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Whispers in the Night III

Author: hogwartsvixxxen
Title:Whispers in the Night III
Summary:Merlin go to see Arthur in the caverns below Camelot
Warnings: Vampire! Arthur
Word Count:574
Prompt: # 9 Tears
Author's Notes: This is part 3 of
Whispers in the Night
Whispers in the Night IV Indulge

Merlin tossed in his sleep.

“Merlin. Merlin! Where are you? Are you just going to sleep the day away”

Merlin felt the sting of his king’s fangs and he clawed at the handkerchief around his neck.

Giaus opened Merlin’s door and…


Merlin sat up his hand still at his throat

“W-What I’m up, I’m…”

Are you’re sick? You look paler than usual and…

“I’m fine.”

“No you’re not, it’s not like you to sleep this late in the day, and you haven’t been eating. That settles it you will stay here today while…”

“No I cant!”

“Merln the knights are searching the caverns under Camelot to…”

Merlin jumped up and almost fell. “I have to go.”

You’re not going anywhere not you eat and I examine you Gaius said as he put his hand on Merlin’s shoulder.

Merlin shrugged it off none to gently. “I said I have to go!”

Merlin ran out of his room and the workshop leaving a confused Gaius.


Merlin found his way down deep in the recesses od the caverns. He maneuvered the twists and turns of the catacombs until he found his sleeping king on a marble slab. Merlin sat down with his back to the slab and waited for voices or nightfall which ever came first and Merlin hoped it was night fall.

Merlin had fallen asleep when he was awoken by a cold hand on his cheek.

“My Destiny my Chosen One what a nice surprise. I see you could not wait for me to call you to me. My fangs and cock ache for you.”

Merlin tried to concentrate and not let the velvet fingers of Arthur’s voice caress his senses. Arthur leaned into Merlin and finding the strength from somewhere he put a hand up.

Arthur laughed and it was a living embrace of Merlin’s senses. Merlin stumbled backwards, held up his hand and with his eyes golden called forth his magic. Merlin shook his head. With his heart pounding and his mouth dry he said “We- need-to-talk.”


The knights had come to a bunch of catacombs. “Each of you take one and walk straight if you should come to a fork turn around and walk straight back. We’ll use the rope then. Be careful, you don’t want to get lost down here. Remember no twists or turns without the rope.” Gwaine said. The knights each took an entrance.

“I hear them.” Arthur said.

Merlin strained to hear but, all he heard was his own breathing and heartbeat.

“Join me. We can leave the cavern tonight and go anywhere.”

You’re still King of Camelot, Gaius can…”

“No I am no longer her King, not since Morgana cursed me. I have been living off the blood of the people’s livestock. Morgana cursed me, wanting me to destroy Camelot and her territories by killing the people, making them like me, but even as this monster, I protected the people.”

“Then let me there has to be a-a spell some kind of magic, something, that can reverse this”

“You are my destiny come with me. We can leave this place leave Camelot.

“T-This can be fixed,” Merlin said his voice breaking as he fought to hold back the tears unsuccessfully . Two thin lines on crimson stained Arthur’s cheeks. Blood tears.
“Merlin I’m asking you when I could just take you. Accept my blood and be one with me.”
Tags: *c:hogwartsvixxxen, c:arthur, c:merlin, p:arthur/merlin, pt 009:tears, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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