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Tables Turned

Author: ajsrandom
Title: Tables Turned
Rating: PG
Pairing/s: none
Character/s: Merlin, Morgana
Summary: Morgana thinks she has Merlin trapped in the crystal cave, but does she really? And what happens if she doesn't?
Warnings: none
Word Count: 868
Prompt: 156- Intimidating
Author's Notes: mwah ha ha ha!

Here he was, right in front of her. Emrys. The one who has frustrated her efforts to claim Camelot’s throne and free magic for the last seven years. She was going to make sure he’d thwart her no more. Poor little Merlin—he’d just asked her if she was still afraid of him; she wanted to laugh in sheer glee.

She made herself visible to him and crowed, “I fear no one; least of all you.” The Gean Canach had made sure of that. He lashed out with his pathetic sword and cut her arm; she felt nothing and laughed gleefully. “You have defied me for the last time, Emrys.” She raised her hand to chant the spell that would cause a rockfall, but he cut her off.

“Have I?” he asked. “Swígae Morgana.” The sound in Morgana’s throat died out and fear rose in her. “You’ll be unable to talk until I allow it, and I’m not quite sure I should.” He circled her, still speaking. “I suppose you want to know how I still have my magic. It’s quite simple.” Then he felt her magic building and yelled, “Scildan,” before her instinctual magic could throw him.

She tried repeatedly to toss him or throw boulders at him, but he maintained his shield. “I could keep this up all day, so you might want to conserve your energy,” he told her and she finally ceased. “Where was I? Oh yeah. I keep wards around important rooms in the castle and Gaius’s are definitely important. Alarms went off in my head when your man went in there. I ran back and found Gaius on the floor and a stranger in my room. After I took care of him, I disintegrated that hideous creature.”

Her expression of hatred turned to one of fear. “We decided to let you think you’d succeeded, in the hopes that you’d attempt to dispatch me. And we were right. So here we are.” He looked at her curiously. “I’m guessing you planned to kill me or trap me here so I couldn’t help Arthur. Nice plan. Might’ve worked if I wasn’t as clever as I am.

“Now, what to do with you? I could bind your magic; that might keep you out of trouble. Or I could take you back to Camelot as my prisoner, but you might try to get away. I guess you’ll need a demonstration of what I could do to you if you tried. Cume her fyrbryne.” A line of fire sprung up on the cave’s floor and encircled her. “Árísan.” The fire rose around her and she screamed silently and tried to make herself smaller.

“Okay. Now, cume þoden.” A small whirlwind sprung up on the floor and gradually grew larger. He directed it at her and it blew the fire out. He extinguished the whirlwind with a gesture. “Tídrénas.” Rain immediately started falling inside the cave. “Gehæftan,” he said next, causing roots to break through the floor and wrap themselves around her. “Ende,” he said to the ceiling; the rain stopped.

He can command all four elements and shows no sign of fatigue? What manner of sorcerer is he? she thought. She no longer attempted to keep up a brave façade. He was frightening.

Yes I can, it’s quite easy,” she heard in her head. He can hear her thoughts! “I’m no average sorcerer or even an average warlock. I am Emrys, therefore I am magic. Didn’t Morgause teach you any Druidic legends or prophecies?” She shook her head no.

“Emrys- I -am said to be the most powerful magician to ever live. I was born to assist the Once and Future King- that’s Arthur -to unite Albion and restore magic to this land. And every time you hurt someone with magic, you set my goals back.” He looked right into her eyes. “Do you really want hundreds of men slaughtered when if you just left things alone you could have most of what you wanted?”

The throne should be mine!” she projected to him.

“You know that’s not true. It never would have been, even if Arthur didn’t exist. On the other hand, if you give up the fight and stop this war, there’s a good chance you could come home and be forgiven.”

They’ll never forgive me.”

“You don’t know that. They miss you, Morgana. Come home, please. We can learn about using magic for good. Together.” He walked a little ways from her. “I’ll give you a few minutes to think about it.” He waved his hand and the roots disappeared. Then he walked to a convenient corner and sat, closing his eyes.

Morgana was torn. She was free; she could kill him now and continue her war. But the picture he painted was so very appealing. No more fighting, no more running; free magic . . . what should she do? Was it really as simple as he’d said? These thoughts spun around in her head for several minutes until she finally made a decision and called out to him, “Merlin.”

He got up immediately and hurried over. “You’ve made up your mind?” She nodded. “Well, what did you decide?”

I . . .”
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