Bunny (bunnysworld) wrote in camelot_drabble,

Nobody like him

Author: bunnysworld
Title: Nobody like him
Rating: G
Pairing(s): Merlin/Arthur
Summary: Arthur can’t get over his ex
Warnings: none
Word Count: 190
Prompt: nepenthe
Author's Notes: Thanks issy5209 for the beta!

Arthur had only agreed to come along to the party because Gwaine had almost threatened him with physical violence if he didn’t. Then again, it made no difference where he was in a bad mood, so he tagged along.

It was months since his last boyfriend dumped him in a very nasty scene and he was still not over that. It just hurt to see everyone happy while he was alone; it wasn’t easy to find someone new. Oh, who was he kidding, he would never find someone new. First of all, there was nobody like his ex, he had been special, funny, gorgeous, sexy, intelligent. And then…what if he found someone new and it all ended badly again? What if he wasn’t made for relationships and meant to be alone for the rest of his life?

Arthur found a seat on a window sill, turning his beer bottle in his hands, trying not to be in the way, hoping everybody would just leave him alone. But someone still stepped up to him and that made Arthur lift his eyes.

“Hi, I’m Merlin. Is that seat next to you taken?”
Tags: *c:bunnysworld, c:arthur, c:merlin, p:arthur/merlin, pt 111:nepenthe, rating:g, type:drabble

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