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The very definition of the word

Author: amarie_authiel
Title: The very definition of the word
Rating: G
Character/s:Arthur, Gwen, Gwaine, Leon, Merlin
Summary: Uther's cheep office present has a strange but occasionally wonderful side effect
Word Count: ~650
Prompt:#113 Selcouth
Author's Notes: Office fic, humorous. Inspired by the prompts and mine and other's reactions in the sign up comments. And myself having to google every word to find out how to say it. ;) (And this must not in any way be seen as being negative towards the prompts! Mkey? Key. Good.)

It is Monday morning, and as every other Monday this year he wishes he would beat Gwen to work just once. Or at least not having to pass father's office on the way to his own. She beamed at him from her desk as he walks by.

-Hello Arthur! What selcuut weather we are having today!

Arthur rolled his eyes and gave a small wave. Her gentle laugh accompany his into his office.

He sat down at his desk with a heavy thud. Mornings just wasn't his thing. He flipped over the sheet of his table calendar. If was February, but the company Christmas present was still a hot topic among the employees. Arthur had made sure they knew that he had nothing to do with it. It seems people couldn't decide if Uther thought they were all uneducated peasant who could do with a language lesson, or if he genuinely thought he was being generous by allowing them to recieve a present, despite the internal memo saying they wouldn't get anything this year.

First of all, who every used a paper calendar anymore? Second, a word-a-day calender would have been cheesy enough. This had one word per week, with a short text explanation the meaning and no phonetics. The company logo was crammed into a corner and it all looked rather cheep. If Arthur didn't know there had been made several hundred of the sort he would have believe it was bought last minute at a book-store’s 'half price of half price' table. It was made by T.Umbler, perhaps they owed father a favor.

For some, though, grumblings over the present by water coolers and coffee machines had quickly turned into a competition. Google (or equivalent, electronic or old school) was banned, you were not allowed to peek at the new word until Monday morning when you arrived at your desk. Arthur never could say no to a challenge. And even though George would bring him coffee in the morning and would continue to do so during the day, the 10 am coffee break had become a tradition. This was were the best and brightest brains of the company met to share their linguistic know-how. Generally that meant Arthur, Gwaine, Lance and Leon. And sometimes Merlin, since the coffee maker happened to be located outside Merlin's office. Today it was Leon and Gwaine who had been able to sneak off.

Leon raised his big 'I heart Coffee' mug to greet Arthur.
-This coffee certainly has a seh-cu taste today.

Gwaine laughed. A snicker could be heard nearby.
-Even so, I am on my third refill, I had a really sell-caught weekend!

Merlin laughed out loud from his office. Merlin was mr Gaius' right hand man and Gaius was Uther's go to guy, which meant that Merlin was usually in cahoots with Gwen and could often be seen (by Arthur) perched on her desk. When not there, Merlin was usually running either too something or from something and he could never be found when you needed him. Today he had arrived just in time to go, and whizzed by with an ancient looking leather book and his lap top tucked under his arm.

-Uther was right to make it a word per week calendar, you guys would injure yourself otherwise. And it is sel-kooth. Google it, you know I am right!

He clicked his tongue twice and winked.

Gwaine and Arthur both tipped their heads as they watched him leave. As usual he wore a short sleeved fitted shirt, the two top buttons were opened and the tie loosened just enough. His black trousers hugged his legs just right. He was was within office dress code regulations, but barely so.

Leon masked a smile with this coffee mug and looked out into the air pretending not to notice them.
-Now that, mumbled Arthur, is seh cute.
-Amen, bro. The very definition.
Tags: *c:amarie_authiel, c:arthur, c:gwaine, c:gwen, c:leon, c:merlin, pt 113:selcouth, rating:g, type:drabble

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