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All that haunts us (mpreg 12/?)

Author: amarie_authiel
Title: All that haunts us (mpreg 12/?)
Rating: PG-13
Character/s: Merlin, Arthur
Summary: Apparently watching TV was a bad idea, but secrets want out.
Warnings: mpreg, slight mention of past violance, Arthur's got a lot of feels. Merlin has some too.
Word Count: ~570
Prompt:#132 Haunted
Author's Notes: {{*Grumbles* Ok, last edit for the night. *yaaaaaawn*}}

One:But I don't know any lullabies
Two:Moving on without you 1/2
Three:Moving on without you 2/2
Four:The Albion
Five:While you slept
Six:Priority one
Seven:Wish granted
Eight: Illusions
Nine: Restless sleeper
Ten:Bad dreams
Eleven: Nearly normal

They sat for a while sipping tea and nibbling on crackers. Merlin went back to flipping though the pages and wondering what he might get Arthur to eat next time. It was a small reminder of their lives before all this, where Merlin would be lost in his books and Arthur would flip through channels. Arthur reached for the remote and turned the tv on, hoping to amplify the feeling.

“There have still not been any official statement to business mogul Uther Pendragon's violent outburst at the Albion Institute in Ealdor City yesterday. Here we see him entering the building. While the Institute still refuse to comment, people we have been in contact with say he was being loud and threatening and even attacked one of the staff before he was escorted away.”

Arthur's jaw dropped as the words were accompanied by a shaky, pixelated mobile recording which showed his father leave a car and rush into the building.

Somehow he was able to put the cup down on the table without spilling. Merlin's voice barely registered.
-Um, you know, it's not as bad as it sounds, you know how the media exadurates.

Shock is swiftly replaced by anger and a feeling of betrayal. He stands up and gestures to the screen, where they have left the topic and moved into the weather forecast.
-You knew about this and you didn't tell me! I said I wanted to know... You kept this from me!

-You didn't need to know that. He truly is at the hotel.

-Did he attack you?

Merlin sighes wearily.
-Arthur... Don't worry about it.He's a haunted and scarred man and believes the worst every time magic is mentioned.

-He did!
Arthur is not sure if he is more sad than angry.

Now Merlin is on his feet too.
-It doesn't matter!


Small golden sparks glitters among the blue, his voice drops a notch. It means Merlin is pissed.
-He was scared for his son. If I believed he had put you in the hospital I would have punched him as well, maybe worse. And this matter far less than your health and the health of OUR BABY! Sit. Down.

Arthur does, grundingly. He hates when Merlin wins an argument. But Merlin is being all growling and protective. And hot.

Merlin huffs a breath out his nose.
-Good. Gaius has already claimed the guilt for that one, no need for you to do the same.

Arthur blinked at him.
-How is this Gaius' fault?

-He didn't tell me that you were the mystery pregnant man. If he had then I might have had an idea what he was freaking out about.

Arthur drops down in the recliner again, submerged in guilt.
-It's my fault. I'm the one who got pregnant.

Merlin blinks.
-So... You got yourself pregnant? You hijacked my super magical sperm and get pregnant all on your lonesome?

Arthur pouted. Merlin made it sound so silly when he put it like that.
-We... It was goodbye. But I wished you would stay.

Merlin is quiet for a bit.
-Mh. I think we found the title of Gaius' chapter about us. 'Magic favors fools'.

Merlin sits down on the big, padded armrest and loops his arm around Arthur's.
His voice is barely a whisper, and it's not at all mocking like Arthur had expected.
-I wished the same.
Tags: *c:amarie_authiel, c:arthur, c:merlin, pt 132:haunted, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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