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In vino veritas, in Sambuca... well, it's worth a shot (Sambucca verse 5)

Author: amarie_authiel
Title: In vino veritas, in Sambuca... well, it's worth a shot
Rating: PG-13 cause there's a little bit of drinking.
Character/s: Merlin, Arthur
Warnings: Wee bit of drinking. Mainly fluff.
Word Count: ~970
Prompt: #172 Puppy love
Author's Notes: We had a lovely summer holiday, but oh how I've missed this!! At least I got some use of my notebook. This also covers Drunk/drugged on my bingo card.

This is another follow up to:
- Pick up your phone you gigantic clotpol,
- online
- I just called to say I l...ook nothing like that doll.
- Say hello to my little friend.

Merladdin, Arthur decides, is the doll’s true name. Merlin rolls his eyes but doesn’t argue, he knows he is the one who started this. Merlin lines up the tools in front of him on the coffee table with Merladdin the doll in center. Big scissors, small scissors, pliers and Arthur’s – I do not think I’m MacGyver, Merlin! – Leatherman multi-tool. He surveys his work with his lips pursed, clearly not pleased, but very adorable if you had asked Arthur and if Arthur had answered honestly. But it’s it far too early for that type of honesty. Merlin smiles as he finds his error; he leaves and returns with two shot glasses and bottle of the promised – or threatened – Sambuca.

“I smell disaster.” Arthur accepts his glass and downs it.
“That’s just your work clothes talking.” Merlin grins wickedly and downs his shot as well. He puts the glass down with a small bang and rubs his hands together.
“Now, let’s gets down to business. The large scissors, nurse Arthur.”

Arthur huffs, but obeys. He reaches for the scissors and placing them in Merlin’s open hand. Merladdin smiles bravely from inside his plastic jail during the procedure, despite the steadily raising alcohol levels of the specialist on a mission and the suit clad nurse. Pratley hides in fear behind a pillow. Arthur takes him out again, protesting that Pratley clearly should have had full confidence in his original’s choice of liberator, and Merlin laughs because Arthur just admitted that he had indeed been cloned. But his hands are steady and sure as the doll slowly gains its freedom. Arthur is impressed and slightly awed at how Merlin never ceases to surprise him. He’s also feeling the effect of the shots and throws his suit jacket over the back of the sofa. He dabs Merlin’s forehead with a barely used napkin as a good nurse should, gaining a conspiratorial grin.

This is the Merlin who could coax Arthur into doing what he should and stop Will from doing what he shouldn’t. Arthur and Will had always been opposites. Merlin was Arthur’s muse and Will’s anchor. Will was brave. He won Merlin’s love before Arthur knew he should have tried. But Will is no more and Merlin is trying to regain balance after life keeps kicking him in the teeth. Perhaps it had been just puppy love back then. But puppies grow up. Or... considering what they were currently doing, maybe some things are just as they were only bigger.

Pratley greets Merladdin with open arms. They high five. They sit down. Pratley shares the remote. It’s a Kodak moment, or in these modern days; a snapchat moment. A moment Merlin captures with his phone to show them, and Arthur. They are all delighted.

“See,” Arthur announces proudly and snatches the phone. “Perfect match. You’ve got the other pictures you sent me on here?”
He starts to swipe across the screen, but Merlin snatches the phone back.

“I took those with my camera. They’re on the laptop. Not much to see though… Shouldn’t have bothered you with them.”
“Does that mean there are more than the ones you sent me?” Arthur was genuinely hopeful.

Merlin fiddles with the phone and puts it in his pocket.
“Yeah… I haven’t done anything with them, just feels like everything I do is crap.”

He then smiles apologetically. “Sorry… Wallowing again… I just get a bit crazy not having something to do.” He slumps down on the sofa and Arthur follows, elbowing Merlin’s side till he gets a little smile.
“Well I want to see them, whether you think they’re crap or not. And you know I’m very stubborn.”

Merlin frowns while considering this. Arthur makes them another shot and then the mischievous gleam is back in Merlin’s eyes .
“On one condition; I get to take a look-a-like photo of you and Pratley.”

“Then we mush have one of you and Mladdn too.”

Merlin snort laughs far more than necessary at that, the silly drunk.
“Yeah. Alright then.”

Arthur’s throat goes a bit dry. More Sambucca doesn’t really help, as suddenly Merlin is very close. He removes Arthur’s tie, opens the top buttons of his shirt and appears to be very pleased with himself at the result. Pratley is presented to Arthur and Arthur grabs hold of him. He obliges Merlin’s wishes of poses and faces and wide grins to match Pratley. Arthur delivers as best as he can. What else can he do when Merlin beams at him like that?

Now it’s Arthur’s time to be bossy. Not that he has to be too strickt at all, Merlin seems to have few objections to lose his shirt, wear Arthur’s dress vest, remove his socks and fold up his pant legs. Merlin poses, strikes out his arms and spins around in an uneven circle, and asks if Arthur is happy with the result.

“Brilliant,” is the honest answer. “Absolutely brilliant.”

Merlin gets the laptop without falling. Yey! The camera willingly connects and they sit side by side and snicker at the images. When they come to the pictures Merlin took earlier, Arthur’s sharp laugh is replaced by something softer. There’s not much more to see about the actual liberation of the doll, but watching Pratley in the park is delightful. Merlin is narrating the shots if this was your typical holiday shots or something.

“We brought some bread for the ducks. Then the pigeons got a bit nosy - or maybe its beaky ? Anyway, Pratley felt the need to draw sword against them. He doesn’t get out much you know. He made such a fuss, it was embarrassing really. Thought they were after his crown.” He tuts and moves on, Arthur has his arm around him, pressed close, not wanting to miss a single word.

Tags: *c:amarie_authiel, c:arthur, c:merlin, pt 172:puppy love, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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