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Author: brunettepet
Title: Favor
Rating: PG
Pairing/s: None
Character/s: Arthur, Merlin
Summary: The big eared boy needs a favor
Warnings: None
Word Count: 430
Prompt: 134, Mistake
Author's Notes: Ridiculous fluff

“Arnold! Arnold!” Arthur saw a big eared boy from his Statistics class waving wildly at somebody behind him but when he looked over his shoulder, Arthur was alone on the bike path. He stopped and waited to be caught up to.

The boy was flushed and gasping for breath, needing to take a moment before explanations. “Thanks for waiting. I was sick last week and missed two classes. I have the assignments, but I was wondering if I could borrow your notes?”

Arthur’s eyes widened. “You sit with the same five people every lecture, why are you asking me?” It’s not like Arthur had been staring, nobody could have missed all their distracting shoulder bumping and giggling before and after every class.

The boy gave Arthur an assessing look before replying with a grin. “Well, truth is my friends’ notes are useless.” Arthur’s eyebrows shot up and the boy continued, “Gwaine’s not even taking the class, he’s just there to hit on Percy so Percy’s flustered and his notes are shit. Gwen is actually an English major and she’s trying to “fine tune” her left-brain.” Arthur had to laugh and Merlin smiled wider, “Unfortunately, it’s not working. Yet. Freya and Gilli have fallen down a First Epic Love rabbit hole and I think all they’re writing are Freya+Gilli and little hearts all over their notes. I’m actually afraid to ask. I’ve missed two days and if I go down, we all go down.”

Arthur had no problem sharing his notes but he wondered why the boy had chosen him out of the huge lecture hall and so he asked “Why my notes?”

The boy blushed and it looked very pretty passing across those sharp cheekbones. Then the boy licked his lips and Arthur suddenly found his own cheeks heating up. The boy looked away first, eyes planted firmly on his own feet. The tips of his ears were glowing red, too. “I’ve watched you. You’re always focused and it looks like you take reams of notes.” He gave a small laugh, “Like me.”

“What’s your name?” Arthur blurted out unexpectedly.

“Oh, I’m Merlin. Sorry I didn’t introduce myself earlier.” Merlin stuck out one delicately boned hand for a shake and Arthur clasped it firmly.

“Well Mer-lin, I’m Arthur and I’d be happy to share my notes. I was just heading for a coffee, want to join me and copy them?”

If Merlin was embarrassed about mistaking Arthur for an Arnold, Arthur couldn’t see it in his beaming smile and with a nod, they both set off down the bike path.
Tags: *c:brunettepet, c:arthur, c:merlin, pt 134:mistake, rating:pg, type:drabble

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