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The Decision

Author: inspired_being
Title: The Decision
Rating: G
Pairing/s: None
Character/s: Arthur, Merlin, Gaius
Summary: Seen and Hidden ‘verse… Arthur listened to Merlin and Merlin responds to his decision.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 469
Prompt: #9 Tears
Author's Notes: Shorter one this week…

Walking down the cool stone stairs, Arthur was heading towards the training grounds to join a few of the knights for a late afternoon sparring session. The day’s council meeting had been particularly long today due to extended discussion on Arthur’s decision to review and potentially change all of Camelot’s laws involving magic. Of course, he had Gaius’ full support but most of the other councillors needed some persuading.


Merlin was in the process of returning the King’s laundry to his chambers when Gaius found him.

“Hello Merlin.”

“Hi Gaius,” the King’s manservant sighed. “Council meeting finally over? Those things don’t usually go all day, do they?”

“There isn’t usually that much to discuss.”

“What do you mean?” Merlin stopped to look at Gaius. The old man’s voice seemed happy, there was no doubt, but there was also concern in his tone. The blank look on his face confirmed that something was up. “What happened?” Merlin demanded.

“Not here,” Gaius stated in a quieter voice, gesturing for Merlin to keep him voice down too. “When we get to Arthur’s chambers.”

Merlin nodded and set off again, with Gaius slightly struggling to keep up with his quickened pace. When they reached Arthur’s room, Merlin opened it with his key and allowed Gaius to enter before following and closing the large wooden doors behind him.

“So, what happened?”

“Arthur announced he wants to review the laws involving magic,” Gaius said calmly, obviously having had time to process the weight of the news.

The words hit Merlin off guard and it took a few seconds of replaying the words in his head for their meaning to register. Once it did, Merlin dropped the basket of freshly laundered clothes, jumping over it and collecting Gaius is an excited embrace.

His ‘wise’ words on the way home from the forest patrol had taken seed in Arthur’s mind. He was finally going to be able to tell Arthur who he really was; show him there was more to what he could do, what he had been doing all these years.

Tears welled up in his eyes and threatened to run down his cheeks and the sides of his nose. He wasn’t sure if they were happy or sad tears. This was such great news, yet it would change everything. And although it would change the future, it would not change the past.

It wasn’t likely to change Morgana’s hurt and her misguided use of magic. It would not bring back Freya. It would not allow his father to live again and for Merlin to spend the time he was robbed of with both his mother and father together.

The tears rolled down Merlin’s face and although he tried his best to disguise it, Gaius felt the change in his breathing and hugged him closer.

Tags: *c:inspired_being, c:arthur, c:gaius, c:merlin, pt 009:tears, rating:g, type:drabble

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