cd_mods (cd_mods) wrote in camelot_drabble,

Mod Note: Masterlist: Posting Format

Good morning,

I'd like to remind everybody again to use the whole posting format when posting a Drabble or a Drawble. You can find the format HERE. Please use everything and do not delete parts of the format.

Sadly it happened twice now that parts of the format were missing. Due to the new layout (Screencap) I really cannot see who the owner of an entry is.

Most of the time I work on the Masterlist about an hour before posting it. So every reminder (to use the whole format / to add your username) is a bit late then. I really like to add your username to the Masterlist but I can't when there is no line with your username. So please don't forget to add this.

Please and thank you.
Tags: !modpost

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