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Author: amarie_authiel
Title: Gone
Rating: PG-13
Character/s: Merlin and Gaius
Warnings: Talks about an execution by fire
Word Count: ~80
Prompt:#155 Rain
Author's Notes: Did I make it in time? This is a little follow up to Trial and error which I wrote in 2013.

The rain came suddenly and harsh as if the clouds had crept upon them all without anyone realizing. But by then the traitor to the crown was dead and there was little reason to stand by and watch. The clean-up had to wait until the morning.

He had burned up quite nicely. Scavenger birds and animals may have taken what little had been left during the night. When the court physician came to collect the remains there was nothing to find.

Next part: Ghosts
Tags: *c:amarie_authiel, c:gaius, c:merlin, pt 155:rain, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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