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Thank You and Masterlist

Thank you all for taking part on our third Holiday Exchange Fest. So many great stories and a beautiful piece of art this year. A massive thanks to all the writers, artist, lookers, readers and commentators for being part of this community. I’ve said this so many times before and will continued saying it-you are all the heart and soul of the community and without you there would be no function. Again, we are thankful and grateful to each and everyone of you. Here to another year!!

This community runs the way it does because I relied on my wonderful co-mods. Special thanks to our Friday mod,aku_rin, who do all the signs up. Our Wednesday mod, candream, who do our masterlist. These ladies keep things in function when I am not around. Also, thanks to fuckyeah who does our AO3 things.

There’re so many things that we want to share and plan for you. We also like for you to continue to take part in the community and to let us know what changes you want to see or fest, etc. We always looking for things that interests you and that are fun.

I would also like to thank sassafrasx, digthewriter and hart_d who have been were the pitch hitter. They are simply amazing, and I would’ve gone crazy without them pitching in. Therefore, as a thank you gift I would like each of you to choose a prompt of January 2015.

Also, there’s an AO3 Holiday Exchange Fest 2014 Collection if you wish to post your work on AO3.

The masterlist for this year Holiday Exchange Fest is below, don’t forget to read and comment on the wonderful entries.

Sneak Attack by alafaye for hart_d |Merlin/Arthur | PG |
Summary: A sneak attack snowball fight.

Expressions of Fatherhood by eaardvark for eurydice72 |Percival| WARNINGS: Off screen violence.
Summary: Percival has fatherhood rather unexpectedly thrust upon him. Luckily he has his friends around to "help".

Flight Cancelled by digthewriter for amarie_authiel |Merlin/Arthur | PG-13 |
Summary:Arthur's flight's cancelled and he's stuck at an airport in the middle of nowhere.

He Says All The Right Things At Excactly The Right Time by kleinefee92 for digthewriter |Merlin/Arthur, Arthur/OMC | PG-13 |
Summary:Merlin acted like he was saying goodbye shortly after Arthur began healing from the bite of the Questing Beast, and then he disappeared for a day. He came back, but Arthur has no idea where he went, or what he did while he was gone. A few months down the road, Merlin is acting strange, and Arthur feels strange - in that he doesn't really feel at all.

A Home for Socks by hart_d for bunnysworld |Merlin/Arthur | PG |
Summary:On behalf of his nephew, Mordred, Arthur sets off on a quest to the local animal shelter.

Duties of a Servant by dead_pendragon for kleinefee92 |Merlin/Gwaine | PG | WARNINGS:Slight homophobia
Summary:Arthur wants a sweet after dinner. Merlin just wants to go to Gwaine’s chambers and cuddle with him.

Kilgharrah's Gift by robespierre for hogwartsvixxxen |Merlin/Arthur | NC-17 |
Summary:It's Arthur's first Yule as king, and when he realizes that he's forgotten about a gift for Merlin, he turns to Kilgharrah for help.

Christmas Magic by amorette for sassafrasx |Merlin/Arthur | PG-13 |
Summary:Merlin has a new job around Christmas time. Arthur thinks it’s ridiculous.

Sweet Stuff by wanderlust48 for clea2011 |Merlin/Arthur | PG-13 |
Summary: A tired Merlin, a troublesome Christmas tree, one helpful stranger and a lingering mountain of mince pies. Not quite a regular day at the cafe where Merlin works.

Basement Cat by bunnysworld for dead_pendragon |Merlin/Arthur | NC-17 |
Summary:Arthur gave Merlin a cat. But now he’s not too happy with how things worked out.

I Hate Him, I Love Him by aeris444 for wanderlust48 |Merlin/Arthur | PG |
Summary: Arthur asks Merlin to accompany him to Dubai to sign an important deal... on Christmas.

Never a Time or Place for True Love by rotrude for aeris444 |Merlin/Arthur | PG | WARNINGS:Slight distopya, mention of past wounding
Summary:Sometimes you fall in love with the most unlikely person, at an unlikely time.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow by clea2011 for alafaye |Merlin/Arthur | PG |
Summary:Merlin is home with his family for Christmas. If only Arthur could be there too...

As You Wish by dante_s_hell for celeste9 |Leon/Gwaine,Morgana/Gwen | PG-13 |
Summary:Power-driven Morgause, enraged Morgana chose to side with Arthur Pendragon because of her love for Gwen, steals her away. It's up to Arthur, Gwen, and the knights with a little help from their Fairy Godmother Magical Advisor, Merlin, to save her.

Holiday exchange fic for Amorette by amarie_authiel for amorette |Merlin/Gwaine| PG-13 | WARNINGS:Angst, mind control, some physical abuse.
Summary:It's quite ridiculous really how many mind controlling creatures Morgana manages to find. What did they do when they were not being captured in glass containers and used by evil sorceresses? One might hope to be immune soon. But not today, it seems

Priorities by digthewriter for robespierre |Arthur/Leon | NC-17 | WARNINGS:Phone Sex
Summary:Arthur and Leon, in an established relationship, are unfortunately not able to be together for Christmas.

Of Candy Canes and Elf Pinups by sassafrasx for inspired_being |Arthur/Merlin/Gwaine | PG-13 |
Summary: In which Merlin owns every Christmas movie ever made and there is some disagreement about how to celebrate (or not celebrate) — and, most importantly, who has better abs.

Soup, Sunshine, and Snow by argentsleeper for camelot_drabble |Merlin/Arthur | G |
Summary: Arthur is sick, but Merlin knows just how to cheer him up.

Finding Out: The Hard Way by inspired_being for argentsleeper |Merlin/Arthur | PG-13 | WARNINGS:Angst! (with happy ending), hurt/comfort.
Summary:Merlin has been distant, Arthur jumps to conclusions and they both learn a lesson or two.

No More Secrets by celeste9 for side_steppings |Merlin/Arthur | PG-13 | WARNINGS:Mild violence.
Summary:When Arthur and Merlin are held for ransom, Arthur finds himself needing to trust Merlin like he never has before.

Deluge by eurydice72 for eaardvark |Gwaine/Percival | PG-13 |
Summary:Just when Percival thinks floods in the lower town are going to best him, Gwaine shows up to offer a helping hand.

Inventing Our Own Tradition by hart_d for camelot_drabble |Arthur/Leon | R | WARNINGS: Light angst, references to homophobia, references to past mcd.
Summary:Arthur and Leon are very much in love, but they're spending Christmas apart. When they open up to each other, they grow even closer.

Back In Your Arms by side_steppings for dante_s_hell |Merlin/Arthur | PG-13 | WARNINGS:Violence, angst, illusions to magical violence/harm
Summary: Everything had changed, but Arthur knew Merlin still loved him. Now all he had to do was save him.

Signs by sassafrasx for osky291 |Merlin/Arthur | PG |
Summary:First there was a dove. That was Arthur’s first sign.

Lucky Christmas Storm by hart_d for aku_rin |Merlin/Arthur | G |
Summary:Arthur and Merlin meet on a train while both are travelling to spend Christmas with their families.

A Quiet Holiday Morning by aku_rin for rotrude |Merlin/Arthur | G |
Media:Ink on paper

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