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Moving on without you 1/2 (Mpreg lullaby verse 2)

Author: amarie_authiel
Rating: Pg-13
Character/s:Arthur and his doctor, others mentioned
Summary: Arthur is not doing too great, the doc has a plan though if only Arthur will agree.
Warnings: Mpreg, illness, sadness
Word Count: ~670
Prompt:#122 Yearning
Author's Notes: Seems I have a lot to say about mpreg! Who knew?
Follow up to last week.
Part one:
But I don't know any lullabies

-Normal? How is this normal? I cried for an hour because a teacup broke! I’m a mess!

He stopped talking because he was nearly starting to cry again, followed by nearly bawling because it was so unfair that he would start to weep at anything. It was really draining. Not to mention that every brochure and instruction video had two happy guys in them, and he was simply not joining a regular pregnancy group even if it had mothers without any partner. The web was even worse. Among the few super happy couples there were support groups for couples who tried to get pregnant and couldn't make it. The sudden thought that his sister Morgana might one of the people posting there made him close the page and never return. He would be hated by them all, wouldn't he? A single man and accidentally pregnant? The NIMUEH project kept being mentioned everywhere and he would rather not hear of that at all.

The doctor smiled in an immensely patronizing manner and talked about hormones and the big changes going on inside him. A logic part of Arthur's mind realized that it was most likely a friendly smile. He was always friendly and very patient. Which was good, because Arthur was a bit of a wreck. Then he said it again.

Arthur shouldn't go through this alone. Arthur focused hard on the head of a screw on the doctor’s desk.

It's not like he wanted to be alone. He had peeked a little bit on Facebook. He had almost managed to press like on an entry of Merlin looking happy. He had tried to start a message once or twice. He simply didn't know what to say.

Hey mate. I like your updates. Nice to see your studies are going well. Your new friends look nice. I hate that guy Mordred who seems to think everything you do is super hilarious and brilliant. I hate that you may be touching someone like you touched me.
Also, I am pregnant and you should drop everything and come back here and wipe puke of my face and watch me cry.

He hadn’t worked up the courage to tell his father and Morgana had her own issues to deal with.

Doc poked a finger at some papers on the desk and Arthur’s eyes moved there instead.
-You need more rest and I have extended your sick leave like you asked. However.

He drew his breath like he needed to brace himself.
- I am concerned about your extreme morning sickness and I worry about your health. I want you to consider taking up residence at the Albion Institute under Professor Gaius' care rather than staying at home.

Athur gaped and tried to find his voice to protest. The doctor used this to his own advantage and kept talking.

-He is a leading expert, well-renowned and already familiar with your case. Many find that a magical assisted birth makes them feel safer whether they have a magical pregnancy or not, and here you can have the best of both worlds, so to speak.

Then he added with a softer tone as Arthur must have looked rather forlorn while trying to digest this.
-You will be safe there.

Arthur rubbed his face. He hated to admit defeat, but he was in way over his head here. He might have suspected the doctor hoping to get rid of a difficult patient, but he did seem genuinely worried.

Arthur was worried too. Terrified might be a better word for it.

After yet another pause the doctor spoke again.

-I have also asked the professor to speak with your father and explain the situation. With your permission, of course.

Arthur quickly glanced up and met his eyes. Normally he would have been offended by the suggestion that he couldn’t handle his own father, but he couldn’t help the flood of relief he felt at leaving this to someone else.

-Yes. Ok. I’ll give it a go. Thank you.

Part three:
Moving on without you 2/2
Tags: *c:amarie_authiel, c:arthur, c:merlin, c:mordred, pt 122:yearning, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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