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Arthur Pendragon's haunted house

Author: amarie_authiel
Title: Arthur Pendragon's haunted house
Rating: G
Character/s: Merlin, Arthur, Uther
Summary: Uther believed in ghosts, but that’s no reason to bring a paranormal investigator to Arthur’s house!
Warnings: Crimes
Word Count: ~860
Prompt:#156 Intimidating
Author's Notes: I’m posting now since I couldn’t finish on time. And I am possibly exploiting a glitchy posting list while doing it… This is a plotbunny from a few prompts back.

Merlin Emrys, Paranormal agent, National Crime Agency. 

Arthur turned the business card over three times before he agreed that the card at least looked official enough. He was far less convinced by the man. Only the suit lent him some credibility, Arthur would have guessed intern or desk jockey at best. 

His father thought otherwise it seems. He had already shown the guy half the mansion and shared the whole family history. Uther had barely dared to set foot in the house in months, he had found a fancy flat and left the place to Arthur “to pass it on to the younger generation”, or so the official statement was. Seems he had forgotten both to leave all the keys and the concept of privacy. 

Arthur found them as they were exiting the laundry room. Uther hastily handed the unwanted guest over to Arthur and left as soon as he could. Angry as Arthur was, the haunted expression in his father's eyes kept his anger at bay. At least until the guest was alone with him. 

-I can't recall having called the Ghostbusters. Find anything interesting in the dirty laundry? Was Casper there disguised as a sheet?

The man looked at him and smiled blindingly. Clearly this scam artist thought Arthur was the type to fall for charm while opting for the serious face around his father. He was cute, but he wasn’t that cute. The agent clicked his tongue.

-Insulting NCA agents are we? My, my... Aren't we sure of ourselves. Your father was pointing out some areas where the electrical equipment started failing, where window would open and floor boards creaked. I have no interest in what ghosts may be hiding in you laundry basket. I hear you haven’t been sleeping well. Rather sleeping in your office?

Arthur spluttered. The nerve of the guy. The nerve of his father! The man seemed to take this as a ‘yes’.  

-It is a good thing, the so-called agent continued while taking a specific interest in a row of light switches on the wall. 
-Because you have not been as exposed. We suspect sabotage. The Pendragon contract with the British navy has been compromised. Nothing too major has leaked, but we are investigating how this happened so we can prevent another attack.

-So now we’ve been hacked by pixies?!

The man suddenly looks alarmed. It would be funny if Arthur hadn’t realized he might be alone with a delusional crazy person carrying a gun and a NCA id.

-You haven’t been seeing pixies have you? They use gas to numb you in your sleep and enter the location to seek out information. The gas can cause hallucinations. Your father has been targeted for a long time, we can’t be certain when it began. But it is too risky when you are awake, you would feel the effect and sound the alarm. 

Arthur tried to wrap his head around this.
-What has this got to do with the paranormal?

-Nothing. No pixies or aliens involved. This is a gas detector too?

He pointed up in the ceiling at the fire detector. 
Arthur nodded, striking his arms out in frustration. 

-If nothing paranormal is going on, then what the hell are you still doing here? Hey, that chair is antique!

The idiot had pulled out an antique Baroque chair and climbed up on it to take a closer look at the detector- with his shoes on! And yet it was the ‘agent’ who sighed longsuffering, as if Arthur was the one not making sense. Arthur’s mouth snapped shut when the man’s irises suddenly glowed golden, like the ‘angel eyes’ headlights on Arthur’s BMW. The man snapped his fingers and a green smoke rose up towards the detector. Arthur jumped back.

-Mhm, it didn’t go off. As I suspected; it’s been tampered with. 

He climbed back down and beamed at Arthur.
-All you need to do is have your security system checked out and add motion detectors on your windows. I will give you a list of cleared companies. Leave the rest to us, that is a case of national security.

Arthur made an unintelligent squawk. 
-This is a hidden camera prank, right? 

Who the hell would take advantage of a man suffering from frail health and nightmares to pull a prank?

Emrys let out an annoyed breath through his nose.
-I am usually a good sport, but these ghost and pixie jokes of yours are bordering offensive.

He glared at Arthur for a while before rolling his eyes.

-Of course, the X-files generation... I’m a paranormal agent, not an agent investigating the paranormal. See the difference? 

His smile turned into a more compassionate one.

-Look, I know this is a lot to take in all at once. Maybe we can talk more later. I will be in touch with the list, and the property will be watched. No more ghosts.

Agent Emrys left after discreetly pointing out the cars responsible for watching the house. Afterwards Arthur found that Emrys was wrong. Uther’s ghosts were gone and his health improved, but Arthur was haunted by the fact that they had been real.

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