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Moving on without you 2/2

Author: amarie_authiel
Title: Moving on without you 2/2
Rating: PG-13
Character/s:Merlin, Mordred, Gaius (mentioned)
Summary: So what is Merlin doing, you ask?
Word Count: ~780
Prompt:#122 Yearning
Author's Notes: So much to say, so little time. Both boys wanted to be heard so I made two entries. Hope it all hangs together.
Part one:
But I don't know any lullabies

Part two:
Moving on without you 1/2

Merlin sat in a worn leather sofa outside the row of offices dedicated to the teachers, rereading the note which had summand him to Professor Gaius’ office. He had barely started his first year and already he had found it a good idea to claim nearly the whole Q and A session after the presentation for himself to satisfy his own curiosity. It was difficult to stay quiet though when the lecturer's opinions smelled strongly of the now banned NIMUEH project. If he hadn’t known a product of said project, then maybe he could have kept his mouth shut. Seemed he couldn’t get Arthur out of his head even if it was a few months since they had… said goodbye.

He wondered what Arthur would have said about this. It felt so strange not talking with Arthur about everything. At least he had stopped wearing Arthur’s army ID tags. He had found them at the back of a drawer when he packed and had simply taken them. Really, who wore other people's dog tags? How pathetic could you get? Arthur was moving on. Merlin knew the company had gotten new contracts, Uther had beamed proudly online and in the papers. Arthur would be meeting lots of interesting, smart, goal oriented people who would know what the hell he was talking about. God, how he missed the prat.

-There you are, Wonderboy! Smile! You’re on Youtube!

Merlin raised an eyebrow at his roommate's enthusiasm and threw a skeptical glance at the man's phone. He wouldn’t be the least surprised if he saw a Merlin Locator app there, Mordred seemed to pop up where he never expected him to.

‘Controversial self-claimed fertility expert tongue tied by first year MagiMed student.’

Mordred grinned from ear to ear at Merlin’s horrified look.

-What? This is great!
-It’s not great! Prof Aredian was about to explode and I kept going on and on and on! I might as well pack my things now.

Mordred huffed like it was nothing.

-You just did what everybody wished they were brave enough to do. Besides, you could have advocated the need to dissect living kittens and ‘Doctor Love’ would still think you were the greatest thing since synthetic Dragons blood. It’s not like anyone else had anything to add.

-You’re just being nice now so that you can have my stuff when I get kicked out.

-The staff didn’t lift a finger to stop you. He was only there because he has connection to the top or else they wouldn’t have let him loose on impressionable first year students.

Realization dawned, and Merlin had to smile.
-That sounds a lot like Kara Mia and her merry band of conspiracy theorists.

Morded grinned even wider.
-She thinks it is so cool that I’m your friend. And the school won’t kick you out, you are an internet hero now!
-15 views, Merlin deadpanned.
-Over night! Just you wait and see, Mordred added with confidence.

There was no time for a reply as Merlin was beckoned into Gaius’ office. He certainly felt nothing like a hero, but it was nice to have smiled a bit despite everything.

Mordred was waiting outside when Merlin came out. He glanced up from his phone at Merlin’s puzzled look.
-It seems… I’ve shown a particular interest and insight into magical fertility and he wants me to assist him in a mpreg case.

Mordred laughed again.
-You are as good as adopted, Merl.

-Or he is keeping me close to make sure I don’t offend any more guest lecturers.

-Nope. You are going places and I will be famous too because I know you.

Merlin laughed, rolled his eyes and said he was indeed going places. Somewhere private where he could read the confidential folder he had been given. Mordred bowed theatrically and said his secret was safe with him.

Merlin’s smile faded as he was on his own again. He found a table, sighed and opened the folder Gaius had given him. Perhaps his obsession about Arthur would lead to something good. He was quite interested in the professor’s work. So far the professor’s theory about love being the secret factor in male pregnancies had earned him various nicknames and ridicule. But when you actually read his studies rather than tabloid headlines it was more about the special bond between two people wanting the same thing, and weather it might be possible to time and fine-tune this to create a planned pregnancy. Others believed that anything could and should be mimicked in a lab and feelings didn’t need to be involved at all.

The folder in his hand quickly earned his full attention. The file had no names or dates, but this case was something else. He closed the file, sat back and thought of the implications this might cause. Then he leaned forward again and started to read the whole thing once more.

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Tags: *c:amarie_authiel, c:merlin, c:mordred, pt 122:yearning, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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