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I just called to say I l...ook nothing like that doll.

Author: amarie_authiel
Title: I just called to say I l...ook nothing like that doll.
Rating: G
Pairing/s: None. Or none yet, I believe.
Character/s: Merlin, Arthur, Gwen
Summary: Merlin claims Arthur's been cloned, or: our boys avoid talking about the thing and other things, by talking about... a doll.
Word Count: ~530
Prompt: #15 Writer's choice
Author's Notes: Follow up to ‘Pick up your phone you gigantic clotpole’ and ‘online
Cutting it here since I am swiftly running out of day...
I've been strugling with this part, trying to decide what idea I should do next. I decided to go with the strangest.
Edit: Hmm... this could be counted as "curtain fic" for Tropes bingo, couldn't it?

Hour by hour passed and Merlin had not come back online and the email Arthur was trying to write refused to be written. The unfortunate web chat grew large and devastating in Arthur's mind, because this surely was the day, the minute, the moment Merlin realized that Arthur was not worth the trouble. The night passed slowly with uneasy rest and Monday came with it’s demand for focus and work-ethics, stiff upper lip and starched shirts.

When his phone beeped nearing lunch and showed Merlin’s name, the world clicked back to normal.

A picture of a blond Ken doll, some fairy tale prince perhaps, filled the screen with the words ‘You’ve been cloned!’ attached.

Arthur had returned the message with a call before he had time to think it through.

“That is not me.”
“Looks like you.”
“You just say that because he’s in a box.”
“And he looks like you.”
“Nonsense. Does he have a big eared friend? If not then it’s not me.”
“Don’t think there’s much financial gain from big eared dolls. There’s a lot of girly girls and girly horses.”

“Oh! Rainbow horsies!”
Arthur suddenly heard Gwen’s voice in the background and sobered up a bit.

“Gwen’s there? What are you doing anyway?”
“We’re looking for something for Gwen’s friend’s daughter. And I found you had been cloned and your mini-mes sold at extortion prices. Focus, will you?”

Arthur glanced around; thankful he had his own office and a closed door.
“Well if he’s in a box with no big eared friend then you have to liberate him, ‘cause that’s no way to live.”

“I dunno. He looks a bit high maintenance. He’s probably just waiting for some rich princess rather than a looser who lives with his Mum.”
“You’re not a looser. You never were and you never will be. I am sure the target group generally lives at home with their parents anyway.”

“Isn't that what royalty usually do?”

“I meant kids."
Arthur looked at the picture once more. The blond doll was smiling, its pose frozen in place by strips, strings and stitches to make sure nothing moved and ruined the perfect picture.
“I’ll pay you back,” he added quickly. “Every penny, I swear.”

He heard Gwen gushing in the background again. Maybe there were more rainbow animals.
“Awww, you guys are so cuuute! But what about all the other dolls –clones- then?”

The last part was clearly teasing.

Arthur heard some rustling before Merlin spoke again, his voice a bit distant rather than talking directedly into the phone.
“One, two, three… seven, eight… Limited edition, my… You know, on closer inspection I am quite sure this is the only clone, the others are just ordinary dolls, that’s clear to see.”

Gwen giggled,
“You’re the expert!”

“Alright then,” Merlin said into the phone.
“Rescue mission in progress. Code name: Prat-in-a-box. Merlin out!”

Arthur looked at his phone and chuckled, followed by a swift look around the office to see if anyone had caught him giving his phone a fond gaze. But then he looked at the picture of the doll again and his smile faded. He put the phone away and got back to work.

Next: Say hello to my little friend

(((A/N; Just to get some inspiration, I googled for dolls looking to see if one were Arthuresqe and I found this guy and... am I the only one who see Uther/Anthony H. here?? Image from )))

Tags: *c:amarie_authiel, c:arthur, c:gwen, c:merlin, pt 165:writer's/artist's choice, rating:g, type:drabble

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