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Where Dragons Fear to Prey

Author: eurydice72
Title: Where Dragons Fear to Prey
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Merlin/Morgana, Arthur/Gwen, past Arthur/Merlin
Characters: Morgana, Arthur, Gwen, Merlin
Summary: Modern AU. She had everything she wanted until Arthur took it away. Now, all she wants is to take something of his.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 848
Prompt: #151, Morgana
Author's Note: I desperately wanted to do this KMM prompt ("When Morgana set out to seduce her step-brother's best friend, she didn't expect him to be such a...predator in the sack."), but I a) ran out of time, and b) realized the bunny was running away from me anyway. So this is what I'm going to think of as the first chapter or maybe a prologue to what's probably going to be a much longer story.

The title is inspired by the Lord Byron quote, "Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey."

Really, it was all Arthur’s fault.

She loved her brother—even when it he made it difficult to like him sometimes—and her life had been pretty much perfect ever since he decided to start dating boys. He should’ve expected that narrow-minded Uther would never be all right with it, even if Arthur did claim he was bisexual and not gay, but when he got cut off from the life that had been projected for him, all he did was pay even more attention to the skinny roommate he was enamored with.

That worked out perfectly for Morgana. She no longer had to lurk in the shadow of the golden child, instead standing alongside Uther as he trained her to someday take his place in Pendragon Industries. It was everything she’d always wanted, everything she deserved, and she’d been damned good at it, thank you very much. She’d had a brief moment of terror when Arthur and his roommate broke up, but then he stuck with finding other boys to torment Uther with, so all remained right in her brave new world.

At least, until Gwen.

She was the first to befriend the sweet-natured Gwen. They’d bumped into each other—literally—in the elevator at work and hit it off better than Morgana could’ve imagined, considering their different backgrounds. Perhaps that was why this entire debacle stung so much. Gwen had been hers, just like Pendragon Industries was rightfully hers. Arthur had no right to any of it once he turned his back on it all.

But when he’d shown up at the office Christmas party, and Gwen had stared at him with such obvious fascination, Morgana couldn’t say no when she asked for an introduction. What harm could it do, right? Arthur had his current toy in tow, a long-haired chap with dimples and a quick tongue (though Morgana knew from the first there was no way this one would ever last), and Morgana was tipsy enough to hope that when Gwen had her hopes dashed, it would be her shoulder Gwen would turn to for comfort (Arthur wasn’t the only bisexual in the family, just the only one to be foolish enough to let Uther know).

Except Arthur hadn’t brushed Gwen off, and the chap disappeared with the copy boy, and Morgana was left alone, wondering what in the hell had just happened.

Fast forward six months later. Another party she was forced to attend, wearing a fake smile.

This one, to celebrate Arthur and Gwen’s engagement.

Uther wouldn’t stop crowing. Ever since the announcement, he’d ignored all of Morgana’s efforts, instead welcoming Arthur back into the fold as if he’d been off to war instead of sucking cock for the last eight years. When Morgana managed to steal the Croydon building project right out from under Cenred’s nose, Uther didn’t say a word, too busy getting Arthur installed in the new Westminster office. The same office he’d promised her if she ever got the upper hand over Cenred.

She hated him for that. She hated Arthur a little bit, too. Not Gwen, though. It wasn’t her fault the Pendragon men were fickle beasts.

So Morgana’s plan to hurt Arthur for stealing everything Morgana held dear? His fault. Uther’s, too, but it would be easier to draw blood with Arthur first. His trusting nature made him the more vulnerable target by far. The trick was to take and destroy something he valued. Since she couldn’t hurt Gwen, that left only one other person in Arthur’s life.

Though they’d broken up, Arthur had remained good friends with his uni roommate, so much so that Merlin was going to be the best man at the wedding. Lucky for her, Arthur hadn’t been the only bi guy in that relationship (though Arthur had never seemed impressed by the mousy little Freya Merlin had taken up with for a couple years). Morgana hadn’t seen him since those very first months, so she was expecting someone too skinny to fill out his suit, all elbows and angles and goofy grins.

The Merlin who greeted the party had matured like the rest of them, but in such interesting ways, he stole Morgana’s breath. The lanky body had broadened, his loose-limbed grace now hinting at more carnal activities rather than youth. His hair was longer, too, his face not quite so gaunt, though that might’ve been a trick of his closely trimmed beard. The smile was still guileless, though, the eyes still blue, and when he turned both to her after Arthur’s introduction, she met them with more excitement about seducing and breaking this man than she’d originally planned.

“How long has it been?” Even his voice seemed deeper, stoking heat between her thighs. Oh, yes, this was going to pay off in delicious ways. “Six years?”

“Eight.” She held out her hand, letting her fingers caress the side of his when he took her greeting. His eyes widened a fraction, but rather than retreat, he tightened his grip, never looking away. She smiled. “Think of everything we have to catch up on.”
Tags: *c:eurydice72, c:arthur, c:gwen, c:merlin, c:morgana, p:arthur/gwen, p:arthur/merlin, p:merlin/morgana, pt 151:cd-morgana, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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