered. It was tantalising, the crispness of the sharp salt against the normal taste of Merlin and it was making Arthur’s head spin. He started kissing him again, his hands finding the bottom of Merlin’s t-shirt and pulling it up over the man’s head so he could continue down his torso, relishing in the taste on his tongue.

“You don’t like salty things though,” Merlin half-gasped, his head tilted back and his eyes at half-mast. Arthur knew he didn’t mind, not considering his hands were already threading through Arthur’s hair as he ventured lower.

“Did it get everywhere?” he asked innocently, chasing a stray droplet of water that had clung to Merlin’s skin with his tongue. Merlin let out a groan as Arthur traced his lips across his stomach before nodding. Arthur took that as permission to continue undressing his lover.

They had come out here for some relaxation, after all. Practically dumping Merlin on the bed and holding him down with one hand on his chest, Arthur finished stripping him with ease and began a thorough exploration of just how far the salty sensation spread over Merlin’s body.
Tags: *c:loopstagirl, c:arthur, c:merlin, pt 104:salty, rating:r, type:drabble

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