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Unexpected Cute

Author: ajsrandom
Title: Unexpected Cute
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/s: Merlin/Morgana
Character/s: Merlin, Morgana, puppy!Aithusa
Summary: Merlin's romantic evening takes an unexpected turn
Warnings: none
Word Count: 933
Prompt: #172 Puppy Love
Author's Notes: I actually wrote 2 drabbles for this one. I'll post the other on my journal.

Merlin knocked on his girlfriend’s door in keen anticipation. He and Morgana had a relaxing night in planned—homemade pizza and a movie. Of course, the movie practically guaranteed cuddling and if he was lucky, other things.

Morgana opened the door with a wide smile; her eyes lit up at the sight of him. “Merlin! You’re finally here!” He heard a couple of strange yipping noises in the apartment behind her. “Come see what I found!” She danced away from the door.

Merlin was left to walk in and close the door behind him. He watched as Morgana knelt down behind her sofa and started speaking in what could only be called baby talk: “Oh, aren’t you the sweetest little thing?” Yip yip. “Who loves you? I do!” Yip yip. “Awww.”

He was afraid to ask but felt strangely compelled to anyway. “What have you got there, love?”

“Oh Merlin, come see her.”

He rounded the end of the sofa and saw what Morgana was fawning over—a puppy. A puppy?! “Morgana, what’s that?” Well that was a stupid question.

“Isn’t she adorable? I walked right by the shelter today; they were having an open house. This little one was going to be euthanized if he wasn’t adopted. Isn’t that awful?”

It was awful, he had to admit. And it wasn’t that he didn’t like dogs . . . but he was wary of them. Ever since an excitable canine had bit him when he was eight, he just shied away from them. And Morgana knew that. So why was this one here? He appreciated her compassionate act, but couldn’t the adorable animal live somewhere else? He had no problem with other peoples’ dogs.

He finally uttered a “yeah” and knelt down to get a closer look at the puppy. It was a Dalmation, so it- her –was still mostly white.  “What’s her name?”

“Aithusa.” She picked up the puppy and cuddled her like one would cuddle a baby.

“Morgana,” he tried. But she kept murmuring baby talk at Aithusa. Just then his stomach talked for him.

“Oh, right. Let’s get going on that pizza, shall we?”

Together they put the pizza together, but it was slow going. Aithusa kept yipping and/or twining herself around Morgana’s ankles. Merlin thought he should be grateful that the cute little monster was largely leaving him alone. But at last the pizza was done and in the oven.

With a giggle from Morgana and happy yipping from Aithusa, they repaired to the living room to choose a movie. Morgana’s stock mostly consisted of light rom-coms, but a few of Merlin’s manlier blue-rays had made their way over. He’d hoped they could watch one of those, but Morgana insisted she was in the mood for one of her cheesier movies. Merlin gave in with a sigh and settled on the sofa, Morgana next to him. Unluckily, the puppy jumped up and settled into the tiny space between them. Merlin sighed again and impatiently waited for the pizza to be done.

Fortunately it wasn’t much longer before the timer buzzed. Morgana rose and went to the kitchen to take it out and divide it up. That left Merlin alone with Aithusa, who looked up at him expectantly. “Well, don’t look at me,” he told her.

Aithusa just yipped a few more times and jumped into his lap. He reluctantly began petting her. Well, at least she keeps my lap warm. Neither puppy nor human noticed Morgana re-enter the living room with a tray full of pizza and drinks. “Aww, aren’t you two the cutest things ever?”

Merlin started and looked down at Aithusa. She looked up at him with eyes that gave him the impression of a smug grin. He flushed a little and murmured a “thanks.”

Morgana set the tray on the coffee table and the humans began eating dinner. Aithusa jumped to the floor and stayed there while they ate. But when they were finished and curled up together again, she jumped back up between them.

Together they watched the movie. Just when it was getting to the climax—where the destined couple finally declared their feelings for one another (and Merlin was sending mental “get off” signals to the puppy) Aithusa jumped down and trotted away. Merlin sent a mental thanks to the little dog and wrapped his arms tighter around Morgana.

When the movie was over, Morgana turned to look at him with those eyes and closed the distance between their lips. He pulled her closer and ran his hands through her hair and down her back. Hers held his face between her hands. Gradually she came to straddle him, and if certain parts of him weren’t interested before, they certainly were now. When they parted for air, he panted out, “Bedroom?” She hurriedly agreed then took his hand and led him to her room, where they closed the door behind them.

In the morning, he awoke to her smiling face. “You surprised me,” she said quietly.

“How so?” he replied.

“You didn’t freak out about Aithusa.”

He thought back to the night before. “I didn’t, did I? Huh.”

“She grew on you. Admit it.”

“Yeah. And plus, we’re cute together.”

She slapped his arm playfully. “That you are.”

As they laid there gazing at each other, Merlin thought about the puppy. Aithusa seemed to know what he’d needed and when, whether it was enhancing his *cough* cuteness or getting out of his way for l’amour, he owed the little dog the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he could get along with her after all.
Tags: *c:ajsrandom, c:merlin, c:morgana, p:merlin/morgana, pt 172:puppy love, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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