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Wish granted (Mpreg lullaby 7)

Author: amarie_authiel
Title: Wish granted (Mpreg lullaby 7).
Rating: PG-13
Character/s: Merlin, Arthur, Gaius
Summary: Merlin focuses on his education just as Arthur insisted. Somehow this means that Merlin will be running his hands over Arthur with Doc Gaius’ approval and guidance.
Warnings: mpreg, illness, Dr Who reference.
Word Count: ~1150. Um...
Prompt:#127 Protect
Author's Notes: Stress and internet issues! What a fine combination! Grrrr...

One:But I don't know any lullabies
Two:Moving on without you 1/2
Three:Moving on without you 2/2
Four:The Albion
Five:While you slept
Six:Priority one

Gaius is a calm and friendly presence as they walk side by side, casually asking if Arthur had eaten anything yet and if there was something they could bring him which he knew would stay down. Arthur is aware that he's being studied. Just the simple task of walking the corridors was draining and it showed. Not thinking about Merlin was worse. It would have been so easy to stay in his arms. Merlin would have taken care of everything. He hoped he would be able to focus his thoughts a bit once he knew how the baby was doing.

-Have you spoken with my father?

Gaius hesitated a little.
-Yes. I meant to address this later.

Arthur sighed. Gaius wouldn't have waited if it had been good news. Not that Arthur had expected his father to squeal with joy and dash off to buy tiny baby clothes.

-Here we are then.
Gaius’ hand lingered on the door handle.

-But first I wish to apologize. As I mentioned yesterday, I have asked a student of mine to assist.

Arthur nodded. He hadn't seen any problem with that. If a specialist like Gaius recommended something or someone then it was most likely a good idea.

-There was an altercation yesterday that made me realize I may have kept your names to myself for too long.

-Altercation? Because of me.
Arthur instantly felt guilty. His father would probably berate him for being overly sensitive.

The older man's voice was sharp and almost harsh and took Arthur by surprise.
-Because I found your name too important to reveal and his name too insignificant to mention. I should have had more faith in the both of you.

After that it was hardly a surprise to find Merlin waiting inside. Arthur felt a flutter of pride at Merlin being the one Gaius had given so much praise. It proved that he was right all along; this is where Merlin belonged. Merlin smiled wide as they came in. At Gaius, that is. Arthur couldn’t help but notice.

-There you are, I was wondering if I should come looking. Hello Arthur, I will be assisting today.

He rose from his seat and reached out for a handshake. Arthur automatically shook his hand feeling slightly confused at the formal tone.

He should have said he was happy to have him there. He should have said there was nowhere else in the world that Merlin should be than here with Arthur, where they would see the first images of their baby.

What came out of him was;
-What happened to your face?

Gaius raised an eyebrow at that. With good reason, because Merlin’s face was fine. The bruise was gone. Arthur should have asked about it when he had the chance, now all he achieved was to sound rude. But Merlin smiled politely.

-My flat mate masked it for me. I felt it looked rather unprofessional, don’t you agree?

It was clear that he didn't expect a reply to that. He gestured towards the examination bench. Merlin helped Arthur to lie down on it and made sure he was comfortable. As if that was possible with Merlin being so close and so distant at the same time. He wished he could say that Merlin seemed cold, but he wasn't. He was just doing what Arthur had wanted.

-See now, this here will measure your blood pressure. I just slip it on like… so, and it will inflate by itself and make a beeping noise when it is done.

Merlin hand felt warm as it closed around Arthur's arm to put the device in place. The room seemed colder afterwards.

It goes ding when there's stuff. That's what Merlin should have said and Arthur would have rolled his eyes and they would have laughed.

Arthur solemnly nodded and Merlin continued to explain about the machines and procedure and what Gaius would do. Then he explained what Merlin himself would do, which involved touching, feeling and sensing. The blood pressure meter beeped and deflated with a long huff. Gaius came over to check the result. He frowned and reset. The band inflated again as Merlin rolled up Arthur's shirt to expose the stomach and proceeded to tug down the lining of Arthur’s trousers.

-A bit lower, Gaius instructed.

Arthur bit his tongue as Merlin gave a last tug. Thankfully, Gaius was now pleased with the amount of skin he had to work on and Arthur was still dressed.

The machine beeped and deflated again. Arthur made sure not to look at Gaius. This time Gaius removed the divce and started talking about what the ultrasound would show at this stage of the pregnancy and what they were going to look for.

Suddenly it is all too much. He gasps for air and sits up.

-I need to lie down, he says as he swings his feet over the edge. Two sets of hand grab hold of him as his feet touch the floor. The room moves on it's own and suddenly he's in a wheel chair holding Merlin's hand in a while knuckled grip. He lets go as quickly as he can.

-I'm sorry. I wasn't going to be clingy. Not clingy. So sorry...
He pets Merlin's arm awkwardly before his head clears a bit.
-Ok, that was scary, what happened?

Gaius has a phone by his ear, but points his index finger at Arthur in a no nonsense way that reminds him of his father.

-You are going back to bed where you will get some food and an IV and you are not to move from your bed unless I say so.

-Oh. But the ultrasound...

Merlin wheels him out the door. Craning his head around he sees Gaius shushing them away.

-We can just wheel one in to you, Merlin says lightly.
-We have a portable one. No trouble at all.

The bed is lovely and there is some of the nice soup that stays down and Merlin sounds like he usually sounds when Arthur is being sick. Merlin is fussing with the covers though. Arthur kicks them off and Merlin puts them back.

-I have been given strict instructions to mother you as much as humanly possible, so unless you want me to get in trouble with my superiors you will let me do this.

That was probably not true, but it might be. He tries to bat Merlin's fussing hands away. He captures a hand and holds it, brings it to rest on his chest. He's too tired to fight anymore.
-You're the father. No doubt. There's no-one else. Just you.

There's a sharp intake of air, and he hears Merlin rise from his seat and feel the captured arm move. He doesn't leave though. Soft lips touches Arthur's forhead and his eyes overflow. And yet somehow he falls asleep.

Tags: *c:amarie_authiel, c:arthur, c:gaius, c:merlin, pt 127:protect, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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