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While you slept (Mpreg lullaby verse 5)

Author: amarie_authiel
Title: While you slept
Rating: PG-17, to be far over on the safe side.
Character/s: Merlin, Mordred, Uther, Gaius, Arthur
Summary: Merlin and Mordred are on their way home when someone causes trouble at the hospital and turns Merlin's world upside down.
Warnings: Violence, mpreg, angst
Word Count: ~1000
Prompt:#124 Excuse
Author's Notes: Part 5 of my mpreg fic. Sorry for skipping back and forth in time quicker than Doctor Who.

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Three:Moving on without you 2/2
Four:The Albion

Merlin is not the least surprised when he finds Mordred waiting for him again, propped against the wall with that phone of his.

-Merlin, my man! You look like shit.

They fall into step as they head for the exit and freedom. Mordred absorbs everything Merlin has learned and done that day. He tells him how Gaius had him place leeches around a wound and how they naturally would increase the blood flow to the area. In these moments Merlin is absolutely certain he know what Mordred looked like as a kid, wide-eyed and eager. In turn Mordred shares his day and fills him in on the latest gossip.

-Oh and we're shagging, of course, he adds with a roll of his eyes.

Merlin sighs.
-Right... I keep hearing about that. You must be a very gentle lover 'cause I haven't felt a thing.

-Ewww! No offence but, ewww! Images in my head! Bad bad images. Please! Tell me about the leeches again?

-They live in a tank with water and I had to clean the whole thing before I could put...


They both stop talking, exchange a look and move toward the information desk.
-Shit, Merlin, that's Uther Pendragon, isn't it?
A tall man in a suit looked as he was seconds away from strangling the woman behind the counter, Merlin couldn't make out who she was. But the second woman was a few steps away talking on the phone, throwing glances at the man. Talking with security, no doubt.

-Sir, you must calm down. This is a hospital. If you will sit down and...


Merlin held out a hand and made Mordred stop.
-Wait here, he knows who I am, perhaps I can help.
-Bad idea. Bad... Merlin!

But Merlin had already hurried over.

-Mr Pendragon. I don't know if you recognize me. Is there something wrong with Arthur?

Uther's furious gaze run over him from top to toe, taking in the sensible working shoes and lab coat. Then things go black for a little while as Uther's fist slams into his face and he drops to the ground. He's then dragged up by his clothes and pushed against the wall.

-YOU! I should have known! I warned him about you, you are all the same! You have been poisoning him from the start, a target for your sick games. You WILL release my son from your disgusting SPELL!

Merlin splutters.
-I would never! I have no idea what...

Uther push him into the wall again. Then Uther suddenly lets go and flips around with a shocked gasp. Now it is Uther who is pinned to the wall. Held in place by an invisible force.

Merlin stumbles away, catching his breath. Mordred's eyes glow golden and his hand is pointing towards Uther.

He holds him till the security arrives, professor Gaius is not far behind.

Gaius voice is a study of distanced professionalism.
-Textbook restraining, Mordred. Very good. You can let him go now. Sir, perhaps you would rather discuss this in my office?

There was not much room for disagreement. Uther was no match for the two guards and that creepy kid.

Gaius looks around and finds Merlin gone. He grumbles and follows after the guards and Uther, who is now marching between them as if he is being escorted rather than lead. Mordred follows at Gaius' heals, but Gaius is too deep in thought to notice until Mordred whispers.

-Is this about the anon mpreg case?

Gaius spins arund, his eyes shoots daggers and Mordred raises his arms in disarm.

-I just know Merlin's assigned to a mpreg case, that's all I swear! I haven't breathed a word to anyone. Not a soul!

Gaius doesn't reply, but keeps moving. Mordred tags along.
-Prof, it sounded like Merlin knew them, didn't it?

Gaius sighs deeply.

-So it may seem.


Merlin's head spins but not from the attack. Uther is here screaming about his son and Gaius is not surprised to see him. Merlin dives into the elevator reserved to medical staff and transport, and he blindly heads to the room of then secret patient. He knows the room, he was meant to go there tomorrow.

He tries to remain calm as he gently knocks on the door. There is no reply. But he has access here, so he opens the door quietly and slips inside. Uther's punch was a shock, but it is nothing compared to this. It was Arthur alright. Paler and thinner than he had ever seen him.

Arthur's chart hangs on the bed with actual dates and information. Merlin studies it in the pale light from the fading daylight. He must have gone over every option in his head about the mystery patient. Even now he couldn't understand a thing. Gaius said it was like Arthur mourned the father of the child. He could have met someone after Merlin had left. But why was he alone? Didn't he know that Merlin would have been there for him no matter what? It was possible that he had impregnated Arthur without realizing it. His magic was stronger than others. It's not something he bragged about. He had meant to let Arthur go, not make him sick and lure him here.

Arthur moves, his face frowning in discomfort. Merlin whispers a few words and moves a hand over Arthur's face. The frown evens out and he rests more easily. He has done this before, when Arthur had a hangover or the flu.

He moves over to the chair and sits there for a while.

Merlin had been trained to be Arthur's doctor. Gaius had wanted him to be there for Arthur while he dealt with his father. So until Arthur was awake and able to tell Merlin to go to Hell, then he would be here. It was as good an excuse as any.

Tags: *c:amarie_authiel, c:arthur, c:gaius, c:merlin, c:mordred, c:uther, pt 124:excuses, rating:nc-17, type:drabble

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