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Why don't we go there

Author: amarie_authiel
Title: Why don't we go there (Because it's the title of One Direction song)
Rating: PG-13
Character/s: Arthur, Merlin, Gwaine, Percival
Summary: More text messages and Merlin has a moped and... I hate to face the facts, but I had to cut the story short this week.
Warnings: Mainly fluff, little bit pining
Word Count: ~520
Prompt: #109 Fond
Author's Notes: *insert yet another whine about having too little time to write*  Also: I'm having ideas again!! Now, if I just could get some writing skillz too, all would be grand. ;) Next week: family members are introduced, Gwaine makes coffee and shirts seems to be optional?

1: I thought I knew you,
2: More than one direction to choose,
3: Watch and learn,
4: You and I
5: Truth or dare
6: Fruit salad and chemistry
7: Ignorance was bliss
8: The Test
9: Eyes on the prize
10:Over my head
11.Dare to hope


As per usual Merlin was thinking too much all at once. He rushed by his locker to get the last of his things and hurried down the flight of stairs trying to shake the fact that he had been acting like a creepy stalker. He cursed himself for letting Val rattle him again. He had felt trapped and caught off guard. But he regretted leaving. He regretted not sitting next to Arthur talking about whatever would spring to mind. He should have... His pace slowed down. Yes, he should have.

After exiting through the large doors, he stopped and drew his breath a few times.
And now it was Merlin's turn to fiddle with the phone and finally produce one single word, though he doubted he looked as endearing Arthur had done while getting there.


The reply came a few very long seconds later.

-Sure. The Redbull is wearing off. Where are you?
-Meet me out front?

Merlin leaned against the railing and caught himself smiling fondly at his phone. He cautioned himself and tucked the phone away. He didn't have to wait long.

-Huh, it's like the place is abandoned except for us.

Merlin shrugged.
-Not much reason to hang around I guess. Never sat the full time at an exam before?
-Of course I have, Arthur said with indignation. What's with the helmet?

-Ok, changing the subject. I have a moped.

-Uhu... Where we going? Starbucks is the other way, conveniently placed across the road.
He gazed longingly back at the large unmistakable sign.

-I thought we would go somewhere better. Unless you don't want to... It's not far.

Merlin suddenly looked uncertain, and Arthur didn't want any of that. He stopped lagging behind and let the idea of Merlin inviting him for coffee sink in. The path leading to the parking lot had never seemed lovelier.
-Better? You mean like Disneyland?

Merlin rolled his eyes and pushed the helmet into Arthur's hands, who looked at it from different angles.
-What am I supposed to do with this?

-It goes on top of your head. I'll have you know that beneath this tough biker exterior beats the heart of a gentleman.

They stopped and Merlin started to open the saddle bag on the old bike Arthur had believed to be a WWII relic or something.

-You actually ride this pile of wr...ery fine craftmanship?

-Ah yes, she's my pride and joy. Held together with duck tape and rubber bands. She gets me where I need to go, most of the time.

-You are braver than I thought...
-Oh yeah, I'm totally bad ass.

He looked as Merlin straddled the moped and decided to conquer his distrust.
-Where we're going, do they play 1D there?

Merlin's smile made him feel that he would gladly follow Merlin to a 24-7 non stop polka music festival as long as Merlin would smile like that again.

-They might. Very reluctantly.

God, he loved One Direction.
He strapped the helmet on and tried to prepare for a friendly - possibly life-threatening - ride with his bits rather close to Merlin's ass.

Tags: *c:amarie_authiel, c:arthur, c:gwaine, c:merlin, c:percival, pt 109:fond, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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