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Mod-ly Post- Posting Date / Community Poll # 3

Good evening,

We are happy to say that there're 24 participants on this year Holiday Exchange Fest! Isn't that great!! Our posting date is December 26. And we would like the participants to send their work as soon as they are finished-for those who already have, thanks!. Once we received your work, we will review it over and then send your recipients name for you to post. Please try to finish 24 hours before posting date.

We need your opinion- We are thinking of spreading the posting dates because we do have a lot of people participating. This way everyone has a chance to read and comment on each other's work.

What do you all think? Take this quick poll or leave a comment.

Option 1: Leave posting date as it is- December 26th.

Option 2: Spread posting dates from Friday December 26th to Sunday December 28th- 8 posts per day.

Poll #1992553 Holiday Exchange Fest 2014 Posting Dates
This poll is closed.

What is your posting prefrence? Pick one...

Option 1
Option 2

P.S. Today, December 17th was your chance to let us know if you are unable to participate on this year Holiday Exchange Fest. If you have NOT yet checked in, please do so now.
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