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Best sister

Author: aeris444
Title:Best sister
Pairing/s:background Merlin/Arthur
Character/s:Morgana, Merlin, Arthur
Summary:Whatever her constant sibling rivalry with Arthur may say about their relationship, Morgana had always been there for her brother.
Word Count:273
Prompt:151. Morgana
Author's Notes:Thanks to derenai for the beta! Well done with the new layout! But just so you know, with the "drop" icons, we can't read the usernames under them!

Whatever her constant sibling rivalry with Arthur may say about their relationship, Morgana had always been there for her brother.

She had been there to console him when he scratched his knee as a kid and Uther only sent him to their nanny. She had been there when Violet had slapped him when he had asked if he could kiss her in the playground. She had been therewhen he cried every night because he didn’t feel normal. She had been there when he came back home with a megawatt smile after kissing Leon for the first time. She had been there with ice cream and rom coms when Leon moved to the USA with his family.

She had also been there when Arthur and Merlin met for the first time and she had been the only one to see their eyes light up when their gaze met… just before Merlin let his coffee fall on Arthur’s white jeans and they started shouting at each other.

And then, she remained at her brother’s side for what had been the most hectic friendship ever… till it became the most sickly sweet love story ever witnessed.

So, it was only normal that Arthur asked Morgana to be her best …

“Best man!  Arthur, you know how I hate that feminization of names as it’s only another way to make us understand how inferior women are considered in society! And I will wear a tuxedo! Don’t expect me to wander in a pink frilly dress!”

However logical the decision was, Arthur knew he was going to regret it when Morgana would make at toast at the dinner.
Tags: p:arthur/merlin, pt 151:cd-morgana, rating:g, type:drabble

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