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Boyfriends. (Merlin/Arthur)

Author: digthewriter
Title: Boyfriends
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/s: Merlin/Arthur
Character/s: Merlin, Arthur, Elyan
Summary: Merlin has moved to Camelot and Arthur thinks he's being coy.
Warnings: Modern!AU
Word Count: 1000 + 400 (SHH!)
Prompt: RESOLUTION for camelot_drabble
Author's Notes: This is a continuation of "FLIGHT CANCELLED" that I wrote for amarie_authiel. Dearest, A,I tried to continue the story for you and give you SMUT but what I have in mind isn't going to fit in a 1000 words so evidently, this is yet another series that I'm starting. I hope you like it so far! I plan on not dragging this one out. - DIG - Completely unbetaed, sorry for any glaring mistakes.

When Arthur returned to Camelot, all he can do is think about Merlin. Merlin, the quirky twenty-some-year old who was going to be coming to Camelot in a few weeks to start his first term as a Graduate student. Arthur could barely contain himself and he was having a hard time not feeling like a teenaged-kid who'd just had his first crush like him back.

They managed to message each other back and forth a few times a day and Arthur made the resolution of not acting like a lovesick kid. He wasn't sure how it was working out because every time he'd see Gwen, she'd remarked on how he was always just smiling.

Maybe it was Merlin's effect. Maybe he had just finally lost all his marbles. Or maybe it was the prospect of the fact that he might actually—finally—have a sex life.

Merlin's good looks weren't lost on Arthur, or anyone else for that matter. The moment he'd walked into that party with Will, Kara, and Merlin, Arthur had noticed how everyone was curious about them. They wanted to know if they were an item and the men at the party—the gay ones, at least—were all over Merlin like they'd never seen a hot bloke before. It might have also kind of hurt Arthur's ego a bit, since he was used to being the one that everyone fawned over.

Then Merlin had kissed him again. And again. And again. Arthur was just glad he'd stopped talking about it being destiny, because the fact that that wasn't freaking Arthur out, was freaking Arthur out.

Arthur waited patiently to receive the text that Merlin had landed safely in Camelot. Then he waited patiently for Merlin to let him know that he'd arrived at the University appointed flat that he was going to share with another Graduate student. Then, Arthur waited patiently until Merlin finally let him know that he was settled in and wanted to see Arthur.

Arthur had offered to pick Merlin up from the airport on his first day and Merlin had said 'no'. Evidently, the Resident Coordinator for the Graduate student housing had scheduled an airport pick up. Arthur asked Merlin if he wanted Arthur to take him shopping for food or other supplies for his flat, and Merlin had said 'no thanks', because the RC had also arranged for that. Arthur had never been so impressed and so thoroughly annoyed by a University and their employees to be so on top of things.

Arthur had wondered if he should have asked Merlin out on a date or at least to the pub for a few drinks but he didn't want to be rejected again so he'd let go of that thought. Then he'd just waited for Merlin to message him first and finally when Merlin said 'it'd be nice to see you sometime' in that sarcastic tone of his that Arthur could totally imagine, Arthur had rolled his eyes and replied with 'name the time and place'.

So now here he was, standing outside the door to Merlin's flat. He hadn't knocked yet; he was just staring at the door. It was weird, really — Arthur had met some random bloke at a random airport on Christmas Eve, and now he felt like his life had changed so much. He'd met someone that actually made him nervous and now he was afraid to knock — afraid to make what seemed like a dream — real.

Eventually, he shook off his anxiety and lifted his hand up to tap at the door when the door swung open. "I was wondering how long you were going to stand there," Merlin said.

"You knew I was here?" Arthur asked.

Merlin nodded. "When you checked in at the front desk, they rang me up to let me know that my guest was coming up the stairs. I've been standing on the other side waiting for you to — do something!"

"I—uh—" Arthur could feel his face burning up with embarrassment. Goodness, what was wrong with him? He was the VP of a company, a man that stood up to his father in company debates all the time and now here he was, being made nervous by a University student.

Merlin laughed and moved out of the way for Arthur to enter his flat. Arthur handed him the bottle of wine he'd brought. "Housewarming present," he said, "sort of." He'd considered bringing flowers, then Gwen told him that that might've been a bit much.

"Thanks!" Merlin replied excitedly and introduced Arthur to his flatmate, Elyan.

"Wait, I know you," Arthur said. "You're Gwen's brother."

"Yeah!" Elyan said, smiling. "When Merlin told me that his boyfriend's name was Arthur Pendragon, I almost hadn't believed him."

"Uh— Elyan, weren't you going to the library!" Merlin nearly shouted his question and Arthur finally realised what a nervous Merlin sounded like.

"Boyfriend?" Arthur asked, almost amused.

"I—um—" Merlin's face was turning crimson, and Arthur had never been more confused in his life. Merlin acted so aloof and distance with him over text messages and now Arthur had found out that he was calling him his boyfriend.

"Shite, I wasn't supposed to say anything about that—" Elyan interrupted and Arthur shot him a confused look, too. "I'll get out of your way. I've got some reading to do."

"It's Friday night," Arthur said.

Elyan grabbed his books and shoved them in a messenger bag. "I know, but I'm taking extra courses for the Honour Programme and I have more homework than most—"

"I was going to study tonight, too, but I figured I could just waste my Saturday and Sunday trying to catch up, and do something more social tonight," Merlin said.

Arthur nodded. "If you want to study, I can't just leave—"

"No!" Merlin exclaimed. "I mean—"

"I'll see you later," Elyan said and was out the door before Arthur had even realised.

"I wanted to see you," Merlin said when the door clicked closed. "I've been so busy since I got here and didn't get a chance to even have a proper conversation with you. I didn't want you to think that I was being ungrateful that you offered to help me— You've been very kind and I just felt like I wasn't being a good friend."

"Boyfriend, apparently," Arthur said smiling and then sat on the sofa in the tiny sitting room.

"You're not my boyfriend," Merlin said.

"Well, as long as we're on the same page about that," Arthur said, trying to hide his disappointment, even though he realised that he was being completely ridiculous.

"I was at this mixer thing last week and these girls were trying to set me up with someone and I couldn't shake them off, so I finally told them that I had a boyfriend. Which, of course, led to a million other questions and there were some pictures on my phone of us from the Christmas party so I just told them that it was you to get them off my back. Elyan knows that you're not— he just blurted it out because—"

"Because?" Arthur drawled.

Merlin crossed the room and sat next to Arthur on the sofa. "We've been living together for two weeks and have become good friends. I miss Will, you know, and Elyan sort of reminds me of Will. Anyway, for a while, he kept calling you my 'fake boyfriend' all week and then he just started calling you my 'boyfriend'. We don't use your name when we talk about it because..." Merlin hesitated for a moment. "Well, you're a celebrity and all."

"I'm not a celebrity!" Arthur protested.

"But you're famous. Your family's famous. I didn't know that when we— I didn't know who you were."

"It's part of the reason why I like you," Arthur said and he circled his thumbs on Merlin's wrist. "You don't know my past; you just know me." He smiled and Merlin leaned in and brushed his lips against Arthur's.

"I would have liked you regardless," Merlin said then kissed Arthur again.

Because it's destiny? Arthur wanted to joke but he refrained.

"So, Arthur. Will you be my fake boyfriend?" Merlin asked when they pulled apart but snuggled closer.

"As long as there's an opportunity to become your real boyfriend, someday," Arthur answered.


Tags: *c:digthewriter, p:arthur/merlin, pt 141:resolution, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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