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Over my head (Educating Arthur 10)

Author: amarie_authiel
Title: Over my head
Rating: G
Character/s: Arthur, Merlin
Summary: Of course, the second he forgot to watch his back Valiant arrives.
Warnings:Some swearing, bit of angst
Word Count:~450
Prompt: #107:song prompt #3 say something
Author's Notes:I stuggled a bit with this one...

1: I thought I knew you,
2: More than one direction to choose,
3: Watch and learn,
4: You and I
5: Truth or dare
6: Fruit salad and chemistry
7: Ignorance was bliss
8: The Test
9: Eyes on the prize


-Hanging with the geeks now, Pendragon?

Valiant's voice was chilled. He stood in front of them with his back straight and his arms crossed over his chest. Odd how the area suddenly seemed deserted.

Arthur shrugged and leaned back against the wall.
-What if I am? Merlin's cool.

Arthur stole a sideways glance at Merlin. Merlin jaw was tense and he had pointedly turned away from Val. He had that old look on his face. Arthur's heart sank at the sight.

Valiant made an unimpressed hmm noise and turned his attention to Merlin. In a clearly fake polite tone he said:

-How’s Freya doing?

Merlin looked up at him. His voice was low, nearly a growl... and strangely sexy.
-Don’t go there.

But Val did, of course.
-I hear the little slut was seen with your best pal Will. Dancing rather intimate, I heard.

Arthur snapped.
-Val! Is this really necessary?

Arthur thought back to when he saw Merlin and Freya together. They had looked like they might have been a couple, even if he didn’t like to think about that. Morgana had never actually said Merlin was gay, just that Arthur needed new friends and to stop being cruel bastard. Maybe Freya had been just flirting and Merlin had hoped for more. Either way, there was no need to throw it in Merlin’s face.

Val appeared surprised at the interruption.
-Yes, it is.

-What the bloody hell for?!

-Because... What are you playing at? You have changed, Pen.

The tone indicated that Arthur should be very, very ashamed of himself.
-And you, Emrys. We are not done.
He pointed threateningly at Merlin with his index finger before leaving.
-Not. Done.

Arthur felt slightly dazed. Where was the Val he thought he knew? This didn't make any sense. What could Merlin have done to deserve this? Come on, Arthur, say something.

-I am sure Freya has...
-Don't worry, he'll take you back...

Arthur looks up at Merlin, confused. Merlin stares at his shoes.

-You are Val's little money bag with a big name and pretty face who draws in all the pretty ladies so Val can play the big dog. It was just us here, so he'll just pretend it never happened.

He smiles sadly, like from an old memory.
-It's been fun though. Take care.

He gets up, throws his bag over his shoulder and... leaves.

Arthur hand still rests on the wrapped lunch box, keeping it safe. This was all wrong.

A text message makes his phone buzz, waking him from his daze.

He frowns at the unknown number, looks it up... and runs.


Tags: *c:amarie_authiel, c:arthur, c:merlin, pt 107:song prompt 3 (say something), rating:g, type:drabble

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